March 24, 2019

a hood of apparently epic proportions

My unfinished kitchen.
Hoodless kitchen - been
 about a year in this state.
     *  I don't even know if I have the energy to describe the latest, or the lack of the latest, here.  Luigi (the 2nd contractor after 1st contractor was dismissed for trying to cheat us out of our hard earned money) always has an excuse.  He showed up about 4 weeks ago with the hood.  Actually he showed up 10 minutes after the guy who built the hood.  I utilized my time alone with this hood-builder wisely.

A little background:  Hood was supposed to be done in August.  Luigi brought me two options.  I picked one.  Luigi never said, 'I cannot make this hood.  It too difficult.,' in his broken English.  He is Italian.  He brought the option to me for Christ's sake!    Instead, he told me that it was so hard to make, that he had to have it made in Italy.  He told me late November that my hood was finally shipped from Italy.  I asked for the packing slip.  He could not supply.

This is the guy I accustoed about whether or not
he (and my hood) hailed from Italy.  He seems
like a nice hard working man.  To do
work for Luigi - the kiss of death.
So, in walks hood-maker guy.  I asked him, 'You make this?'  Affirmative.  Then I ask him, 'You from Italy?'  No, he looks confused now and slightly scared.  I believe he was of Mexican decent.  I told him, 'Oh, funny because Luigi told me my hood was being make in Italy.'  Hood-making guy has a quivering, weird smirk on his face.  Then I ask, 'Hey, when did Luigi ask you to make this?'  Hood-maker guy in broken English, 'Ah, I don't want to say.'  I assure him I will not harm him, that it is OK to tell me.  I already know that Luigi is a liar.  'Oh, he ask me to make it earlier this year.'  I ask him to clarify because it is January, 'Like earlier this year, as in the year 2019?'  Hood-maker guy nods.

There it is.  Luigi commissioned this guy in January to make a hood for my kitchen that he kept insisting was being worked on for months and MONTHS, since I signed a contract with him in July.

The hood that they brought didn't fit - like id didn't fit on the wall in the space that is ready for it.  Of course.  Luigi opened the box for the insert that goes inside the hood.  The mechanical pieces.  He decided to take this main piece with him, because then they could be sure that the insert would fit.  They also took many measurements of the wall to be sure that it was going to fit there too.

He actually tried to say that it was my fault that he had to remake the hood so many times.  WHAT?  As in SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?


Cheryl said...

Boy oh guys are patient! I would be spittin' nails!
On the plus side, once the kitchen is done, it will look beautiful!

Ernie said...

I do not feel patient. I just refuse to walk away from this guy who we gave $5,000. Yes, I agree. The kitchen will look great when it is finished but seeing that it started June of '17- 'finished' does not even seem possible anymore. :(

Beth (A Moms Life) said...

It's going to be gorgeous but dang, what a hugely annoying process for you!!!!!!!

Ernie said...

That is putting it mildly!!!