March 21, 2022

travel and pinkies

I've had a bit of a rough time sleeping lately. (I started to write this last night, and then I slept for 9 hours, the brain fog has cleared. Hooray). It's been a case of IF IT'S NOT ONE THING IT'S ANOTHER . . . (more on the other sleep issues in my next post).


For starters, I saw a rheumatologist about my pinky fingers. 

*  Trust me when I say I feel silly talking about my ailing pinkies. I mean, what? It sounds so wussy. Like, get a real ailment. Am I right? To be clear:  HEY UNIVERSE:  I am not wishing for a real ailment - I'm just stating that it sounds silly. Also, I bet you don't realize how much you utilize your pinkies. I sure didn't. They seem like they could easily avoid heavy lifting, but I'm here to tell you that they do get called into service by default more than one might think. 

Anyway, they stared hurting in the fall of 2019. Remember when the doc get me groggy in order to go in and pop the cyst that she was blaming? Only the big-ass long needle just gabbed at my uselessly. There was no cyst. But hey, thanks for trying - because that was fun. 

I was groggy, but not groggy enough. This was her diagnosis  AFTER I had my ring cut off because she ordered a million MRI, x-ray, and what not type photos.

I gave up, but they really hurt. Coach urged me to go to a different doctor that a few of his patients rave about. He's a big deal, the doc not Coach. I went a few months ago, and you know what, I'd fake a sore knuckle just to hang out there. Delightful people at every turn, the doctor, who was interested in me and what I do for fun, etc., the nurse, the lady who drew my blood . . . and I think we all know how I crumble at the hands of a phlebotomist. I know spas are all the rage, but if I want a pick me up, you'll find me hanging at my rheumatologist's office even though I have to drive into the city to get there. 

2019 when I still wore
 my college ring.

He suggested a steroid pack. I knew what this meant because I've tried those for asthma. They mess with my sleep. This round was no different. But hey, the pinky pain improved by like 80%. Wow. If the left one got bumped or grazed though, it still sent me through the roof. No pain when bending though. 

I think we also all know how much I LOVE my sleep. Not a long term fix.  

present day pinkie
Oh, and the good news is the doc ruled out arthritis (I'd had bloodwork done and I'd been told that I didn't have it, so not a surprise but he seems to know more stuff, so I was glad that he agreed) and he doesn't think this is gonna spread to the other joints. Hooray. 

Doc:  If it was gonna spread, what's it waiting for?

Cute, right? Like my knuckle-con-funkle has a personality. 

I've heard that celiac disease can mess with joints. He isn't sure that is the cause. 

Anyway, on my next visit we'll discuss what to try next. We tried steroids just to see what the pinkies would respond to. Sadly, I feel like since I finished that one week steroid pack the pain has intensified. Dang. 



Speaking of sleep issues, my sleep might get messed up when  . . . Coach and I fly to Budapest. WHAT? We flew out on Tuesday, as in tomorrow. Fly home the 30th. 

I know, I never mentioned that we finalized our plans. Planning this trip was an undertaking. Coach's work schedule and our two different mindsets and us rarely in a room together to discuss  and him gone for 3 weekends in a row essentially - well, it's been a challenge.  But - we're going. Hoping I'll find GF options while there. Ed has been doing some research for me.

I'm not bringing all of this. This is my think-it-over pile. The weather looks great, 60's. I'm trying to remember what that's like and how to dress for it. 

I'm still posting while I'm away. My comments might be delayed, but I sure hope you still comment because how lovely to be in WIFI and realize that I have messages. Please pray that the kids behave and that Finn doesn't eat all the furniture or something.  

We were supposed to go to Florida over spring break, but we bumped that to April 12th (at night)- 16th. Near Fort Meyers, I think. Mini had no school two days because underclassmen like Reg are supposed to take PSAT. He's skipping PSAT. Then they're skipping Friday and Curly is skipping 3 days of 8th grade. Reg's coach for his new scout team is NOT happy. Reg misses 2 practices and a game. *Sigh* He'd told me when we registered that Reg couldn't skip when he is U17. He's U16 this year, so get off my back. 

Have you ever felt like you need a vacation after a vacation? Look at me, making that happen. Any doctors that you enjoy visiting? Maybe I just need to get out more so my doc office isn't my favorite place. 


Nicole said...

Oh, I would love to go to Budapest! Enjoy!!

Your pinky looks so painful, I actually gasped when I looked at it. Chronic pain, even in your pinky, is awful. I hope they get it figured out, because OUCH.

Ernie said...

Nicole - I am in the WHY DID WE THINK WE COULD DO THIS phase of packing and planning. I was up a lot during the night worried that I'd forget to tell the kids something or would pack the wrong things, yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm sure it will be very cool to be there, but man being sure the wheels don't come off the wagon while we are gone is a concern.

The pinky thing is super annoying. They tend to bend along with other fingers and it is hard to make them remain inactive.

mbmom11 said...

Have a glorious trip!
At least if you're in Europe, if Finn eats the sofa or the kids eat only junk, it's not your problem! You can't do anything from Budapest except yell at them (and so I bet you won't hear about any minor mess-up!)
You've raised good kids, it'll be fine, or mostly fine, and they'll figure it out.
Enjoy your time with your husband in exotic foreign lands!

Ally Bean said...

