February 2, 2019

life on eggshells

The next few days rolled along like normal.  Of course I knew that two hours after she exploded in my kitchen.  She had posted that she wanted to hire a nanny to come to her house on  So, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.  In the meantime, I took the kids to the library and made them laugh and coaxed Zach into eating his lunch.

One morning out of the blue she asked me what I had been feeding her kids for breakfast.  ‘A bowl of cereal and a banana and sometimes cinnamon raisin toast or oatmeal.'

So odd to ask that question NOW, right?  After she had a fit in my kitchen over a simple misunderstanding, after I saw that she was looking to hire a nanny for in her house, after I had been taking great care of her kids for months?  NOW she suddenly decides to investigate what I feed them?

She forgot to pay me that week.  Families pay me using Quickpay.  I gently reminded her late Sunday night.  She apologized and texted that she would pay me and would also pay me in advance for the following week.  I started to think that maybe she wasn’t going to jump ship.

I have no picture for this post, but here's a
 fun one.  This is a photo of some of the kids
 I sit for and their friends (who my girlfriend 

sits for) enjoying lunch out at
 the choo-choo restaurant where the train
 delivers meals.  Just one of the fun perks the kids
I sit for look forward to when
we celebrate a birthday!
On Wednesday, December 5th, Tank’s birthday, Narcey texted me.  Arrogant was offered a promotion at work, which would mean that he would be working later and would no longer be able to help her pick up the kids.  They were going to need to hire a nanny for the new year because she couldn’t always get to my house in time to pick them up.  Well, there you go.

I texted her back and said that seeing as I had seen her nanny posting on the week before, this didn’t come as a surprise to me.  Not to mention they just didn’t seem happy.  She texted back, oh- it wasn’t a matter of being unhappy.  That wasn’t the case.  She knew about the promotion for a while and posted the job because she wanted to see what was out there.  Bull shit.


Beth (A Moms Life) said...

I'm glad you mentioned that you had seen her posting on That probably made her squirm! And what a cute idea for a restaurant!

Ernie said...

Beth, great to hear from you! This must be such a hard time for you.

Yes, it is a super fun restaurant. When I mentioned the post she tried to say that this was only because she had known about the promotion for awhile, but was just checking to see what was out there. Weird because just the week before she asked me what preschool I wanted her kids to attend. Why the lies?