July 27, 2023

More Mini weaknesses & her version of WE'LL BE INTERVIEWING AS A TEAM

Speaking of Mini's weaknesses:  I don't think I ever got around to sharing details of our trip to Florida LAST spring. I'm talking 2022. So long ago. Where does the time go? 

I think I shared this very blog-ready pic
 that Reg took for the
 girls and I on the beach.
We rented an Airbnb and drove like 25 minutes to Fort Meyers Beach. It was fun - basically a long weekend. Suz was sweet enough to drive all the way up to meet the girls and I. A highlight of the trip. 

The pitfalls :  

1) when we landed at night. It was Mini's bday. We were starving. We bought flights before we rented a place, so we ended up renting a place that was a hike from the airport. As we drove past some fast food places in the rental car, Coach called out - WHAT LOOKS GOOD MINI? IT'S YOUR B-DAY. We are not fast food people, and this particular drive thru experience was downright hysterical. 

Coach ordered, then inched the car forward, expecting Mini to order from her window. Hey, Coach - as a former BK employee, that's not really how it's done. 

Mini tried to ask a question. She wasn't sure what food they offered. The woman got confused. Coach was getting frustrated. The employee was adding every sandwich Mini inquired about to our order. Confusion/hysteria ensued, along with a bad case of the giggles. Getting our order straight took an act of God. Then we waited for over 30 minutes for our food. We cannot drive past a Wendy's without mentioning it. 

2)  At the house the next morning, the owner came over and taught Mini and I how to heat the hot tub vs just the pool, etc. I was confused and was sidetracked texting Coach additional items for him to grab from the grocery store, but I looked at Ms. Notre Dame and assumed she was comprehending his lesson. 

My people, roasting at
the beach. After a long
 drive back to the house in the car, who
 wants to jump in the pool?
 Um, hold that thought. 

On our last day, we got home from the beach and everyone wanted to jump in the pool. Mini did just that and discovered, to her horror, that the pool had accidentally been heated until it was ready to hard boil eggs. She screwed something up on the switch-this-dial-and-leave-this-pointing-that-way directions. We knew we'd be billed for the cost of heating THE ENTIRE pool. 

I had no idea what that might come out to be, but I laughed so much that I assured Mini we weren't worried. This was a mere weeks after she'd gotten the Evans Scholarship, so we were still giddy with, IT'S OK, YOU GOT THE EVANS. It ended up being a $10 bill. Well worth the laugh, and Mini's nervous glances around the yard like the 'heat police' were gonna come after her. The downside was that the kids couldn't use the pool on that, our last night.  

Speaking of pools and swimming . . . last summer Mini expressed an interest in getting a bikini wax. I discouraged it. Note that this is a girl who doesn't go to the pool often. Also, she's literally the most ticklish person ever to live. She has an over abundance of ear wax and she has to go to the ear doctor office every 4 months to have them suction it out. Is she good at remembering to do this? No, but it becomes obvious when she becomes mostly deaf. We always hope she gets a person at the ear doc place who is, um, familiar with her 'issues.'

Not that a bikini wax is ticklish, persay. 

This summer, she again explained that she wanted a bikini wax. I was like, HEY - I'M ALL FOR YOU DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. I'M JUST NOT SURE HOW YOU WILL MANAGE IT.

That's when I learned of my involvemet. As in - HI, WE'LL BE INTERVIEWING AS A TEAM. ~ that's a quote from Step Brothers. Not the same, but you get the idea? Like, she needed me to sit next to her on a little stool as if I was her support person while she was giving birth. 

There we were. At the place. They called Mini back, and we both followed the esthetician. Yep. The look of shock on the poor woman's face. I explained, as best I could, because how does one even explain Mini? 

I apologized profusely and then rattled off some Mini-isms to put the woman at ease . . . as if that's possible. I stayed facing the wall, near Mini's head so that I could smack her if necessary, but mostly to keep the conversation flowing as the hair in her area was ripped away. 

This was the day before the kids were hanging on their friends' boat during the Swift concert, so I explained the t-shirts they were gonna wear, and how they'd considered attaching Swiffer sheets all over them and going as Swiff-ees vs Swifties. The esthetician chuckled. I wanted to say HEY FOLKS, I'LL BE HERE ALL WEEK - but let's just all praise the lord that I will NOT be there all week.

Weirdest thing you've done for your kid or a friend? Have you messed something up at a hotel or at an Airbnb and had to pay a fine? Anyone else worry they or a love one will die from being so ticklish? Know anyone who goes deaf because of an ear wax build up?


Ally Bean said...

Weirdest thing you've done for your kid or a friend? Hmmm... gonna have to think on that one... I suppose you mean something legal, right?

Have you messed something up at a hotel or at an Airbnb and had to pay a fine? I've paid resort fees that seem like a fine

Anyone else worry they or a love one will die from being so ticklish? Nope

Know anyone who goes deaf because of an ear wax build up? I don't, but I have to wonder if that's more of a thing in homes for the aged

mbmom11 said...

