February 4, 2019

when does that fake promotion start?

On Friday, December 7th Arrogant texted me just before pick up:  ‘I will be there in 30 minutes.  Have all of the kids things packed up and their car seats out of your car.’

just call me Sherlock Holmes
Wait a minute, when does the fake promotion start anyway?  According to Narcey, they were hiring a nanny for their house because Arrogant's new promotion was going to make it difficult to pick the kids up on time.  I guess she forgot that I could see her job posting on - there it clearly stated that one parent would always be home by 4:15.  Oops, then I guess Arrogant's promotion was not legit.  It left me wishing that Hallmark made a card for fake promotions. 

Now, 30 minutes is not a lot of warning to ask me to crawl around in my big van to remove car seats.  This is when babies are waking up from naps and other parents are arriving at my house.  I often need to be on hand vs. rolling around in the back of my car AND it was FREEZING out.  

I was shaking.  The nerve.  No two weeks notice - not even a few hours notice!  I raced around and gathered the potty seat and the pull-ups and the extra stuff in the designated locker in my mudroom.  Then I braved the cold and crawled over two rows of seats to unbuckle and un-tether their seats.  

This is the kind of stuff that
 gets created in my basement
 where a bazillion toy bins
 for preschoolers reside.
Arrogant’s kids were playing in the basement.  I went down and supervised clean up.  I told them that they weren’t coming back to play at my house again.  I don’t think they really understood, or they weren’t really processing the info.  After the older brother and Suzie went upstairs, I turned to Zach.  ‘Are you going to miss coming to my house, Zach?’  He tilted his head and said ever so sweetly, ‘You know I like you, Ernie.’  

Two other moms came to pick up their kids and I shared with them the last minute text from Arrogant.  They both had already heard that the triplets’ family was planning to leave after Christmas break.

One mom shook her head.  ‘Well, she isn’t the friendliest person.’  It’s true that Narcey often plays the ‘I have triplets’ card.  Hard to explain but it is something in her attitude, everything is a chore.  Then this other mom added something that she had observed just the day before while Arrogant was loading his 4 kids in his car.  When this mom realized that lotion had fallen out of the diaper bag, she got out of her car to pick it up.  That’s when she heard Arrogant screaming his head off at his young children on my driveway.  She said she had NEVER heard anyone talk to kids in such a mean way!
This is a glimpse of the homemade ornaments
that Curly and Reg and Mini and I made
 for the kids I sit for.  Even though I knew
they planned to leave after Christmas I was
 still planning to make ornaments for Narcey
and Arrogant's kids.  Well, when notice
shrunk to 30 minutes, I did not
 have their ornaments done.

The next day, another mom said that the way Narcey and Arrogant spoke to their kids made her uncomfortable.

Now I know you are just reading my blog, so you don’t really know me.  You will just have to take my word for it.  The other moms I sit for are really very happy dropping their kids off with me. They have offered to act as references anytime I need it.  Even Geraldine who I parted ways with last year wrote me a very nice card on her last day stating that it would be hard to find a caregiver that could measure up because I had raised the bar so high.

This whole ordeal really upset me.  What the Hell!?  Oh, it gets way more interesting.  Of course.  I think the ending will blow you away.  Tune in next time!


Beth (A Moms Life) said...

Just don't make us wait too long!

Ernie said...

The ending is up - probably not what you expected. Super proud of my Eddie.