March 16, 2022

the envelope please, drum roll . . . & other excitement

On Thursday last week, I had the day off. I was typing away in the study. A FedEx truck delivered something. I wasn't expecting anything. I kept typing. 

During my layover in Dallas a few weeks ago, I'd texted my friend, Dee Dee. WAVING TO YOU FROM THE AIRPORT. We'd decided to schedule a time to catch up. It was supposed to happen Thursday morning, but it didn't.

While I was typing, I got a text from her saying she could talk NOW. I happily stopped typing and wandered around the house folding laundry and cleaning bathroom countertops while we chatted.* (more on the funny thing that happened during this phone conversation later, too hard to explain here). I also opened the front door and picked up the FedEx envelope. It was from the Evans' Committee. 


It was 2:00 - Mini would be home in an hour. At this point, I figured they wouldn't be sending a rejection via FedEx. We'd heard that they were thinking it was going to be hard to send her to Notre Dame. Her interview happened in the last group, so I wondered if the committee was running low on funds, trying to make their dollar stretch, etc. Secretly, I wondered if maybe they'd reach out to contributors or something to try to make her first choice possible. 

They'd said she'd hear in 2 weeks, but this was only one week. Seemed like they wouldn't have had time to scrape up enough to fund Notre Dame. Hey, a free ride is a free ride. I get that. Remember, there are layers to the whole Notre Dame situation. Her 2nd choice has an amazing business school:  Indiana U, where Ed goes. 

Coach works late on Thursdays, but he was home. He was leaving for a retreat for the weekend, so he came home early. The stars were aligned. 

Mini walked in and I was like ENVELOPE IS HERE. 

She was like I'M SO NERVOUS. *I took a video, but I was trying to be casual, so she wouldn't know I was taking a video of her, thus the weird angle.

Then she opened it and WE WON THE LOTTERY. 

We could not believe they agreed to send her to Notre Dame. Needless to say, she is over the moon. It seems so surreal. Pinch me. 


Meanwhile, Reg participated in a three point contest end of Feb. He almost didn't go. He needed a ride back to school at 4:15 to catch a bus to this contest. I had a zoom appointment. Coach was out of town. Who knows where Mini was. I called Becky and asked if her daughter was available to drive him. Thank goodness her daughter agreed to drive Reg. 

*I paid her in pumpkin bread. Her favorite. The kids had their annual fundraising staff/student b-ball game and bake sale for their Global Humanitarian Club the night before. Guess who baked like crazy that week? I handed Reg a handful of bagged pumpkin bread:  GIVE HER THESE. 

Pumpkin bread is about to be considered a real, legitimate currency. Haven't you heard?

None of us went to the competition. It was at a school a distance from home. The 3 point thing was happening fairly early in the evening because it was before a playoff game (Reg's team had been knocked out of the playoffs).



He competed at sectionals Friday night March 4th. Our high school was hosting. Curly, Lad, and I got to go. Coach was at the retreat. My mom showed up. Reg's godfather was there. Michael from church came with his dad. One of the families that I babysit for came to cheer Reg on. Delilah was there too. 

There were 20 kids eligible for this round, but only 16 showed up. During warmups Reg only missed a few times. He shot 10 out of 15 in the competition. He said afterward that he'd expected to score a few more than that. 

Guys who did great during warmups missed quite a few of their shots. Two kids tied with 9, but Reg's ten was the highest score. They took the top two kids, so the kids with 9 had a shoot out. Reg and another kid from our high school were there and freakishly, the two of them came in 1st and 2nd.

SO . . . Reg and the other kid from our high school advanced to the state 3 point contest. We go to University of Illinois on Saturday, March 12th*. Exciting. Delilah looked at me after he won:  BANNER WEEK FOR THE SHENANIGAN FAMILY. Very true. 

One of these guys is Reg. Hint:  he's the handsome one. 

*Updated to add:  Friday the 11th the family quit my daycare at 5:00, then I went to Curly's volleyball game, raced home, threw some stuff in a bag and drove with Curly, Coach, and Reg two hours to the hotel. I was tired from being awake at night trying to sort out their nonsense, and now I was ticked by how I was treated.

The contest was good - the hotel experience was unusual (more later), not Reg's best round. His shot looked a little off during warmups. 

In the competition he made 7 out of 15. Four kids made 9 and had to have a shoot out to advance. There might have been one kid with more than 9. Two kids advanced to the next round. If you don't feel like doing the math, Reg did NOT advance. It was a very cool experience, and he recognized that it was great to have made it that far.