I'm surprised the airbnb owner doesn't just leave a laminated sign with directions and diagram for fun pool and hot tub Temps. Or at least mark clearly on the dials what are the standard Temps. (My washer and dryer have very big stars on the typical settings, and I wrote instructions on the front in sharpie. I'm not going to re-explain everything to my kids- I have enough kids coming and going that it feels like an airbnb at times!)
So Mini- it wasn't your fault! Verbal instructions are hard!
I'm sure I've gotten dragged along with kids on first time experiences, but never a waxing. You are blessed!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Ten dollars is a small price to pay for boiled children.
It was so fun to visit you and your girls...when are you coming back?
I do love a family joke/incident that goes on forever and ever. I can see it now at Mini's wedding reception and a sibling brings up the Wendy's story in their speech.

If Linds ever decided to have waxing, I'm sure I (or her sister) would be called in for emotional support. That being said, it probably wont' happen because she dies laughing while getting a pedicure: TICKLISH!
But from past, personal experience, there is nothing funny about a bikini waxing.

Nicole said...

Oh god, I can't imagine having my mom come with me for a wax, at any age! I just got sugared yesterday and the thing with sugaring is that there are no panties involved. So, it's pretty much me and my vulva facing the esthetician. I would NOT have someone else in the room for that!

Kari said...

I just saw Nicole's comment and I second it. But I'd never heard of sugaring. I'll have to look into that.

I'm not too ticklish to get anything done. Pedicures can be ticklish at times, but they are so worth it.

Bijoux said...

Ordering at a drive thru is always stressful to me,unless it’s Chik-Fil-A because those peeps know what they’re doing.
I can’t think of any fines or weird things I’ve done for people. But Middle Child has had ear wax issues and the last time, we waited months to get an appt with an ENT who spent 5minutes on her and then charged us like $300. Typical Cleveland Clinic!

Ernie said...

Ally - You make me laugh . . . sure, you can include illegal activities.

I can only imagine how much the resort fees add can be.

The ear wax excess issues is so ridiculous.

Ernie said...

mbmom - That is the exact feedback I have the Airbnb guy . . . hang a list for guests so they know how to work the heat element on the pool. We didn't really blame Mini - it was comedic. And HOT. Yeah, look at me - I'm lucky enough to go to her first waxing. ;)

Ernie said...

Suz - That is a cheap price to pay for boiled children. So funny. I would like to come back . . . keep you posted.

There are too many Mini moments to include in ANY speech.

Mini has a long lost ticklish twin in Linds. I can't believe it. Can you believe I went as her emotional support for her wax? So silly.

Ernie said...

Nicole - There are no panties involved in the waxing here either, so this is why I turned to Mini's face. LOOK AWAY! LOOK AWAY! It was the only way I could bare it. I'm sure that woman had never experienced THAT before.

Ernie said...

Kari - I waited until after I had given birth to several, or maybe all, of my children before I got up the nerve to get a wax. Who knows, maybe if I'd had a buddy . . . maybe I would've gone when I was younger. When I did have my first wax, I went home and called my best friend and we CACKLED. Mini and I cackled too.

Mini's ticklish issues are down right disruptive.

Ernie said...

Bijoux - I have never eaten at a Chik Fillet. Like ever. Is that strange? I think we'd have had better service there. Everyone I know raves about that place. If I get to eat something when on the road, I will take Chipoltle 100% of the time.

I believe it - the ear removal thing is so pricey. Mini has looked up a machine online and it is tempting. It would be handy to not HAVE to go to a doctor every 3 months.

Pat Birnie said...

I just enjoy your “Mini” tales so much. I used to be extremely ticklish but less so as I age, so a pedicure is now possible. I didn’t every think of any kinds of waxing as tickly - quite the opposite. I’m sure that was a first for the esthetician, having a support person along. The fast food ordering story is hilarious.

Bibliomama said...

We had a bit of a misunderstanding over phone data when Angus was in the U.S at the Little League World Series that resulted in a bit more than a $10 dollar bill, but we just racked it up to the cost of baseball, and he more than got it back in free merch and girls hitting on him via Twitter (GET AWAY FROM MY 12YO, you hussies!).
I'll be hear all week? Is that a callback to Mini being deaf? I also get wax buildup but I'm terrified that ear flushing will make me go deaf so I just pour in ear drops and hope for the best.

Ernie said...

Ali - I sure hope the hussies got away from your 12YO. So funny. I've done things with my phone that have resulted in charges and I'm with you on the HEY, IT HAPPENS. When I'm at my craziest and something expires in the fridge, I practice deep breathing and remind myself that THIS IS NOT A COMMON OCCURANCE. But it does suck.

I am embarrassed to say that no 'I'LL BE HEAR ALL WEEK' was NOT a tie in to the deaf Mini thing. It was most likely me writing a post way late at night. Eek. Editing and rereading should not be done late at night.

Ernie said...

Pat - I'm so glad you enjoy my slice of life with Mini. The fast food thing was funny. If only we weren't so very hungry and anxious to get to our airbnb. Who knew being ticklish could be such a handicap.