March 23, 2022

other sleep issues and hotel mix up

In addition to steroid pack, other sleep issues: 

1. Job related stress. As you know, it's been a rough stretch and you still don't even REALLY know what started the mess, but I will share soon. Since when does caring for cute cuddle bugs lead to stress? Stupid people, that's how. Just like most stress, in my opinion, - generated by stupid people. 

2. Hotel mix up. (see below)

I may or may not be a walking
meme while in Europe. I texted
 Mini this photo from the mall,
 asking if she felt I was worthy of
 wearing it. I have to share
her response in another post.

3. Finnegan - story coming soon. 

4. Maybe I eat TOO healthy, or maybe I eat something that touched gluten at some point, or stared at gluten in the pantry. No idea, but sometimes I don't sleep because my insides want me awake. I can't pinpoint it. And it isn't an acute bathroom issue, like I don't wake up and RACE to the bathroom. *we'll leave it at that out of fear that further discussion might mean we aren't friends anymore* It's just my body going YEAH, THAT WAS A LOT OF (fill in blank here) any number of things:  fiber, dairy, gluten-ish something?

Then . . . I NEED TO BE AWAKE WHILE MY BODY IS THINKING THINGS OVER. I fear that it's onions and peppers, and guess who likes onions and peppers? Do I need to eat earlier? I try to wrap up my eating by 5-ish and that tends to help, but it isn't always possible. Is it just that I'm old? Hormones/menopause? 

Sweet mother, so annoying. If you have an answer or a suggestion please enlighten me.



When we took Reg to the state finals 3 point contest, we arrived at the Hyatt Place at 9 pm. The athletic director at the high school made the reservations. There were 4 rooms for our high school participants/coaches. We were the last to check in. All the hotel rooms with two beds were gone. They were going to give us a king. 

Me:  UM, THERE ARE 4 OF US. (he claimed the room had a 'queen' sized pullout - it was a double)


Now, hold the phone. I've stayed in many, many hotels in my life. Never did they say I missed the boat because I hadn't called to say I wouldn't be there to check-in at 3 pm. What? This wasn't a dinner party where I was considered rude for not calling ahead to say I'd be late. Right? 

I hoped he'd find us a room with two beds, but finally I said we'd make it work. Remember this was the day the control people fired me and I'd been so focused on pleasing them and waking the bubble baby and I hadn't slept much the night before. I neglected to think clearly and pack an air mattress or a sleeping bag.

We entered our hotel room and 


Let's pause here a moment to be grateful that we saw someone's stuff and NOT someone's junk .  .  . if you get my drift. There were no naked people or people doing things that many people who don't travel with children might do in a hotel room, knowing that they were alone and enjoying privacy

Reg recognized the winter coat tossed on a chair. It belonged to his assistant coach. All the high school basketball teams who were competing for the championship were staying at this hotel and the place was a madhouse. I went back down to the desk to get a new key. Hotel guy wasn't sure which of the 4 rooms reserved for our group was unoccupied. 


This was getting entertaining. Hotel guy and I went back up to the floor where my fam was standing in the hallway. It took a while to get an elevator, see above:  MADHOUSE. I'd left them there, assuming incorrectly that the 4 rooms for our group were on the same floor and hoping to alleviate dragging our stuff back to the lobby. Hotel guy took us to another floor and what was behind that magic door? A vacant room. Hooray.

I wanted Reg to have a good night sleep, so I told him to share the king with Coach. Curly said she'd just sleep on cushions on the floor. I took the full size pullout, but first encouraged Curly to share it with me. She said she was fine. We had no sleeping bag, but we'd gotten extra begging from the front desk.

Curly woke up freezing during the night. Stupid me - I'd brought a blanket up from the car just in case and failed to give it to her. Have I mentioned I hadn't slept well the night before? And that I'd just been fired? My brain was misfiring. When Curly crawled in bed with me, I woke up. I turned up the heat, put my winter coat on her, and lay awake the rest of the night. My mind replaying what I wanted to say to those ass-hats. I might've finally dozed off for 30 minutes before it was time to wake up. 

Who has visited Budapest? We're also going to Vienna and Prague, a few days each. Anyone traveled to Europe? Favorite place? Anyone else get assigned a hotel room with people in it? What messes with your sleep?


joymariecooks said...

No suggestions on the digestion, but lots of sympathy. I've got three extended family members with celiac and I know that tiny contamination can wreak havoc.

Enjoy your trip!

Beth Cotell said...

I would have freaked out if I had walked into a room with luggage! I always put on the latch at night when we are sleeping but after hearing this, I think I will start using it at any time when we are in the room. If someone walked in on me I would be through the roof!!!!

Can't wait to hear all about this trip!

Colleen Martin said...

Could you be waking up because you're hungry? I suggest a small cup of ice cream before bed for better sleep :)

Pat Birnie said...

I sympathize with your tummy issues and not knowing the cause. I occasionally suffer from this at night - more like my stomach just hurts and keeps me awake. I use probiotic and digestive enzymes to help me with digestion.

