February 28, 2019

who's on first? (thank goodness we don't have a baseball player)

I wonder if this video clip will work.
 Ed's varsity team pre-game dance thing.
Mini's basketball season just wrapped up about 2 weeks ago.  There were only 7 girls on the team, and she was the tallest.  She never sat.  Whenever there was a conflict and I had to choose a team to watch, I factored in her playing time.  'I know if I attend Mini's game, I will see her play.'  With basketball over, Mini is contemplating trying out for the badminton team in the spring.

Tank's senior year water polo season. 
I lived for those games.  So
exciting, and the other teams did not
 expect us to be any good.  We
beat our cross town rivals, the
 'Entitled' school, twice that season. 
Oh, the glory days!
Tank's b-ball season ended yesterday.  He didn't see much playing time, but he did get to play for about 5 minutes in last night's game - and it was a close one.  Even though he would  have preferred to score points from the court, his quick wit had him 'winning' with the team and the coach as he supplied constant laughs all season.  Tank plans to stick it out and play water polo again in the spring.

The reason I refer to his spring sport as a 'stick it out' decision, is that his brother, Eddie, is NOT planning to play water polo -even though this is his senior season.  He made this announcement before Christmas.  Knowing that it would not impact his decision, I shared with him that this news caused a bit of my soul to die.

Historically this is the only
 volleyball playing we do.

By 'we', I mean my 
family minus me.  
I suck at volleyball.
None of Ed's friends play water polo.  The team has not been successful since Lad's senior year when they had a remarkable and very uncharacteristic (for our school) team/season.  Ed was part of that team and loved every minute of it, but he has not enjoyed it since.  He was chosen as all conference  last season.  Most of his teammates don't take water polo seriously though.   The commitment level tends to lean towards:  'Hey, this might be fun!'  It is tough to throw a pass knowing the kid you threw to will probably turn it over.

So, Ed plans to play volleyball.  He has several friends on the team.  He is 6'3" and the volleyball coach has big spiking plans for him.

Translation:  I will be following 3 different high school sports this spring.  The nice thing about having multiple kids play water polo was I could attend one match and not have to choose which high school kid I was going to watch.  I am bracing for mayhem.

Min playing b-ball and the fam watching
in the stands.  Can't miss Curly, right?
Ed is trying to convince Tank to try volleyball.  Tank, who is 6'2", can be crippled by the fear of the unknown.  Can't we all?  Like Ed, his buddies don't play water polo, but they don't play volleyball either.   As for me, aka the biggest water polo fan ever, I partly wish that Tank would switch to volleyball because of the convenience factor.  This surprises me too!  Shame on me for not being all 'Do what you enjoy!  It doesn't matter that you are all going to have different practice/game schedules!'

This is just the high school sports agenda.  Now consider that Reg is thinking about doing track at the junior high and Curly has hopes of making the practice squad for soccer.  Reg wants to try out for another season of travel basketball to liven up our evenings and weekends.  It makes my head spin.

I assume this was in the cards for me because of my 5 year old aspirations:  to be a cheerleader.  I was NEVER remotely a cheerleading prospect.  Trust me.  Meanwhile, my brother, Pat, used to tell people that he wanted to be God when he grew up.  In certain circles, there are those that believe he can walk on water.  As for me, cheering for several teams is what I get for aiming high.


Suzanne said...

Oh my GOODNESS. That is a lot. A LOT.

Beth (A Moms Life) said...

I am already regretting letting Sarah be the lacrosse manager. Thankfully she doesn't have to go to the practices but their game schedule is crazy - usually two per week and she's swimming to get ready for summer league also with Girl Scouts thrown in there. Peter's running track but thankfully he can drive himself home from practice. I was just telling Sarah last night that if I had known how many games there were I would have told her to pick between swim and lacrosse. We only have two kids and it's just too much. I couldn't handle your schedule but it always seem like you make it work!

Ernie said...

Fortunately we live less than 7 min from the high school, but away games, etc. It is hectic.

Ernie said...

I don't do fast food so we eat lots of partially warm food on paper plates or in a thermos. Translation: the backseat of the car is littered with thermoses and soggy paper plates. It does get nutty when they have too much on their plates!