March 8, 2019

syncing calendars: not dry erase board friendly

Friday night, Feb 22nd,  Coach and I were supposed to drive Mini up to his sister's house - about 30 minutes north.  Near O'Hare.   Mini was going to be her cousin's Confirmation sponsor the next morning.  (Confirmation = a Catholic sacrament). Coach and I arranged for Mini to spend the night so that we could get where we needed to be on Saturday morning without making her late.

As an aside (my specialty) Ed (my high school senior) and I attended a direct admit day at Indiana's Kelley School of Business the weekend before (Feb. 16th).  Originally, he signed up to attend the admitted student day on Feb. 23rd.  He caught me off guard in early Feb. when he asked me to commit.  It was late at night.  (No one should be allowed to speak to me late at night, at least not about important matters).  My brain was still fixed on January, so I was not wrapping my noggin around upcoming Feb. events.  I glanced at my dry erase calendar.  I failed, however, to consult the calendar in my phone.  Do not ask me how I have managed to function and get people where they need to be with my current system.  Clearly, not rocking the calendar thing.  A day or so later, it all started to hit the fan.

Coach was set to teach a class on Feb 23/24.  Mini had confirmation.  Reggie had b-ball games.  And, while I started realizing all of the conflicts, I decided to email Curly's coach and ask if Curly had a game that weekend.  Why would there still be travel b-ball practice, but no games?

See this grenn app:  team manager. 
Works great,
so long as the coach includes
the PLAYOFF dates.  Seriously!
I must pat myself on the back here- since I am not an app guru.  I downloaded and learned to use the app for her team.  Calendar, directions to games, messages, all of it.  I found it a useful tool, until . . .  Oh, there were games the 23rd. Playoffs.  Apparently because the time was not known for the playoffs, it didn't get added to the calendar.  My suggestions:  playoffs:  TBA in the app vs. leaving it blank and fooling me into thinking it was a wide open weekend.   

Ed was NOT happy when I told him that we had to switch the Indiana Univ visit to Feb 16.  He is dating a girl that graduated from his high school last year, and she is a student there.  She would be home on the 16th, and he saw no point in going to IU while she was going to be home.  Really?

I shared the point with him in as calm a manner as I could muster as a mother with a million conflicts for the date he was registered for.  If Daddy was teaching, I had to be home to get everyone else where they needed to be.  It did suck, because the 15th was his senior night for basketball.  We would have to drive to IU (4 hours) after his last home game.  Leaving around 9:30 pm.  Plus a time change not working in our favor.

Well.  Guess what?  Kelley School of Business didn't have space for him to switch.  The 16th was full.  I called everyday asking about cancellations until they 'found' room.  Then they sent a weird email saying they would see me on the 23rd AFTER they had verbally switched me to the 16th.  More phone calls.  Enough said.  Back on for the 16th, but with elevated blood pressure and the possibility that my photo now appears on a secret 'parents to watch out for' bulletin board.

Fast forward to the night of the 22nd - I was ever so happy that we had managed to visit Indiana on the 16th, because in my current recover from vomit-and-other-grossness situation I wouldn't have been going anywhere!

I was looking forward to having a glass of wine with my sis and bro in-law near O'Hare, but my sudden bout of nightmare stomach bug that morning prevented me from going.  Coach bravely drove Mini alone, and while he insisted that he didn't really feel like hanging out with them and having a drink (without me- implied)- he certainly stayed long enough to indicate that he must have been 'talked into' hanging out and having a drink.  I surmised this from my position on the coach where I was writhing in pain for hours.

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