I have been to all 3 of those countries (almost 20 years ago) and have great memories. I think Prague (visited again 4 years ago) is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited, but that could also be because it was the first European city my husband & I visited when we were first together. You'll probably see some highlights in each country - just walk the streets and discover. We also recently discovered "Free Walking Tours" (just find on google) and have found them to be excellent. You give them a good tip at the end. Most of the guides are very good. The bonus is that if the guide isn't great you can just leave:) nothing lost.

Nicole said...

Please tell me you bought that shirt. PLEASE TELL ME YOU BOUGHT THAT SHIRT.

Kari said...

I can't imagine walking into a hotel room and finding someone else's luggage.

Please tell me you DIDN'T buy that shirt. ;)

Ally Bean said...

When we went to Hawaii in the first hotel we stayed in, we walked into a room and found other people's stuff in it. It was so weird and after our LONG flight to get there I was TIRED. I was on the verge of tears, but we went back to the lobby and all was fixed. We got a new clean room and a complimentary bottle of champagne that did wonders to improve my mood! 🥂

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have lots of sympathy for you with your digestion and sleep issues. I have the sleep part, but it's not related to food. Maybe skip onions and peppers for a few days and see what happens?

I've walked into someone else's room with MY KEY before and they were there. Luckily, they were dressed, but I did noticed the gigantic vase of roses there that were intended for me for my 40th birthday.

I hope you bought the shirt!

I've only been to Venice Italy and London. I've heard Prague is amazing though; I hope you guys have a blast.

Jenny in WV said...

You have the best stories!

I've never found someone occupying my hotel room, I'd probably scream if I did.

Never been to Europe, so no travel advise. If I was going to go, I'd probably go to Salzburg and do the "Sound of Music" tour. Or maybe hire a genealogist to track down where my great grandparents were really from.

Jeannie Bruce said...

The walking into a room with luggage freaks me out, but not because of the thought that I walked into an occupied room, its the thought that someone else could walk into my room because of a mix up.

Ernie said...

Joymarie- I ate leftovers of my cuban sheet pan chicken that has peppers in it the night before we left and I had no issues. BUT. I ate the same frozen pizza with a cauliflower crust 2 Fridays in a row and I was a mess both weekends. That pizza claims to be CERTIFIED. I need to start paying closer attention to what i eat when I don't sleep. But there are so many variables . . . did I not drink enough, etc.

Thanks. So far the weather has been dreamy. Budapest is amazing.

Ernie said...

Beth- It has happened to us before, and it is rather unsettling. Imagine what we COULD HAVE walked into?

I have travel related stories to share ALREADY and it is only day 2.

Ernie said...

Colleen- You are a potential bad influence. Note to self: as tempting as it may be, DO NOT LISTEN TO COLLEEN.

Ice cream is the best, and therefore SHOULD solve all problems. You are not wrong.

Ernie said...

Pat- oh the gut dilemma. The pits.

I was in Prague in December during college year abroad. Loved it. We are familiar with the walking tours. Did one in Vancouver and it was excellent. Ed went on a tour today with us of the castle district which we all enjoyed.

Ernie said...

Nicole- I BOUGHT that shirt. Of course I did. I ended up not packing it for my trip. It is warm during the day but I packed other 3/4 sleeve shirts that made more sense. Still, I plan to wear it a ton.

Ernie said...


Hey now, don't be a cool mom hater . . . I did buy that shirt. It makes me giggle. I love that movie.

Ernie said...

Ally- free champagne or free hotel room . . . these things speak to me too.

Ernie said...

Suz- the whole thing is wacky. I cannot figure out a rhyme or reason. Happily I ate the leftover Cuban sheet pan chicken rice bowl dinner before we left without incident. So maybe? Peppers are OK? Or maybe it depends on what else I've eaten that day. Or whether or not there is a full moon.

I thought of you as soon as that happened with our hotel.

It has been great seeing Budapest and seeing Ed. Not without adventure of course. ;)

Ernie said...

Jenny- Thank you. This trip is supplying me with some funny stories . . . stay tuned. Nothing is EVER simple.

I was in Salzburg in college and some people did that tour. I was too cheap to do it. I was on a serious budget. The genealogy thing would be interesting.

I do not recommend the shared hotel room key. You aren't missing anything.

Ernie said...

Jeannie- Exactly. If they mess up once, they could mess up again. Freaky. Indeed.

Suzanne said...

The "junk" comment made me laugh. But the hotel mix up would be so FRUSTRATING! I'm glad you found a vacant room at least.

I have been to Vienna and Prague!!! Both are wonderful cities, but Vienna was my favorite. So incredibly beautiful. Email me if you want any recommendations/details. (Also, I was in Vienna in 2019, which was fairly recent. But I haven't been to Prague since 2005.)

Ernie said...

Suzanne - Vienna is beautiful. We did the palace Schonburnn today. We did a walking tour and we saw St. Stephens. We had an amazing dinner last night and we are eating some place nice tonight - soon. Tomorrow Ed leaves to get back to Budapest and Coach and I will wander around a bit more, maybe take a closer look at some of the building we walked by on our tour. Then we take a train to Prague at 2ish. I can't wait for dinner as their were no GF options available for lunch and I am HANGRY! Budapest was incredible. I recommend you put it on your bucket list if you haven't been.

Rehoboth said...

wonderful post