August 1, 2019

1 minute read: random parts of my life (out of order)

After my shower today, Curly slid this dancing hamster singing birthday card under the bathroom door.  She found it on her desk.  It is not my birthday.  Just trying to illustrate how random after-shower entertainment might crop up at any moment around here. 

I have been trying forever (embarrassed to admit how long) to upload this dancing hamster video with the regular blogger tools.  But it would just show up as a picture with the 'play' arrow as a fake-out tease in the center.  I succeeded using YouTube, but bossy You Tube won't let me move the clip to the middle of the page, so my post is all out of order.  Now I feel all out of order.

I saw this from a distance while I was working out at the health club.  It is a TV screen that flashes messages about the health club and what they offer.  I was a marketing major, so I recognize this as marketing, but first I recognized it as something different. . . .I initially misread this - I will blame the mesh curtain that surrounds the basketball court where my class was for screwing with my vision:  
Can't help it.  It just makes me laugh to think of a health club possibly writing that on the wall.  

I came home and discovered that Curly had ACTUALLY sorted the laundry in my room.  Or at least most of it.  For some crazy reason, her brothers occasionally remove their socks or other dirty garments and leave them in my room -beware the sorter.

I was elated that when I left to workout -where whales gather in the spa - that one of my kids listened to me as I called over my shoulder, 'THERE IS LAUNDRY IN THE BASKETS IN MY ROOM.  SORT IT PLEASE!'

All hail to Curly!  She might be due an ice cream cone tonight after dancing.


Saimi said...

Its all good, it must be that 'sort' of day, out of order dancing hamster and all. I'm impressed the laundry go sorted at all regardless how. Curly definitely deserves an ice cream and I think you should join her!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Laundry. Does it ever go away? NO. Even though there are only 2 of us here, I still feel like the neighbors or someone is coming in and wearing our clothes and throwing them in the hamper. So yes, all hail the sorting queen.
I laughed at the random birthday card and the whale spa day. :)

Kari said...

Hamsters can make me laugh like nothing else. I could literally spend hours just watching hamsters do human things on You Tube.

Ernie said...

I have learned over time that sharing high praise with Daddy when he comes home from work makes them eager to do more good. I am never stingy with ice cream either!

Ernie said...

It kills me when the kids put folded laundry BACK in the dirty laundry after they have left it on the floor of their rooms for awhile because it is easier than putting it away. This trick is one of many that disgust Coach and I.

I assume the whale thing was a 'guess you had to be there' moment but OMG did it crack me up. And in a house of teens and lunk heads, I love the 11 yr old innocent moments!

Ernie said...

Have you worked time for you tube hamster videos into your home school curriculum? Maybe you can count how many you find and add the length of each video together for math? Ha.