February 10, 2019

fact: my wardrobe once included a free zoo t-shirt

I just added this shirt
to my workout wardrobe.
I work out every day -almost without fail.  With the horrible cold weather and the warnings to stay  indoors, I didn't even travel to the health club.  I cleared a path in my house that included a flight of stairs.  I ran that path about 35 times, which took about 30 minutes.  Maybe 3 miles?  Then I did some floor exercises.  I totally prefer classes where someone barks at us what to do and keeps us motivated.

My workout wardrobe has improved along with my cardio commitment since my early workout sessions.

I cringe now when I think back to the first workout class that I attended shortly after Mini was born.  I showed up all decked out in my finest, over-sized, free, Brookfield Zoo t-shirt.  The zoo gifted zoo members with these giant cotton keepsakes, and I wore mine.  To the gym.  I assume that I wore baggy sweat pants, too.  Mercifully I am unable to recall that wardrobe malfunction.

Not sure if I have described where I workout, but it is a very pricey establishment.  The kind of members it attracts are typically quite well-off.  Coach's physical therapy clinic is located in the same building, just down a hallway with a separate entrance at the rear of the building.  The health club gives us complimentary memberships.

This is a photo of me wearing one
of my zoo t-shirts.  This was one of
the more reasonably sized ones.  I
 was pregnant with Ed here (but not really
 showing yet), so I wore the zoo t-shirt
when we took Lad to the St. Louis Zoo.
  How I remembered that and
 found this photo in an album? - no clue.
I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this perk.  Remember, Coach works crazy hours, and I often feel like a single parent, so I will take the occasional, life-altering perk.  Damn it.  If Coach starts to talk about bucking the system and going opening his own clinic, I break out in a cold sweat - unprepared to kiss away my membership.

For years I walked on the tread mill a few times a week when Coach was home with the kiddos and the weather kept me from walking outside.  The first class I tried was a step aerobics class on a Saturday.  I attended it while wearing the cringe-worthy free zoo shirt.

That class made me anxious, because I didn't know the moves.  I thought I was smart when I selected a spot in the back of the room where I could hide.  Oh, that was an epic fail as the regulars spun around to face the back of the room multiple times.  They ended up facing me.  Me, with a confused look on my face, and a baggy-ass t-shirt.  I kept at it though, and became a regular, front-row participant for about 13 years until they cancelled the class last year.
These 3 year old outfits are a bit too
colorful for me nowadays. 
Seemed like a good idea at the time.

When Curly and Reg were old enough to tolerate the playroom without crying, I ventured into a class during the week.  Gradually I added more classes to my favorites.  When I was without a drivers license for 7 weeks (don't act so surprised, you know this story, right?), I tried out a few crazy early classes with a neighbor who offered to drive me when she worked out - crazy early.  Folks, I got hooked.  I now LOVE getting my workout done before 6:30 am.

Gradually I invested in a dry fit workout shirt now and then.  A pair of black stretchy shorts.  Staples.  About three years ago, I went to Marshalls and bought enough stuff so that I didn't feel like I was wearing the same thing to every class.  After 3 years though, I am not in love with some of my Marshalls choices.  Some were just down right jazzy.

Then Christmas came, and I stumbled into a whole new, dangerous, workout-attire arena!


Suzanne said...

Sounds like you are a workout aficianado! Tell me the truth: when new clumsy people join the class, do you watch them with disdain and wonder why they ever ventured out of their homes? I am going to try my first ever workout class and I am FREAKING OUT about it, so I need to know.

Ernie said...

Ha! I don’t know about aficionado, but I do attend my fair share of classes. Um, I am not bothered by new people joining classes that I frequent. I find it annoying when other people come to my typically crowded classes and set up their spot within inches of mine at the last minute. These are not necessarily newbies, just clueless people. My advice - get their early (advice I should follow myself, I am the queen of running late, but I do get to classes early if I anticipate a crowd) and introduce yourself to the instructor or other participants. That way you can find out what equipment you need. For most of my classes (but not all- ie: circuit training- the stations are set up for everyone), we grab our own mat, towel, heavy and light weights, or bands or whatever the instructor wants us to grab before we begin. My instructors often ask if there is anyone new. Some of my classes have so many regulars that we all get to know each other - it keeps me getting up crazy early, because I don’t want to miss anything. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!