February 22, 2019

Load this!

After reading a post on Swistle's blog about who likes which dishwasher, I decided to write about my dishwasher 'issues.'  This has nothing to do with brand, filters, loud sounds, or third silverware racks. That is a whole different post.  Believe me, I've had a lemon.  Like, officially was deemed a lemon.  I've had pricey brands that didn't perform.  I've had manufacturers tell me not to call them again.

The focus of this blog post though:  dishwasher loading.  Is it an issue for you, if the dishwasher is not loaded properly?  I sometimes wonder if there is a medical term associated with my problem.

In the new, not-quite-finished kitchen (don't get me started), we included two dishwashers.  It seemed a bit extravagant, but I am glad we did.  Our plumber friend was like, 'why not?'  He pointed out that if one broke, we would still have one.  He also asked who uses their dishwasher more than us?

5 of the 6 kid cups - note the yellow one
 full of protein shake aftermath.
 Load that puppy and start fresh is what I say!
Coach aka 'kitchen Nazi' struggled with the concept of two dishwashers.  Our offspring are not allowed (OK, 'expected', because they do it all the time) to use more than one cup a day.  He wants the kids to find a place on the counter to 'save' their cup until the next meal.  This is a great idea, but not realistic.  If a kid drinks a protein shake, he is not going to want to use that same cup to drink water or milk later.  There will be bits of fruit and yogurt and protein powder residue floating around in the subsequent beverage.  Not to mention, I am no neat-nick but I do NOT want random cups parked all over the counter top.

I did order colored cups on Amazon.  These have been an awesome addition to our kitchen.  Now the kids have an assigned cup color (which helps), but they still end up using more than one cup a day.

Two side by side dishwashers
 compliments of 'Self-Taught' -
 kind of silly looking, right?
After a particularly frustrating Coach rant about 'who used this many cups today!', I called the first-awful contractor and said, 'I have made up my mind. Include two dishwashers in the design please.'  Remember the 'self-taught-kitchen designer?  The two dishwashers were supposed to be on either side of the sink, but in one of her many 'self-taught' mess-ups, they wouldn't fit.  With the cabinet fronts, I don't think it is all that noticeable.

Now that I have two dishwashers, guess what?  It is my secret daily mission to fit everything into one!  I know.  I know.  Nuts.  Believe me, there are days when we run both dishwashers because I have baked a ton, or cooked a ton, or hosted something.

Other days, I enjoy the challenge of 'Well, well, well, we can get this all to fit, right?!"  The idea is that the kids load their own stuff.  Of course.  They are old enough . . .but capable?  They do load - at times, but do they load it RIGHT?  Hardly.

It makes Coach lose his mind to watch me re-load the dishwasher just as I am about to go to bed.  If there are dishes in the sink, and it is not enough to warrant running the 2nd dishwasher, then why wouldn't I spend 5 minutes making them all fit?  If the bowls are all loaded using the next set of prongs rather than skipping a set of prongs, then more bowls will fit.  It is elementary, right?

I guess this falls into the 'it will only get done right, if I do it myself' category.  Anyone else out there with a similar mindset?


Beth (A Moms Life) said...

I love those dishwashers! And they don't look crazy at all being side by side because they don't even look like dishwashers!!

My kids are the worst at loading a dish washer. And that's if they even manage to move them to the dishwasher. Typically they just put them in the sink. But in their defense (sort of) it seems that the dishwasher is always running or that it's full of clean dishes.

And there is no way in he!! I would stand for used cups sitting around on the counter all day. What's the point of having a beautiful kitchen if it's going to be cluttered all the time?!

Ernie said...

This JUST happened . . . so exciting. I started puking at 5 am. Ok, that is not exciting. I had to cancel my babysitting people. Bummer. When I finally ventured downstairs from my cave, I discovered that my children (not sure which one, but I intend to find out and include a lil something extra for him/her in my will) had emptied BOTH dishwashers. Without being told!!! There is hope, people!