September 25, 2019

girl drama, tears, rebooting with HGTV, & prepping for the big day

Curly danced great in Vancouver . . . (yes, this happened July 3rd.  There has been much to report, so just getting around to this.  The airbnb experience from Hell will be posted soon.  Promise.  You won't want to miss.)  

 . . . There was minimal drama - unless you count the afternoon after we ate out with our friends, which was the day before she danced and a few hours before we learned that Coach was contemplating building an ark to compete with the rising waters back home.  

The girls went to the room ahead of me after lunch.  When I stepped off the elevator on our floor 5 minutes later, I heard my girls screaming.  At first I thought they were laughing at something - loudly.  I shook my head thinking I had to tell them to settle the Hell down.  We were not at home where our noise levels are off the charts at times.  

Nope - definitely not joking around.  Our room was a few doors down from the elevator and I distinctly heard them SHOUTING at one another.  I ran to the door and swiped my key-card.

Oh my goodness - it was ugly.  My girls rarely fight, but this was like something they had been saving up for forever.  They made it count.  I cannot even remember what the issue was.  Maybe an off the cuff remark to the other’s friend during lunch.  Like a ‘you’re just a little kid’ remark, or maybe an eye roll and an implied something or another.  The word ‘lazy’ got tossed around.  There were also lots of ‘you always’ and ‘you never’.  I stood there in shock.  I waited for a moment when I could interject.  I told them that this was all nonsense.  They were both upset.  

Just the day before the massive sisterly fallout. 
This is the way I prefer them.

At the venue in Vancouver. 
(I mean I prefer them home with me,
 but you know what I mean!)
Then I got upset.  I sat on the bed and told them how proud I was of them.  Mini never enjoyed the success that Curly has achieved in her dancing days.  Part of that had to do with switching schools a few times because of horrible dancing school circumstances (all covered in my future bestselling book).  A dancing school switch slows down a dancer’s progress due to a 6 month suspension after a switch.  Anyway, I told them how much joy it gives me to witness Mini’s genuine happiness when Curly dances.  

After a competition (like hours after because Irish dancing peeps are not expected to have a life outside of dancing), Mini and I squeeze each other’s hands and hold our breath in the huge crowd in front of the stage while we wait to hear the results of Curly’s competition.  Meanwhile, Curly is backstage waiting for her number to be called.  It is very intense, and we go crazy when Curly is announced and she walks across the stage to get her award.  

On the other hand, Curly was always super supportive of Mini when she was still dancing.  I love that they danced together and shared the experience with one another.  While there are many aspects of dancing that drive me bonkers, the times these two spent together enjoying the world of Irish dancing was nothing short of awesome.  They are 3.5 years apart, so they were never going to be on a sports team together.  Attending dance classes together and giving each other feedback and sharing laughs about what happened at class seemed to minimize their age difference.

I broke down and cried in the middle of their spat about God knows what, and I think they sort of forgot to be mad at one another.  Curly apologized to Mini while I was in the bathroom rinsing the salt off my contact lenses.  Mini later asked me if I told Curly to apologize, and I told her I did not.  I really didn’t. 

Living the dream.  HGTV plus snacks.
Still full from lunch, we nibbled a bit at dinner time while watching HGTV with red, blotchy faces and hoped that the emotional outburst from left field would pave the way for smooth sailing the next day.

Then we leg tanned, wig prepped Curly’s curls, and organized our bags for the morning.  We called Coach and learned about the basement water debacle.  All in a day folks, all in a day!  


Beth (A Moms Life) said...

Sometimes you just need to let it alllllllllll out! Glad they got it out of their system and that you all go to enjoy some peace and quiet before the dancing. Looking forward to your book on Irish Dancing but perhaps you should just contact TLC and go ahead and pitch the idea to them about a show. I'm sure they would bite based on how crazy everything sounds! Add in your general crazy life and you guys could be rich! (You would have to have a camera crew following you around but hey - that's a small price to pay for fame and fortune!)

Busy Bee Suz said...

They hit a wall. Their breaking point. I get it. And I get you falling apart for a minute too.
Can't HGTV fix everthing? Well that and a glass of wine for me. ;)

Nicole said...

Being a girl is hard sometimes, well, so is being a mom! I agree, sometimes you just need a good screaming cry to release the tension. Thank goodness for HGTV!

Ernie said...

I have seriously thought about a reality series. My fear: they would have to bleep so much of it out with my foul language that they wouldn't get much dialogue. Ha.

The way babysitting is going, I am starting to think babysitting book tell-all about how crazy parents are might be the way to go! Sigh.

Ernie said...

No kidding. He was like bottled up emotions for the past 3 years. I still for the life of me cannot recall what the big beef was, but it all played out right there in that hotel room. I do love me some HGTV - I can do other things and don't feel like I have to be 100% tuned in to know what is going on.

Ernie said...

Last year's drama when I left the most important dance bag in a cab was 7,000x worse than this but yet there were more tears this time thru. I guess because I managed to keep the dance bag nightmare under wraps until I got INCREDIBLY LUCKY and recovered the damn bag. THAT was when we should have had a camera following us (see Beth's comment above), because it was so unreal.