September 27, 2019

phone malfunction badly timed, great dancing, good to be DONE!

I know I don't normally show faces, but I don't
 really think this looks like Curly.  Here she is
 getting her makeup on before she danced.  Least
favorite thing in dancing is the
 wig/makeup component.
In the middle of the night before Curly was going to dance, I woke up to pee.  Thanks goodness I looked at my phone.  It was not working.  No!!!  It was giving me messages about memory issues.  I worried that the alarm for the next morning would not function.  I sat in the bathroom for the next few hours deleting photos and text messages and rebooting the phone to try to reassure myself that it was going to function. 

Because there is a God, Curly’s competition was not the first competition of the day.  There would be no 4 am wig and makeup appointment.  Still, I needed to get some sleep and I could not believe that my phone was acting up at this particular moment.  

The next day all ran smoothly.  Curly danced her hard shoes well, but was not going to be at the top of the pack.  She has excellent foot placement but seems to hold something back rather than pounding the snot out of the floor.  She still places well because her timing is excellent, her steps are advanced, and her mechanics are spot on. 

I told her she danced great, but I wished she could have infused a bit more attack in her steps.  Soft shoes are a different story.  There is a panel of 6 judges.  One of the judges ranked her in the top 5 (out of over 100 girls, these scores we do not see until the day is done).  Her soft shoes made me weep - just beautiful!  After points are tallied from the first two rounds, the top half of the girls earns a recall.  Curly recalled, and danced once more.  Before we headed back to our hotel to eat dinner and chill out until we needed to return for the awards ceremony, we left some of our coats and things on a few chairs to save us some seats. 

We decided not to hang out at the hotel too long, because we didn’t want anyone to mess with the stuff that we left to save our seats.  We were in high spirits, because Curly was done dancing and she had done a great job.  Now we just needed to wait and see what the judges thought.  Across from the hotel we stopped and got our customary, celebratory ice cream at McDonald's.  A few steps outside the McD’s, Mini let out a shriek.  ‘The dress!’  

We had left the dress in the hotel room.  An Irish dancing dress is not the kind of item that one leaves behind to save a seat, so we hauled it all the way back to the room and then we forgot to bring it back with us.  Curly only wears the dress to dance and strips it off moments later.  We lug it around with us all day.  There is no ice cream eating in the dress, etc.  

I told the girls not to worry.  I would go back and grab the dress and then I would jog back to the venue.  We had plenty of time before the awards would begin.  I ordered the girls to get to our seats and I would see them there.

This was a no brainer - much easier to recover from than a bag left in a cab like my snafu at last year's National Champs.  


Busy Bee Suz said...

I agree with the makeup portion of the irish dancing. (also competative cheerleaders and even when Linds was in the danceline for marching band) But, it does show better from a distance. Don't you feel bad for those young pores? ;)
Please don't tell me some underworld dancing spy broke into your room and stole the prized dress?

Ernie said...

Oh the makeup and leg tanning and the pricey costumes. How about if everyone wears a black skirt and shirt with natural hair and then they JUST DANCE! Damn it. An assistant teacher who recently left our school used to have me meet her at like 4:25 in the am to do make up and hair before an 8 am competition. By 8 am my kid was spent (and I was TOAST). It was better to have a normal wig appointment without crazy pants. And no, the dress was fine, it was the saving of the seats that dictated an almost ass-kicking.

Kari said...

Okay, explain to me the history of those wigs on Irish dancers? I am not at all mocking but I have always wondered what the backstory is.

Ernie said...

You and ME both!!! Mock away, by all means. I find them RIDICULOUS. When I was a kid wigs were not part of the dancing routine. People curled hair a bit. I think like anything else, wigs got added because it made things more over the top. For awhile dancers curled their hair - like no one danced without curled hair. They showed up to competition wearing curlers and then yanked them out just before dancing. Eventually some moron decided wigs would be a great idea. There should be a bounty on that idiot's head. Grrr.

Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

I love the energy of Irish dancing! It has to be great exercise. I hope your daughter did as well you thought!!

Ernie said...

Yes it is great exercise. We wish it didn't take up so much of her time, because the is also a great basketball player. She placed well, and she was excited!

Beth Cotell said...

I agree with your comment about just letting them dance with a black dress, no make up and a pony tail!

Ernie said...

If it was just up to you and me and a handful of other peeps who hate the pageant aspect of the competition. Sigh.