March 14, 2019

concerned about crazies, weekend blurs, and a plea for comments

What weekend?  February (and one March) weekends all blew (some blew chunks).  
This was Saturday, march 1st. 
Don't get me started on
putting wigs on kids for
 dancing - PARTIUCLRLY girls
 who have gorgeous curly hair.
     *  The girls and I headed to Lake Geneva, Wisc this weekend for an Irish dancing competition.  It was just a one night deal.  Curly danced early Saturday and then we raced home to make her b-ball end of season party.

     *  Ironically we stayed in the same hotel that the three of us stayed at Feb. 8th for Curly's b-ball tournament.  That was a one night deal too.

      *  Last weekend (Feb 22nd) I was hurling on Friday and feeling lousy on Saturday and doing Curly and Reggie's playoff games solo both Sat and Sun since Coach was teaching a class.

I was so tired during this
event -I was bummed
that the auditorium chairs
 didn't allow for me
 to put my head back and snooze
 - just for a few minutes.
     *  Feb. 15th at 9:30 at night, Eddie and I left to drive to Indiana University - a little 4 hour jaunt.  We attended a direct admit day for the Kelley School of Business.  We were very impressed.  Then on very little sleep, I drove us 4 hours home.  Bottom line:  I AM TIRED!  I feel like I haven't had a weekend in, well, weeks!

     *  Guess what?  Next weekend Coach flies to Omaha to teach a class.  Me, solo again.  Well hey, then it is March.  Time to escape the nonsense of February.  Right?  Well, then Curly starts going to shows to perform for St. Pat's parties and events.  Blah, blah, blah

Looking for sitting jobs is frustrating.
This is a job posting from a person on  This person is
looking for someone to
watch their kid apparently every minute
 of every day.  I want to tell them,
you are not looking
 for a nanny you are
 looking for a replacement! 
See, there are
 crazies out there. Some are less
 obvious than others, unfortunately.  

     *  I had hoped to find someone to replace the crazies who left before Christmas.  I just met with a family who seemed VERY interested in having me watch their 2 kiddos two days a week for the remainder of the school year.  We were talking logistics, details, the whole she-bang.  They didn't need anyone right away, but that was almost 2 weeks ago.  I texted the woman Thursday at noon.  'Just touching base to see if you have made a childcare decision.'  Crickets.  That text is now like 5 days old.  I find that rude.  If you have decided to continue to have your mom who has some physical limitations watch your kids (even though you admitted to wanting someone who could get on the floor with the kids and do stairs without a problem, etc), then so be it, but for God's sake just let me know.

     *  Another family who is looking for part time care for their baby for next school year met with me that same day two weeks ago.  They said they would let me know the end of Feb, still no word.

     *  It is a drag to line up  new families to sit for next year.  It makes me anxious.  Will they be nuts?  Will they be demanding?  Will it be a good fit?  Will they be normal and appreciative and thrilled with my care (which is the majority of my families, but all it takes is a couple of wack-a-doodles to muck everything up).  Will I have to spend most of my summer arranging my sitting schedule for next year, or can I sort it out soon-ish?

Who would dedicate a table to all of their
writing 'stuff' in the corner of their living room,
if there wasn't hope of getting the
 damn thing published?  me.

When am I supposed to write?:    *  I admit that all of the busy bits of life often make it hard to find time to write.  Well, that is frustrating.  Am I meant to change diapers forever?  Prepare meals?  Handle the laundry?  I put Coach thru physical therapy school.  Then I continued to hold down the fort while he added more and more letters and designations to his name, like Fellow.  Well, when will I get to be a Jolly Good Fellow and get my book published?  Or even carve out time to blog?

     *  Add to that, the hopeless feeling I have at times that I may never get my book published.  I know, I know, put your mind to something and it will happen.  There are all kinds of inspirational stories out there and words of wisdom.  I cringe when I step into the library.  It knocks my confidence to see all of those books that actual authors have written.  Who am I to think I could join the ranks of becoming a 'real' author?

This is not a pic of me while sick - but it
IS Tank who is currently lying on the living room
 couch.  Ed puked on Sunday last week
 (right after me) and today was
Tank's turn.  Tank also had a
 stomach bug during one
of the polar vortex days
and didn't miss any school.
  Guess who doesn't want to hear
 about getting enough
sleep and eating fruit, etc so that
 he stays healthy? 
I wanted
 to fit this pic up near my description of my
 awesome weekends of late, but it wouldn't fit.  
     *  This hopelessness becomes less pronounced when I have the time to work on my manuscript.  At those times, I am reminded that I do have a story to tell, and what I am writing is good, and it gives me hope that I will get it published.

