July 10, 2023

things I've chewed: Finnegan's diary

This one really hurt.
Before Christmas, Reg rolled out his muscle near his knee using my grandmother's antique wooden rolling pin. We now own a Styrofoam roll for rolling of muscles. Hello, your father is a PT - request equipment please and leave my grandmother's rolling pin in the cabinet. 

The rolling pin is was something I treasure. Reg should've put it away, but he left it on the family room floor. Lad was keeping very strange hours at the time, so he fell asleep on the couch after we all went to bed. Finn was not allowed in the family room, but Lad regularly let him off of his leash when we weren't around. Poor Finn was so confused by the inconsistent rules. Lad fell asleep on the couch in the wee hours of the night, Finn chewed up the rolling pin. Grandma had taken SUCH good care of it. I still kept it in the cloth holder that she used. 
With the once-pristine holder.

When it was time to make Christmas cookies, I couldn't find the rolling pin. I remembered seeing it somewhere strange. It was sticking out of Lad's mudroom locker. I grabbed the handle, pulled it out, and doubled over  when I saw that half of it was chewed up.

This teether - gnawed on by
a different set of teeth.
Lad had tucked it in his locker and pretended nothing happened. When confronted, he said he intended to just get some wood putty or sand it down or something. Sure. That'll work. Anyone want some uneven Christmas cookies? Or can I perhaps interest you in a pastry with dog teeth markings baked right in?

I'm down a lego horse.
In April, Finn wanted something on the kitchen table, so he jumped up and pawed at it while no one was home. He was on his leash tied to the back door, but he could reach one corner of the table. I had my kitchen table custom made in '17. He scratched the shit out of it. I'm sure the top can be resealed or something - still I DON'T OWN A DOG.

There are countless items that Finnegan has damaged. Poor Miss Piggy. I kick myself for this one. I made Curly clean out her closet. That darling Muppet with a crush on Kermit was on her closet floor. 

Curly danced in Orlando back when she was around 8. Our pastor gave the four youngest kids, who I was taking with me to the competition, money to spend on a souvenir. Curly picked Piggy. She was old enough to take good care of it. When she cleaned her closet, I told her to put it in the basement in a big bin of stuffed toys. If only I'd have left her on the closet floor. 

All dressed up and no where
to go (looking like a disaster).

Lad often slept in the basement - on the couch, with Finn sleeping in his cage, kennel? See, I don't even know dog lingo. But we figured out that Lad often let Finn wander freely while he was watching TV or snoozing. I stumbled upon poor mauled Miss Piggy. Her hair torn, her eyes misaligned. It was not pretty. 

Unrelated, but where
 there is Piggy,
 Kermit should not
 be far behind

Reg's shoe. Countless toys from my daycare. Finnegan chewed all the vegetables and flowers that go to my garden. They don't make that anymore and I wanted to save it for my grandkids. I managed to find a slightly used one online and had Lad go buy it for me.  Now I have that one tucked away in the corner of my bedroom, as one does. The wooden frame of our French sliding glass door. The list goes on and on. 

Plastic vegetables - what
 every dog's diet needs.

Lad brought Finn here the night of Lad's bday. Finnegan was OUT OF HIS MIND excited to see us. Well, me. I do feel bad that he's living in an apartment, but I'm sure Lad pops home often since it is just across the street from his work.

What the garden looks like - this one was
missing it's vegetables. A new, slightly used
version is in the corner of my room.

On a recent visit to see Uncle Mick, I bumped into my sister, Ann. 

Ann:  I didn't know Lad was moving out. Where? Why? When did that happen? What's he doing with the dog? Well, he can't keep his dog in an apartment.  Ernie, that's not right. 

Really? Hey, Ann. Do ya think there's a reason you didn't know that Lad is moving out? Do you ever have a regular conversation without spouting off about what should and shouldn't be? When was the last time you just called up to, oh- I don't know, chat? I know why I don't call her, see the above - exhibit A. Exhibit A. 

* Of course we now know that Lad did not move into an apartment. He bought a house. Yep. A house. We have no idea where. He did mention that he cut a hole in the screen so his TWO dogs could run in and out. 

