August 7, 2019

towels in lock-down, wisdom teeth, & excess of skinny pop

Just a few short notes:  I know I have mentioned this before, but THE TOWEL SITUATION IS OFF THE RAILS 

Our children are missing the use-a-towel-hang-up-wet-towel-on-rod chip.  What the H-E-L-L?

My Amazon cart at the moment.  I am
bummed that the large Rubbermaid container
that is intended for a patio will add no aesthetic
value to my upstairs hallway, but maybe I should
 leave it outside on the deck and make them go
 out there to fetch a towel -
that'll teach them, right?
The situation has escalated.  I have devised yet another new system, because they tune out my badgering, AND embroidering their name on their towel is not a deterrent for children who will grab any towel regardless of ownership.

This time:  a child can only shower when I am home.  Child wishing to shower, hands me a $10 towel deposit.  The deposit is returned when the SAME towel is hung up after the shower on that child's assigned towel rod AND I witness it.  Hard?  I wouldn't think so.  I feel like all I do is collect damp or crusty towels from bedroom floors and other odd places.  Like the formal living room furniture, or in front of clean laundry piles in my bedroom - where some people like to take their chances of having a family member surprise them and enter the bedroom while they are mid-dressing.  That would be awkward.

When grilled, no one knows anything about towel displacement.  It is all shrugs and head shaking and blank stares.  They plead the 5th.

I might make the entire lot of them fork over $10 when I discover a mislaid towel.  That would equate to $60 per towel discovery.  My hope:  they join forces with me and start to pay close attention to their goofy siblings.

The problem here is that this crew of rule-breakers will snag a beach towel from the beach bin or a high end towel from my bathroom (my towels are not REALLY high end, but they are a tad thicker than kid towels).  Solution:  I am currently shopping for a lockable container where I will be forced to store ALL TOWELS.  That's right.  I am kicking ass and taking names towels.  Keep you posted.

totally unrelated:  SKINNY POP

This stuff is delish.  Am I the only one that has my head halfway in the bag chowing down on it before I realize that it can probably no longer be referred to as 'skinny' anything?  Once I swallow half so many handfuls in one standing (I almost never sit), it is not adding to my skinny-self. 


Anonymous said...

My kids are missing the if-you-hang-a-towel-flat-it-will-dry gene. Or really, the understanding that anything wet and left in a ball/pile will merely molder and stink rather than drying. I like the towel lock-down plan!

Marie Smith said...

I get a glimpse of your towel dilemma any time the grandkids visit or we are at their house. There are only three of them however.

Kari said...

Do you remember Snackwell's cookies? They were a hit in the 90s, not sure if they are even around anymore. But they were low-fat and I would still end up eating an entire box and defeating the purpose.

I LOVE the $10 idea!! Maybe you can make money off the deal and run away to Mexico DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD?

Ernie said...

So far I have not had to add bulky/ugly furniture to my decor. The threat of financial penalty has helped. Some.

Ernie said...

As with many house related messes, Coach and I do not remember these same issues happening when we were growing up.

Ernie said...

I do remember snackwells. Yum. I have chosen to hide my wad of cash for fear the kids will start trying to recapture their lost funds. #halfwaytomexico

Busy Bee Suz said...

I would lose my marbles over the towels being dropped here and there.
Heads would roll.
Suz would be in jail.
End of story.
Skinny pop. I might have had it before. But then I went to rehab for it and now I'm clean.

Ernie said...

Ha! The towels is just the tip of the iceberg over here. They all leave a trail. Hefty fines have begun to be collected. Don't move it the first time - they double. I have their attention. What do they serve at rehab for skinny pop, pirate's booty?

Mark Watson said...

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