Christmas gift unrecognized:
     *  This goes along with the above 'writing' issues.  I gave my dad the first 39 pages of my manuscript for Christmas.  He has yet to say one word about it.  Not 'I don't have time to read it.'  or 'I hope to read it someday soon,'  or 'I am enjoying it.'  NOT ONE WORD.

I could use more comments:
     *  Of course hearing from blog readers in my comment section helps boost my confidence and makes my damn day.  Harmless plug here, but go ahead and leave me a comment if you have taken the time to read my gibberish.  It would make my day, and we are having an endless Chicago winter, people- so I could use a pick-me-up!


Suzanne said...

I'm sorry you are having a rough time lately!

Kari said...

OMG I love comments more than I would ever like to admit. Except when I get a not-so-great one, then I hate them.
Also, I hate puking so your puking post is giving me health anxiety.
Also, IT IS 60 TODAY!! Are you outside?? If not, GO!

Ernie said...

Just got back from the zoo with 5 little guys in tow. We got rained on a bit, but stayed inside mostly. Puking is the worst!!!

Ernie said...

Thanks - spring break is around the corner and we are driving to Florida and just chilling out - hopefully in the sun. I am hoping that will help!

the queen said...

I think it’s a huge accomplishment that you blog. I have zero kids and all my time to myself and it takes up a huge chunk of time. I appreciate you.

Wendy said...

I just found your blog from your comment on mine (thank you!) and also via Life of A Doctor's Wife -- I look forward to getting to know you! I'm originally from a suburb west of Chicago (Glendale Heights -- before that Villa Park, and I grew up in Addison) but now I live in SW Michigan since my kids flew the coop. My husband moved to IL from this area for me, and now I'm returning the favor. :) Here's hoping this endless winter ends soon for both of us!

Beth (A Moms Life) said...

Sounds like you need a weekend just for you. Is it possible to clear even a few hours of a weekend day and let Coach and everyone else fend for themselves so you can a little time for you? I didnt realize you were writing a book! That's very exciting!!!!!!

Geo Wilcox said...

I admire your prolific writing ability. With so many bloggers, their output eventually dwindles and then they lose the passion to continue writing. With fewer and fewer posts, it's hard to click more. But your passion comes through easily. I know once I click on my Blogs tab every few days, very likely there will be some kind of "feat" post waiting for me. Terrific work. Please keep the passion and fire burning.

Ernie said...

Well welcome, fellow Chicago peep, and from the western burbs no less! My daughter Irish dances in Villa Park SEVERAL nights a week from my home about 23 min south of there . . . translation: I could find my way there blindfolded and loathe - I mean LOATHE that constant in my life. Sigh. She is a world champion (and 11 yrs old). Fingers crossed that she will follow her sister's lead and retire when high school hits. I mean, I am happy that she found her thing, but - lordy it is a money/time suck! That was a very nice favor you returned. I don't think I could uproot myself after my kids move out. Was it hard? Or do you have his family there, and are they awesome? Looking forward to getting to know you too!

Ernie said...

Well this weekend is Irish dancing shows, which is not really his gig, but a couple is meeting us at one of the shows today. Coach has never attended a show - he usually holds down the fort while I do the show circuit. We do not exist socially, unless you count the couch on both Fri and Sat nights where we collapse and try to find something to watch, but we usually fall asleep anyway. So, I suggested we invite someone to the show. Now he is attending and we are making it into a rare social experience. Yeah, us. And, yes, I am TRYING to write a book. I have hundreds and hundreds of pages written, but not sure how to organize it (I keep switching it up, the most shocking part first and working my way back vs chronological order). It is an Irish dancing tell-all, full of both hilarious and shocking stories. Possible title: 'the shit beneath the wig' or the same title as my blog, because it works! If only I could find the time to work on it AND find a publisher who was interested, then comes the movie deal, etc. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Ernie said...

Thanks, George! I appreciate that. I do enjoy blogging, but it is hard to carve out time for it what with all those b-ball games, badminton matches, tennis tournies, Irish dancing competitions, not to mention feeding the crew, washing their clothes, and driving them around. But hey, all that provides tons of inspiration and more material, right?

Ernie said...

Thanks so much! I appreciate that. I think kids or no kids finding time to write still takes commitment. Glad you stopped by. It warms my heart to feel appreciated!