Guesses on which one is Reg in the pic? Any guesses on what went wrong at the hotel? 



Nicole said...

Wow, what a great week! Congrats to Mini and Reg - how exciting!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the scholarship!!! That is so awesome! I teared up watching the video and I don’t even know you!

Well done!

mbmom11 said...

Great job, Mini! You've worked so hard and deserve this!

And did you have another fire alarm issue with the hotel? Or was it a missing microwave?

You have the best stories!

jg said...

Congrats to Mini & welcome to the Evans family :)
Brought back a great memory for me - my son arrived home from school and saw the "big" envelope and knew he was accepted -- called me at work - after quietly shedding a couple of tears I told a co-worker (who understood significance after helping his three boys pay for college) . . celebration dinner followed -- such a blessing :)

Maddie said...

Wooooo-hooooo Mini!!! Congratulations!
Fantastic news Ernie! You deserve some happy news and sounds like it arrived in abundance! :-) So so happy for you and your whole fam!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I HAVE TEARS! I'm so happy you casually recorded this; what a sweet moment for her and her dad. I love that she's so over the moon about this; She worked her booty off and then the stars aligned.

Awesome about Reg getting so far in the shoot-out. He's an amazing athlete. Uh, #21. Top row. ­čś│

I'm so sorry those asshats caused you to stress, lost sleep, and annoyance. They're idiots.

Geo Wilcox said...

"Wake up the echoes cheering her name..."

Absolutely awesome. Hooray, WGA.

Jeannie Bruce said...

I am so excited for Mini (and you not having to pay for school!) how amazing!

Kari said...

So excited for Mini! What a week for your family.
I thought it was #21 in the middle row. LOL Oops.
I love the comment about the fire alarm in the hotel. I forgot about that.

Pat Birnie said...

What an incredible week for your family! Congratulations to both kids and to the proud mom and dad!

Ernie said...

Nicole - Thanks, it sure is exciting.

Ernie said...

Anonymous - Aw, I can't believe you teared up. Thanks for caring so much about the goings on in Chez Shenanigan.

Ernie said...

mbmom11 - Thanks very much. We are over the moon.

It was NOT a fire alarm OR a microwave - good guesses though.

I truly appreciate that. Someone at my writers group Monday night told me I was a great story teller. Such a compliment . . . if only I could quit my day job and make that my full time gig. Although, my day job does rock so long as weirdos steer clear of our personal space.

Ernie said...

jg - Thanks very much. We are in good company, no doubt. It still doesn't feel real. Just hard to believe. We need to do a celebration dinner, but haven't gotten around to that. Maybe early summer when all of the guys are home, because they are all happy for her and have contributed to her caddy efforts and application efforts.

Ernie said...

Maddie - Thank you for noticing that WE NEEDED THIS. Super exciting and still so surreal. Mini and I go to admitted student day the end of April at ND and then maybe it will sink in.

Jill said...

I live in Champaign. I can hardly wait to hear about what went wrong with the hotel. Jill

ccr in MA said...

WOW! So awesome for Mini, and such great timing--you needed some good news around that crazy family. And hooray for Reg too.

I have no idea about the hotel, I'm kind of nervous about what it could have been.

Jenny in WV said...

How amazing for Mini!! (And amazing for you and Coach too, I'm sure it is a huge relief to have a chunk of college costs covered!) Congrats to all!

And a great job by Reg! He's a freshman? Or a sophomore? Either way, it's awesome to get that far! I though he was 21 in the middle row too.

Beth Cotell said...

Congratulations to Mini!!!!! What an awesome achievement!!!!!!!

Colleen said...

You certainly did win the lottery, how wonderful!!!! I'm so happy when good things happen to good people :)

Bibliomama said...

Whoo-hoo, family riding high this week. How exciting! Congratulations all around.I remember when I got notified of my big scholarship for grad school that I didn't think I was getting. I was painting a shirt and I spilled the paint water everywhere and my parents were cool with it because we were all so excited.

Gigi said...

Congrats to Mini!! I had happy tears as I watched the video. That is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo happy for you guys! I have been following along, we have one going to college in a year and I loved hearing about the whole process. Way to go Mini, so exciting!
-Marisa (in NJ)

Ernie said...

Suz - I'm glad I recorded it too. If she was bummed that they weren't sending her to ND, it would've been a whole different kind of video and I was so afraid I was gonna jinx it.

Reg's competition was not on my radar, I was like SAY WHAT? YOU HAVE TO BE BACK AT SCHOOL - YOU JUST GOT HOME? Then we had to clear out calendars to get to Champaign. It was a fun, unexpected whirlwind.

