February 26, 2019

An in-your-face moment in reverse

This minuscule video clip
of a water polo game
 will either work or will serve as a
 still photo of a water polo
 game played at Annapolis.
This draft somehow got lost in the shuffle.  This is one of the many college visit adventurers I have had with Ed this year.  The awesome part about this one is that we killed one bird with two stones and we got to see Lad play water polo - right before he was injured and out for the season.  Hey, the picture below makes me happy I am waiting until now to post this.  Perfect photo to look at and think about nicer weather!  

I ate dinner over Labor Day weekend at a barbecue place called ‘Red Hot and Blue’ near Annapolis.  Lad’s team was eating there after their second water polo game at the Naval Academy.  Some of the parents went to the same restaurant to hang with all the players, their sons, and one another.  Lest you think I was posing as a helicopter parent.  

Honestly, the team provides the players’ dinner, so it seemed silly to have Lad miss a FREE team dinner just to spend time with him.  Traveling to a game is expensive enough!

Besides, making fun of mom over dinner is the best kind of entertainment imaginable.  Free dinner, awesome entertainment.  Recipe for a perfect evening.  An excerpt . . . 

Eddie:  Lad, Mommy talked to the Airbnb host for like an hour when we arrived last night.

Me:  Um, whatever.  It was like 10 minutes.  Maybe.  Nothing wrong with being friendly.  This woman noted in her Airbnb profile that she likes to get to know her guests.

Lad:  Like what were you telling her?

Me:  I was just describing how our travel to Philadelphia was brutal (flight majorly delayed - went to visit Villanova).  Then I talked about taking Ed to college visits.  

Eddie:  (clearing his throat for effect) Lad, it was her life story.  (In an exaggerated feminine voice, Ed began to mock me) ‘And THEN when I was little my Dad wrote my name on a napkin and the waitress thought it said Ernie, so the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to Ernie while my dad howled with laughter while pounding his fist on the table.

Me:  Stop it!  I did  NOT tell her that story!  You are exaggerating. 

Lad and Ed then took turns imitating my voice and pretending to pour childhood stories out to Lisa, my airbnb host.  

My phone:  (AS IF ON CUE) ping . . .  signaling a text message arriving.  

Text message from Lisa, my airbnb host:  One of my girlfriends is in town and we are chilling with some wine if you want to join us.

Me:  Ha!  Check this out boys.  This is what you get for being friendly!  Lisa at the airbnb has invited me to join her for a glass of wine.

Dramatic pause of 3 minutes while I rub my chatty-success story in their barbecue-stuffed faces.

My phone:  (AS IF ON CUE AGAIN) ping.

Text message from Lisa, my airbnb host:  I’m sorry, that message was meant for my neighbor, but you are more than welcome to join us.  

Annapolis.  So incredibly picturesque!
That must have been quite the bottle of wine, if airbnb Lisa mistakenly texted me an invitation.  I was literally preparing a response to the 'misfired' invitation from my new pseudo BFF when her ‘oops, I didn’t mean to send that message to you' came thru.

Yes, in case you are wondering, the boys (and I) laughed our butts off.  Cost of Airbnb for 2 nights- $215.  Laugh at my expense delivered unwittingly by airbnb host - PRICELESS.  


Beth (A Moms Life) said...

That's so funny! And kids are the worst when it comes to mocking their parents. At least mine are. My son especially loves to make fun of me!

Charlie said...

Hahaha! That’s so funny! I love your family dynamic and the way they are teasing you! And I totally would invite you out for wine!

Ernie said...

This was hilarious. One of those 'timing is everything' moments. I am an easy target in my fam, but this left me wide open!

Ernie said...

Ha! I really thought the airbnb host wanted me to have a glass of wine with her - like we were old friends! My face hurt from laughing after this.