Pet owners - most upsetting thing your pet has destroyed? Anyone else have a sister/friend/neighbor who says THE DARNDEST THINGS? 

I got sidetracked, but I have a few of my favorite Mini stories to share soon. Stay tuned.


Nicole said...

Oh dear, puppies can be so destructive if left to their own devices. Barkley once chewed a baseboard in our dining room when I wasn't looking. I'm sorry about your grandma's rolling pin, that's a big loss.

Bijoux said...

I’ve never had a pet besides fish. It’s funny that my kids begged us for a dog when they were little. Now that two of them are homeowners, they have no desire to get a dog. I’d be very upset about the rolling pin.

mbmom11 said...

Our first cat thoroughly clawed one side of a living room chair - we never noticed because it was against the wall near the front door which we rarely used back then. She also made quite a bit of damage on one of the basement steps' supports. Current cats have scratched up couches (they ignore the old one- argh) but it's not as bad as it used to be. And screens on windows- but those are easy to fix.
It's hard when adult children do stupid financial stuff but don't listen to reason. (Going through something like that right now- not big amounts but it's worrying about long term patterns and consequences. And child will probably not talk to me again for a few months.) Let's hope things work out for our kids and that we don't have strokes worrying g about them.

ccr in MA said...

Oh, Ernie! The rolling pin makes me want to cry.

Anonymous said...

We have an old house with gorgeous French doors, one time when we were out the dogs were left in that room with the doors shut, the dogs were older, not chewers but one was very afraid of fireworks and thunder and apparently a neighbor set off a bunch of fireworks and he destroyed the door.

Pat Birnie said...

The loss of that rolling pin is pretty heartbreaking. It must be such a worry not knowing what’s goi g to happen with Lad and the house. He seems to be a guy that has to learn all the hard lessons himself. Tough for parents to watch. Hugs Ernie

Busy Bee Suz said...

My heart broke seeing the rolling pin. *sigh*
Bored dogs are terrible. He needs lots of exercise and training, and the destructive things won't happen as often.
He bought a &^%$#@!* house? WTH? He's about to have the hardest life lesson...home ownership is NO joke.

I don't recall our dogs tearing up anything other than their toys, but maybe I'm forgetting something. Oh, yes, Cocoa, our boxer destroyed one of my Mom's shoes when we were traveling together for Thanksgiving.

Nance said...

Oh, that wonderful rolling pin! That is a terrible loss to bear. I am sorry.

A dog not ours chewed an entire door when left home alone. It had such awful separation anxiety that it broke out of its kennel with brute force, got up the steps, and completely chewed through a wooden door to get inside the rest of the house. It also had pooped, so it smeared poop all over furniture, my bed, and carpeting. When I came home from work, I walked into that mess after a long day of teaching. The dog was hysterical, I was hysterical. I stripped off, and we both got in the shower. I bathed him, then he fell into a deep sleep. I cleaned every single thing by myself--while I cried--as best I could.

And then I asked myself how much more I could take. Because there didn't seem to be an end to it until I called it.

It's so hard.

Kara said...

Oh Finn. The chewing is a sign of a bored dog. He needed a lot more exercise than he was getting at your house.

I hope all of the amphibians have left the house along with the dog.

My middle daughter has no sense of what is not hers. She happily wears clothing that isn't hers, and then "oh, that's why it doesn't fit." Her sisters hate it. And then once it's worn, it never makes it to the laundry to get clean until they purge her room. Oh well. She's not living with us this year, so maybe it will make it easier (she went to Massachusetts for a gap year with my parents).

Kari said...

When we were in our early twenties, my brother's dog lived with my parents. He used to eat bras and underwear as a puppy. When my new boyfriend came over, he brought one of my bras out. That was a blast.

Your sister sounds like a lot of fun. 😒

Ernie said...

Nicole - I was so ill prepared for that dog. I had no idea that this temporary situation would last for years and cause so much difficulty. Lad would take it personally at times if we got upset about something the dog did.

The ruined rolling pin crushed me. I've never really gotten a legit apology from him either. Shock.

