February 24, 2019

get out the landing pad, or not?

I don't consider myself a helicopter parent.  I may have whirled above my kids here and there over the last 20 years, but for the most part - I keep my distance and let them figure stuff out.  

I am counting on you to weigh in on this situation.  Should I make a phone call?  Send an email?  

Eddie received an email the other day that he was a finalist for a scholarship.  I don't know how much the scholarship is worth.  Eddie was pretty excited..  

Good afternoon,

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you as a new member of the University of Wisconsin-Madison family and also extend my sincerest congratulations to you for making it to the final round in our selection process of awarding the Chicago Alumni Chapter’s 2019 scholarships to a select few incoming freshmen.  This final round is a round robin-style interview night with Chicago area UW alumni, which will take place on Tuesday, February 26 at Plante Moran, located at 10 S Riverside Plaza in Chicago on the river and directly above Union Station.  **Please confirm your attendance no later than February 19**

 The problem is that the interviews for this scholarship are held on Tuesday, Feb. 26th in the city in the evening.  Um.  Eddie is a captain and a starter on the varsity basketball team.  His team plays on Monday.  They are expected to win that game and advance to the second game, which will be held . . . you guessed it, on Tuesday in the suburbs.  NUTS!

He emailed them to let them know that he most likely would not be able to attend the interviews.  'I am very excited about the scholarship opportunity.  Unfortunately I will most likely have a basketball playoff game at the same time as the interviews.  Please let me know if there is another option for me to still be considered, if I am unable to attend.' 

The answer was:  sorry, but no.  (it was written nicer than that, but you get the gist).  They informed him that because the interviews are round robin style, they cannot hold them again another night.  They wished him the best in his Monday game, but if he didn't win and ended up being able to attend on Tuesday, then he could get in touch with them. 

WHAT!!!  How do you penalize a kid who is committed to his team?  It's not as if he is saying he cannot attend because he would rather hang with his buddies.  As Eddie pointed out, the application for this scholarship was lengthy.  I have urged Ed to reach out again and ask for the opportunity to conduct a phone interview or a Skype interview.  I mean, come on!  Ed won't do it. 

My kid is 18.  He has his act together.  He doesn't need his mommy calling someone to demand they fix this broken system,.  While I refuse to launch my helicopter, can we all agree that this is messed up?


Beth (A Moms Life) said...

How very frustrating! I guess the best thing to do here is nothing. :(

Gigi said...

I agree, this is his choice. He can either choose the game or the possibility of the scholarship.

Geo Wilcox said...

As a 1988 UW graduate, but not a member of the UW Chicago Alumni group, I attended a few of their meetings shortly after graduation but lost interest. I wouldn't worry about the lost scholarship opportunity. They give out several of these across Chicagoland, but you are right, it's not for very much. It might cover a semester's worth of books.

Too bad they are not willing to be more accommodating, but that's probably because they are looking at too many applicants and don't have to be choosy.

Ernie said...

I agree. Coach and I both went to small schools. Lad is at a small school. This big school thing is new to us. It was frustrating for sure.

Ernie said...

He would never skip a game since he is part of a team. He is a captain. Just one of many bummers that have occurred during his college search. I was excited for his college search, but at this point- I am ready for it to wrap up.

Ernie said...

I was not sure how much the scholarship was for, but hate that he spent time on the application and his involvement with a team meant he couldn’t receive the scholarship.