Enjoy your trip. I often feel while on vacation that I need a vacation from my vacation. As for your pinky finger, I'm sorry. That's weird.

Beth Cotell said...

I have arthritis in the joints of my thumbs where they connect to my hand. I have a cream I use when they get painful. Like you, I never gsve any thought to how much they were used on a daily basis. I hope your new doc can find the cause of your swollen joints and can get you dome relief!! Have a wonderful time in Nusapest! It looks like a lovely country!

Colleen said...

I hope you can leave your pinky worries and all other concerns behind and enjoy the vacation!!

ccr in MA said...

Oh, packing! Lists and piles and "but what if I want that" until I've driven myself crazy. Good luck getting ready, and enjoy the heck out of the trip!

Pat Birnie said...

I'm so sorry about your sore pinky - it looks so painful. You will love Budapest - It is so beautiful!! I expect you'll be able to get GF options quite easily there -- celiacs are pretty much global. Try not to worry about your family - your kids may be 'messy' but they seem to be pretty good in general. Enjoy!

Ernie said...

mbmom11 - Thank you. I am getting excited as the trip draws nearer. I think I have enough lists written. I certainly have enough meals prepared for them in the fridge. We struggle traveling abroad because our phones don't get service, but I think we have it figured out. I'm sure I will have much to report when I get back.

Ernie said...

Ally - Thanks. I agree, vacation is needed after certain trips. Look at me, setting that up on accident.

Ernie said...

Beth - I can see thumbs being used ALL THE DANG TIME, pinkies . . . well, I've been surprised at how often they move around when the other fingers are being active. I'm excited for the trip and hope we have no issues.

Ernie said...

Colleen- Thank you very much. I won't be typing much, or cooking much, so maybe the pinkies will enjoy a break. :)

Ernie said...

ccr - I'm there - the drive yourself crazy part. For sure. Thanks. I think I'm ready.

Ernie said...

Pat - Thanks. The nice thing is, we've done no research. Ed is going to tell us exactly where to go and what to see. A great perk. He's identified a few places with good GF menus.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are IN Budapest! YAY. I hope you guys have an amazing time and make some great memories.

So sorry about your pinkies, but I'm so happy you found a great doctor's office. (I have that kind of rapport with everyone at my dentist's office)
Gosh, I just had an epiphany while reading about your steroids. When we were in the Bahamas I noticed that my shoulder and middle finger usually hurt daily felt great during vacation. I just realized it's because I was on steroids for my ear. *FACE SLAP*

Praying the kids and dog are all good while you're gone.

Ummmm...Fort Myers? 😳

Kara said...

Have fun and be safe! Make good choices!

Bibliomama said...

You should not in the least feel silly about complaining about finger pain. We use our hands constantly, and any pain in them is a big deal. My first thought WAS rheumatoid arthritis, which always sounds horrible, so it's great if it's not that, but not so great that they don't know what it is. Cortisone injections aren't a possibility? I don't consider anything that messes with my sleep a long-term fix either.
Budapest sounds really cool! But I would also be freaking out over managing it all. I'm an anxious traveler so yes, I always feel like I need a vacation after my vacation, but another ACTUAL vacation would just increase the anxiety, so...

Ernie said...

Suz- Not just yet . . . we got to the airport before 2. Flight is at 5:10 pm. We've been getting emails and alerts that the Frankfurt airport is experiencing a security strike. We are afraid this is going to be a long ass day. Massive delays. Eek.

Your joints felt better, but did it mess with your sleep? Curious minds want to know.

Yes . . . Florida here we come. We are stating in Cape Coral specifically.

Ernie said...

Kara- Making good choices . . . that made me laugh. Hoping the trip is smooth. Um. Sitting at the airport and our kids are arguing at home. Like the shit has hit the fan and we have not even boarded the plane. . . We are both on the phone with different kids begging them to act their age. Shit. Thinking about giving up and going home. Ridiculous.

Ernie said...

Ali- we do use our hands constantly. The pinkies seem like the least taxed so what is their deal? I am relieved it is not rheumatoid.

Fortunately flying to Florida with my kids (vs. Leaving them home to argue and be difficult) does not stress me out. That part of my 2 part travel plans should be super relaxing. Since Lad got into with Mini and we have not even left yet, this part of the trip has me on edge. Sheesh. All the planning and begging people not to get in each other's business . . . and here we are.

Charlie said...

Have a great trip Ernie. I hope you’re going to try the thermal baths in Budapest? I went for a few days some years ago and they were the highlight of our trip. And the ruin bars, if they are back after Covid, they are very cheap and unusual. I’m sure everyone at home will sort themselves out.

Ernie said...

Charlie- Ha. The thermal baths is not on our list. Ed has been and found them gross. We hope to do ruin bars after dinner tonight. This city is beautiful. The weather has been mid 60s to low 70s for two days. Could not have asked for better weather.

Those clowns at home and their head butting really ticks me off. Goodness. The number of times I asked them to just go with the flow. Ugh.

Suzanne said...

Clearly, I am BEHIND on reading, because I just commented that you should email me about Vienna recs and you are IN Budapest already!!! Hope you are having a wonderful time and that the pinky pain has subsided. What a weird and frustrating thing!

Ernie said...

Suzanne - Well, I responded to this earlier today, and my response evaporated. We have had a wonderful time so far. Squeezing in a lot in a short time, but that's just fine by us. The weather has been amazing.