September 4, 2019

checking off my checklist and Tank's landscaping debacle

Vancouver checklist:  airbnb air mattresses ready to be rolled out like a red carpet - check;  food (as in 4 dinners - portion sized to serve an army) prepared and frozen in the freezer that I hoped would not flake out and defrost without warning again - check, multiple runs to the mall for last minute necessities like 1. a raincoat for Tank, 2.  running shoes for the four youngest, and 3. a few ‘I need this’ and ‘she needs that’ items- check.  My head was spinning and my lists runneth over.  I focused my free time on blogging - pleased with a scheduled list of posts ready to pop up even while I was off cheering for Curly at National Champs of Irish dancing, or busy heating up individual portions in my hotel microwave for all the Shenanigan mouths - check.  
I began gathering groceries to be packed or to be used
 to cook meals prior to our departure for Vancouver.

Since I forgot about what it was like to sleep, the day before I left, I decided to go to the pool.  Alone.  Curly needed to be picked up at Irish dancing at a far away location.  I was driving the carpool of girls home.  I thought I might be able to take a little nap while on a lounge chair poolside.  I do like to catch rays, so I squeezed this into my day.  Sounds peaceful, right?

Flashback to 9 am earlier that morning.  I was organizing the food for Vancouver.  There would be bags in the fridge that Coach needed to pack into soft sided coolers and pack for Vancouver.  I had my own set of cold or frozen food bags that needed to come with me.  Lots of labels and shelves to clear to make things ultra clear.  
I am reusing a caddy shot of Ed.  Coach owns
a Kelly green Under Armour polo.  When he
wears it we all do a double take and sometimes
 ask him if he is ready to go get a loop.

While I worked, Tank paced my kitchen.  He skipped the caddy bus that left hours ago, because he had a landscaping job.  Caddies leaving at 5:30 am while stuffing bagels in their pie holes and practically beating the snot out of one another over who has whose caddy towel.  All this while dressed in matching Kelly green polos and khaki shorts - it makes for a true Kodak moment.  I would love to snag a pic for the blog.  Did I mention the 5:30 am part - and the lack of smiles and giggles and posing for the camera?  You will have to use your imagination.  

Now, Tank paced because the woman was not responding to his text messages.  I told him in the future to text people the night before to confirm.  If she was going to cancel, he could have caddied!  

I have probably mentioned my occasional irritation with the landscaping gig vs the caddy job.  Our cars drive to the golf course in a constant loop.  Adding another direction is sometimes impossible for me to swing.  Do not get me started on the landscaping gear - including two lawnmowers that clutter an already gross garage.  I get that Tank is interested in this field and that he is very industrious and entrepreneurial, but it can be inconvenient to an already chaotic life.  Not to mention, I sometimes question if he knows what he is doing.  Planting trees for people?  People I know!  Ya follow?

Please don't judge me for my child labor tendencies, but these kids need to make cash-ola because those college bills don't pay themselves.  You won't believe what happened next . . .


Marie Smith said...

Always an adventure!

Kara said...

I've somehow found myself working for a commercial landscaping company for the past ten years. I do the bookkeeping. The margins are very thin in landscaping, just being truthful.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Never a dull moment in the Shenanigan household!

Ernie said...

Very interesting. Tank is not at all math enabled. His biggest academic pitfall. If he continues in this path of running a landscaping business, he will probably require Reg to be his partner in order to keep the books.

Ernie said...

I can honestly say that I do not recall a more hectic time. I am not sure why. Two different flights maybe? I didn't always used to pack so much food? Probably didn't help that most days in June I still had one baby that was coming to my house. In theory, Mini was sitting for him over the summer, but it really was mostly me in June while she was in basketball camps, etc.

Ernie said...

Yes it is. I will give you one guess who left the brand new raincoat on his kitchen chair before flying to Vancouver, where we encountered a TON of rain.

Kari said...

I feel like caddying pays A LOT more than landscaping, no?
And it seems like landscaping is a lot more work too?
I know caddying well because of idiot ex-husband and current husband. My husband caddied all through high school and college and made a lot more money than I ever did.

Ernie said...

I think caddying pays more per hour, but he does some big jobs and ends up making a bundle. I guess he likes it so much because it's his thing. I get nervous about the self taught thing. And just WAIT till you see what happens next!

My brothers and Coach used to caddy at the same place and rake in a bundle. It used to irritate me that I babysat for people while they were out golfing and my brothers made more carrying their clubs and I made SIGNIFICANTLY less CARING FOR THEIR OFFSPRING! How is that right?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can not even imagine what happened next, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't you napping at the pool!

Ernie said...

No rest for the weary applies here. Silly me. Lounging by the pool?!