March 28, 2019

Anti grocery store manifesto

Grocery shopping more than once a week is now against my personal manifesto.  I declared this 2 weeks ago, so I still don’t have all the bugs worked out.  Like, what happens when we legitimately need something?  Am I comfortable with Coach or one of the kids running into the store to get the necessary item?

Sure, other family members can purchase stuff for our pantry and fridge, why not?  So long as I don’t find myself running in and out of stores SEVERAL times a week.  I mean, it really is insane.  I take the blame for allowing the grocery issue to spiral out of control.  I just haven’t been great about carving out enough time to complete a full grocery haul this school year.  Gathering vitals for the fam has been limited to:  ‘Oh, I have a few minutes now, I can run in and get this and that.’  

Inevitably I get home and discover that we are out of cereal, or apple juice, bagels, apples, or men’s deodorant.  All items that I don’t use.  All items that no one requested from the store, but items that they are DESPERATE for.  Seriously.  

Last week, Coach worked out before work and had enough time to come home before going to work.  (The health club is in the same building where he treats patients, so it is usually a workout/shower/then go to work scenario).  On his way home, Coach decided to stop and get garbage stickers (we have to buy garage stickers and attach them to our garbage cans in order for our rubbish to be collected-not sure all cities do that).  He texted me to ask if we needed anything quick, like a gallon of milk.  I froze.  A minute later, I had already amended my personal manifesto.  

It doesn’t help that the grocery store I use the most, that is closest to our house is driving me crazy.  Their inventory has become unreliable.  Like, ‘Oh, no heads of lettuce today.’  Or the unpredictable and limited Yoplait yogurt flavors they offer.  Imagine the verbal abuse I survive from the peanut gallery.  ‘Why don’t you get (insert Tank’s favorite flavor here) yogurt?’  He does not believe me that they don't necessarily stock the same yogurt options from one week to the next.

This pic of a 'mini'haul' will have
to suffice seeing as I have
 not been successful at clicking
a photo of a checker
 or a bagger who is repulsed
 by my large order.  
This grocery store that insists on taking my money AND testing my patience has cut back on how many checkers they staff.  They often keep their pared-down staff limited to ONE bagger.  One!  This is bad news for a shopper who typically drops between $350 and $500 on an all-in grocery run (a little different from my latest $225 ‘quick’ runs, but still).  All those cutbacks have led to long lines and lots of frustration.

Since I am not shy and I have no time to wait around in lines, I have been known to call the store from the line and instruct them to open another flipping register.  This is not a guarantee, but it is always worth a shot.  In my humble opinion, the store should have one register open with my name above it in flashing lights.  Who else spends as much as I do at the grocery store?

By the way, have you ever seen the look on a checker’s face when they see a customer coming with a mammoth load of groceries?  I cannot figure out the grumpiness factor - what difference does it make if they ring up a big load or 10 mini loads?  Maybe you haven’t purchased two of everything in a store before, but take if from me - it is not always well-received.


Beth (A Moms Life) said...

UGH!!!!!! I love that you've called the store while waiting in line! That is hilarious!!!! And it never fails, as soon as I get the groceries put away I realize we are out of XYZ. It's so maddening!

Suzanne said...

One checker?!?! That is so frustrating. My regular grocery store is great at staffing, but there's a store closer to my daughter's school that usually has one or two checkers at a time. SO ANNOYING. You can never count on getting in and out quickly there, even if you have only one item. And my local Target is NOTORIOUS for having only one or two checkers open at a time... and subsequently enormous lines. I feel your pain!!!

Ani said...

There is nothing more infuriating in a store than only having one register open. I guess that's just a trend now, because I'm seeing it in quite a few stores. I started shopping at Costco this year and I have a list and time ready whenever I need to go. I use Wunderlist on my phone, and whenever we run out of something I'll go into each of my lists to put it back on. For example I get my eggs, milk, and protein bars at Costco, so when we are out of any of those I'll go through my list and uncheck anything that we need. I have a Costco, Grocery, CVS, and general shopping (Target-type) list. It's the only way I keep my sanity. Cause I'm like you, I can go to the store several times a week and still not get everything I need. Lists are my lifeline!

Ernie said...

I think the people standing near me when I called the second time (when I didn't have the kids I sit for with me) thought I was a lunatic. I could care less though. I don't have time for that!

Ernie said...

I grocery shopped today - first time since coming home to empty fridge two days ago from spring break, but hey we survived. Anyway, Coach came along and we went really early. 7:15 am. That way we split the list (well, I gave him a few things to get including the lunch-meat counter because that is time consuming AND simple), and I helped him load his car and then I drove off into the sunset - OK, it was my workout class. It was honestly awesome. He had to unload the car and put the cold stuff away without me. And I was not late for my class and the shopping was done . . . until I needed to go to Costco a few hours later.

Ernie said...

Holy smokes - so many lists! I cannot, or at least I refuse to shop at multiple places. I will do grocery store weekly and Costco every other week. My treat there is that I buy a couple of rotisserie chickens, and I don't have to make dinner. It is beautiful.