September 2, 2019

plan B, airbnb: lots of B's, but then also an EF!

Later that night, I raced in from picking up Curly at dancing practice (what else would I be doing) and shared the ‘Oh-shit’ news with Coach.  I had already pulled up the airbnb website before he could walk to the study.  

I entered our criteria:  8 people, July 7th-10th.  $$$$$ - oh, shit again!  Coach was more familiar with the map and he leaned in close to check out the ‘general vicinity’ shaded area of each available rental.  We HURRIEDLY (this is important foreshadowing in case you are snoozing) selected a place with a great location with the drawback of 1 bathroom.  Been there, done that.  We could survive it.  The price was right at $250/a night.

The part that I thought needed a bit of explanation was the lack of beds.  How exactly does one queen, one twin, and two air mattresses sleep 8?  We had 48 hours to cancel without a fee.  I input our credit card info and sent the owner an email asking for air bed clarification.  Then I breathed a sigh of relief.  This would work, right?  

This is what we saw when we booked.  There are other pictures but none of them show the air mattresses.  
Life:  busy.  48 hrs:  fast, you follow?  I have used airbnb 4 times previously.  Without an issue.  Not one.  Eventually I realized that the owner had not responded to my email.  I resent it.  Again.  Again.  After days of no response I reached out to the people in charge of airbnb.  They worked some magic and made Ms. Lack-of-Airbeds email me back.  Her response was mind blowing. 

Actual message from Ms. Crazy-Butt
She compared her ‘fits 8’ description with a hotel.  It all depends on what your comfort level is.  Well, that could not be further from the truth.  I have yet to come across a hotel that offers rooms that sleep how-ever-many, but encourages patrons to bring as many as they were comfortable with.  Not a thing.  

(full disclosure:  of course Coach and I HAVE done just that with our infamous fam-cram vacations, but I always knew the hotel was not gonna be on board with our version of comfort).  

She also tried to say it was my fault for not looking at photos of the air mattresses.  I went back.  There were no air mattress photos.  Plus, I think it is hard to judge the size of an air mattress unless there is a body on said mattress.  This woman was a snake.  

Airbnb haunchos prevailed upon her to agree to supply us with additional air mattresses. Will there be sufficient bedding, though?  Again - I was assured it would be handled.  Time to focus on other aspects of our trip, like food prep.  Oh yeah, my favorite part of travel - load up whatever food we could haul with us to save some cash.  

I guess hurriedly booking an airbnb is not advisable, regardless this chick really was a piece of work.  


Busy Bee Suz said...

It's never advisable to deal with a snake....they bite and they are deceiving. ;) EF!!

Marie Smith said...

I look forward to the remainder of the story!

Ernie said...

This made me nervous. What were we going to find in this airbnb?

Ernie said...

As always, there is more - lots more!

Beth Cotell said...

Hopefully it all worked out!!!

Ernie said...

depends on how you define 'worked out' - more later!