March 30, 2019

taco sauce vs salsa, plus a 'thank you' request

My solution to hating my longtime grocery store?  I now shop at a recently built grocery store - a brand new ‘Pete’s.’  The store is enormous, and I am still trying to get a handle on the layout, but there are always checkers ready and waiting when I push my huge haul to the register.

I also use the tiny grocer that is very near to our house.  Last week, the night before I started to hurl, I was desperate for 6 things.  I pulled up to the store and assigned Tank and Mini each three items.  I waited in the car.  One item was salsa.  I had not made Chicken Tortilla Soup in ages, and I forgot about the salsa ingredient.  I needed it to toss into the pot before I served dinner.

I usually buy about 5 bunches of bananas
 for fruit smoothies, my kids and then
 to feed the kids I sit for.  Running
low on bananas when we start with
 such a high inventory is mind blowing.
Mini came out and admitted that they couldn't find the salsa, so they asked a guy.  He pointed to an isle and Mini insists that they pointed her towards something called 'taco sauce'.  Did the guy have a lazer in his finger that singled out this weird looking taco sauce?  Did they force her to buy it and insist that she not shop for anything else?  I made them march back into the store to return the bottles of taco sauce, and BUY SALSA.  Mini tried to argue that they didn't have any.  Amazingly, they returned with salsa.  Go figure.

While we drove home after the grocery store stop, which the kids moaned about and found very inconvenient (welcome to my world), Mini requested that I say 'thank you' to them.  Now, I think that my grouchiness was impacted by my impending stomach bug, but I was really ticked off.  They wanted me to thank them for running in and grabbing a few necessities.  No one EVER thanks me for the time and energy and planning (which I admit to sucking at recently) I invest in grocery shopping for our family.  I wanted to make her walk home, but again maybe that was the impending puke talking. 

I took this photo to illustrate another
 interesting little family snafu regarding
this gallon of milk and this here fridge
 drawer, but it works here too.  I promise
 to share the fun little tale about this
 particular gallon of milk in another post.
 I know, I know.  My posts just keep getting
 more and more hilarious.  rogue gallons
of milk?  What will I come up with next?
The kids were thrilled that I chose to reintroduce this Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe, but now that this was the last meal before I was ill, you get the picture, - I informed them that I will not be able to bring myself to whip up a crockpot full of it for quite some time.  

When Coach texted from the store last week, I texted back and said ‘2% milk’ then my next text was: ‘if time, Cucumber and avocado.’  Then about 10 minutes later I texted again, ‘still there?  Bananas’. (Which literally meant: if you are still there get bananas, not 'are you still there. I am bananas.' But you can see where that can be misinterpreted)

Coach came home with 2%, a cucumber, and an avocado.  He admitted to the biggest grocery faux pas in the books . . .  he got to his car and realized that he forgot to get garbage stickers, so he spun on his heel and returned.  

He didn’t get me bananas, because he never saw my last text.  Dang, even my new plan is not fool proof.  I may be destined to visit the damn grocery store every other day. 

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