Ernie said...

Bijoux - That's funny. I ALWAYS begged for a dog as a kid. Then I moved to my own place. Zero interest. Allergies was only part of the issue. Plus with kids, that would've been impossible.

Ernie said...

mbmom11 - I am even more allergic to cats than I am to dogs. Of course they ripped up different/newer furniture.

I'm so sorry to hear that your son is also struggling/causing you to worry. It sure isn't easy. My folks lucked out - we all stopped causing them grief when we were teenagers. For real. I hope things improve for you. I am irked that Lad continues to stop in and see Coach and call home in the evenings to talk to him. I think Coach is gonna have to say NEXT TIME WE CHAT IT CAN BE DOING THERAPY because he needs to insist on it too.

Ernie said...

ccr - I did cry. Doubled over like I'd been punched in the gut.

Ernie said...

Anonymous - Oh no! I love old homes and old wooden parts of old houses. So much character. I'm not a big fan of fireworks either. I kinda don't blame the dog. Sounds like sucky neighbors, which I have - but at least they don't do fireworks.

Ernie said...

Pat - Oh gosh - my grandma's rolling pin. It was so upsetting. If only Reg hadn't gotten it out. If only I'd seen it out before I went to bed and picked it up. Ack.

I agree. I think he has to learn lessons on his own.

We are getting weird mortgage statements in the mail and the one we got today has a photo of our house on it. It states that Lad has only so many days left to take out a home warranty, but ON MY HOUSE? I'm calling the bank in the morning to see what the hell is going on.

Ernie said...

Suz - The rolling pin. It was something I truly cherished. My grandma was a great baker. It really sucked. Then he was so flippant about the whole thing. Insult to injury.

Owning a home is no joke. What was he thinking? I have to call the bank tomorrow because I keep getting loan statements in Lad's name mailed to my house. It's as if he borrowed against our home (one has a photo of our home on it), but how could he have done that without Coach or I signing? Something is fishy and I need to call and figure that out.

Finn took out a shoe or 10 over here too. Two dogs and a house? When he couldn't manage his own bedroom or laundry when food was prepared for him and bills were paid? Good grief. What has he gotten himself into now?

Ernie said...

Nance - Yes, it surely was. It was in perfect, mint condition. I had fond memories associated with it. So regrettable. I should never have allowed him to sleep a single night here. Nothing but difficulties.

What an absolute disaster. I can't believe that happened. What a mess. I can't believe you ended up cleaning it all up, too.

Ernie said...

Kara - We found out the hard way that he chewed things when he was left alone (early on) and finally started sticking him in his cage when we left the house. Eventually Lad took him to the dog park a few times a day, but too little too late.

I hope sister-who-wears-everyone's-stuff figures things out while with your folks. Will she borrow clothes from grandma? ;)

Ernie said...

Kara - Both of my sisters are 'interesting'. So passive aggressive. Ick. Plus bossy and judgie. Not a great mix of traits, if you ask me.

"What 'ya got there Rex? Oh, it's my bra!" the boyfriend must've wondered what was going on in that house. Ha.

Amy said...

I have my grandmother's rolling pin too - I'm sorry yours was damaged, that's so hard. :(

We have 2 dogs, who are reasonably well behaved. One is old and has a lot of accidents, but, other than that, the worst they do is get on the couch when we're not home. Three years ago, our oldest daughter moved out, got a puppy, then decided she hated her roommates and moved back in with us before even a year had passed. The puppy ate soooo many things, but one of the worst was a little Pinocchio figure that was my Mom's, who passed a couple of years ago. I kept it on my desk, and that darn puppy climbed up on there somehow and got it. I came home to find it on the floor, decapitated and mauled. I just wasn't prepared emotionally for that.

Ernie said...

Amy - I still am unsure what to do with the chewed up rolling pin. It did break my heart and Lad acted like that didn't really register with him.

I'm so sorry about your Mom's Pinocchio figure. How crazy that the puppy got up on your desk. I cannot believe that. I'm sure it was a blow. Puppies sure are cute, but so destructive. ;(