I am dying laughing, actually I was dying laughing this morning when I saw who you thought was Reg. But I made a trip to the zoo. I napped, walked the dog, ran to get allergy shots. Made chocolate balls.

OMG - I have to say, THE OTHER GOOD LOOKING KID. I've been waiting all day to say that. The funny thing is, Reg IS #21, but you have the wrong row. Bah ha ha.

Ass hats, indeed. They have two little dogs. May the force be with them when Finn and I are out on a walk and we cross paths . . . joking.

Ernie said...

George - Thanks. I have a photo of her at an ND game with her two girl cousins in the stands with her. One is a freshman there now, and the other hasn't shared where she is going - but we suspect it might be ND. We'll have to recreate that photo.

Ernie said...

Jeannie - Thanks, yes - it definitely takes the pressure off. One less tuition. Huge.

Ernie said...

Kari - Thanks, we are so crazy excited. Been to busy to do dinner or something to celebrate.

KARI, YOU'RE 'OOP' MADE ME LAUGH BECAUSE . . . YOU ARE RIGHT, HE IS IN THE MIDDLE ROW. #21. So funny that Suz threw you off.

I forgot about the fire alarm incident, too. I guess we have our fair share of hotel incidents.

Ernie said...

Pat - Thanks very much. It is an amazing opportunity. She had a zoom tonight with ND for all the scholarship kids and there are so many opportunities available for her. We didn't even know that was part of the deal.

Ernie said...

Jill - Welcome. I didn't realize that Champaign is only two hours from my house. It was an easy drive, well easy for me - I took a nap at 8 pm and Coach drove. The hotel thing isn't horrible, just quirky and goofy and funny all in one. I'll try and explain in my next post.

Ernie said...

ccr - Thanks, we are in shock. All the boys tried for this scholarship, but at long last we have a kid that is getting it.

Yes, after that crazy family, I needed a pick me up.

The hotel thing is not the worst thing ever, but odd and entertaining. I wasn't really in the mood though having survived such a difficult week with the nut job fam.

Ernie said...

Jenny - Thank you so much. Yes, it is something to celebrate for all of us. Even the other kids, because they know we don't feel spread so thin now. It helps us to be able to help the other kids out. Better for the whole gang. Hooray! Mini feels guilty because she feels like Ed was a better candidate, but Ed was VERY generous with his compliments when we called him. She was like OH, I FEEL BETTER THAT HE WAS SO EXCITED FOR ME. There aren't as many girl caddies, so that could've played into it.

Reg is a sophomore. I'd never heard of this competition. It caught me off guard and we had some shuffling to do, but we made it work.


Ernie said...

Beth - It sure is a huge accomplishment. This scholarship will follow her for life. We are very excited. Thanks for celebrating our news.

Ernie said...

Colleen - Yes, I feel like someone should rub my head for good luck or something. It's like a big windfall. Thanks for the compliment, you are very kind to say that. After hearing the zoom discussion today with the scholarship kids, I am super excited to hear all of the things she gets to do with this opportunity.

Ernie said...

Ali - Thank you, it is something that still leaves me in awe. We've hoped one of our kids would get that scholarship FOR YEARS. To hear that she probably wouldn't get Notre Dame, and then she DID . . . well, it was just super exciting.

Glad no one faulted you for the spilled paint water. It's great how essentially winning a bunch of money makes some things less of a focus.

Ernie said...

Gigi - Thanks for viewing the video and for joining in our excitement. It is crazy.

Ernie said...

Marisa - Welcome - thanks for saying howdy . . . all the way from NJ. I used to frequent that general area when Lad played water polo in college. Some fun times. Good luck with your upcoming college visits, applications, ect. I hope everyone is on the same page there. That usually makes it easier.

Thanks, mind blowing exciting. Still hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations to you and Mini! I'm in the middle of the college years with my kids so I'm 100% aware how incredible this is for you, your family and especially Mini! Good job to her and to her awesome mom :)

Ernie said...

Anonymous - Thanks so much. It is mind blowing how much college costs, and to have multiple kids attending at once, yikes. You are so sweet. I appreciate that.

Ally Bean said...

Good news all around. I am so happy for Mini. And you, of course.

Ernie said...

Ally - Thank you. It IS good news. Still hard to wrap my brain around. Very exciting.

Suzanne said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO MINI!!!!! how wonderful and exciting!!!!!

Ernie said...

Suzanne - Thanks. We are over the moon. Still, hard to believe and we've known for weeks.