August 23, 2019

drivers can drive, um -and argue, and fight for the car

I lost two drivers in one day - to college, People, nothing tragic, thank God.  

Part of me is not sorry about being down a few drivers.  I can only tolerate so many conversations about when ‘not-present’ brother will be back with the car and why can I not be without my car so ‘present brother’ can go do such and such until ‘always late’ brother returns.  

Oh, dear Lord - do not get me started on the ‘dearest brother, why is the car on empty when I just filled it up and you used it last’ heated discussion that permeated the kitchen as often as the smell of workout clothes and musty caddy towels.  While it was a joy at times to have two drivers to tap for errands and Irish dancing pick up or drop offs, the impending headache often caused me to skip the ask and just do it myself.  

I informed Coach earlier this summer that this will be our last summer owning 3 cars.  By next summer we could potentially have 6 drivers (including Coach and I), but first I must share with you the dreaded DMV stories from a few weeks back.  (coming up in a subsequent you-won't-believe-this-one post, brace yourselves).

This is Lad and Ed's room before they left.
 It only looks slightly less cluttered now
 that they are gone.  Not a huge improvement.
  I considered going back in there to take an
 'after they moved out' photo, but opted not to
 ruin my day.  I am in no hurry to
 re-enter the dungeon.  Baby steps.
The two college boys have always shared a room.  Now that room is vacant - unless you count the filth and disorder left behind.  Mislaid, discarded clothes - will they want these when they return, or are these the give-to-Tank-or-Goodwill variety?  Ed likes to drink water in his room, so I can now go claim the kitchen cups he left in his wake.  Lad struggles to keep sheets on his bed, but extra comforters are a must.  There is garbage - literally - scattered everywhere.  Packaging from opening new underwear to used Kleenexes litter the floor.  I stripped beds today and while I know I have to go back in their pit eventually, it will wait until I can no longer waste time basking in the sun on my deck lounge chair.

They may have been disruptive or argumentative or self-involved or messy or lazy at cleaning up or overly social or always hungry, but I will miss them both.  Their personalities are unique and different, and there were often mini brawls and arguments in my kitchen.  Good or bad, the dynamic will be different without them.


Marie Smith said...

Families! The sum is made up of such wonderful, unique parts! And messy too. Got to love ‘em!

Kari said...

I feel like you just described every teenage room ever. The water cups in Anna's room alone could be considered its own little IKEA store. Although I noticed it was much less messy this year after going back than it was last year. (It's still a mess, don't get me wrong......)

Beth (A Moms Life) said...

The only good thing about all the water bottles I find literally everywhere except the recycling bin where they are supposed to be, is that at least they are drinking water. Kids today drink so much more water than when I was growing up. I survived on skim milk and Tang and Kool-Aid - no wonder I'm a mess! I hope you quickly and smoothly adjust to two less in your home and that you all have a wonderful school year!

Ernie said...

So true. We had some tense stressful moments this summer, but I must say that when the dust clears we are usually able to come up with a few new memorable quotes or impressions of people losing their cool. You can get away with nothing round here!

Ernie said...

I find it funny that Eddie passed up a chance to live with one of his best buds at college because said best bud is a slob. Um, I have been in your room - it is NOT all Lad's mess. Ed might be on a different level of grossness than Lad, but he is not far behind.

Ernie said...

Good point! My kids always look at me like I am crazy when I say things like, 'We didn't have water bottles when I was growing up.' Oh how I remember coming home and using a can opener to open the 16 oz tin can of Hi-C that my mom left out for us. Purple flavored. Always. We used to grab the big thing of apple juice out of the fridge and have a glass throughout the day. My mom drank cans of pepsi. She would lay on the couch and call to us, 'Pour a little bit of Pepsi in a glass with two ice cubes and bring it to me,' while she watched her soap opera. The remainder of the can went back in the fridge with a plastic baggie over it - guessing it still went flat. Every time we get together someone imitates my dad yelling from wherever he was in the house when he heard the fridge door open, 'DRINK WATER!' We were like, gross - who wants to drink water? Ha! My dad the accountant was always trying to save a buck. And thanks, back at you!

StephLove said...

My youngest is in such a rush to move into my eldest's room that we didn't even get a chance to clear out his stuff or dust the spots he missed, so I guess all their stuff is just going to be intermingled.

Ernie said...

Oh no!! I sense someone is goung to be upset.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The room situation looks eerily familiar.
The family dynamic (good or bad) always shifts when people come and go. I hope your heart is full knowing they're out there doing what they are supposed to be doing at this stage of life.

Ernie said...

I saw your garage pics today- I cannot believe you ever had a kid with a room like this! And yes, I am really fine with them spreading their wings. Not like I didn't see it coming, but it is tough.

M.L. James said...

One of these days, Ernie, you're going to go to your kids' homes and you are going to be so damned impressed with how spotless they keep them. Amazing! Mona