June 24, 2019

Reaching out 2019 style? please vote!

My name-tag - didn't think to take a pic
 of it until after I folded it up.
I attended Ed's orientation recently.  Seeing as Coach and I are lucky to go out to dinner once or twice a year - both of us at orientation was never gonna happen.

So, while Ed was off getting to meet new people and inquiring about their snap-chats, I was left to nod at lots of other parents and make small talk.   I scanned the name-tags for parents who might reside near me.  90% of the people hailed from the same state the college is in, which is not Illinois.

Let's face it, Ed might meet friends that he might hang out with once he arrives at school, but I did not plan on becoming buddies with anyone because unless our college students ended up being friends - there was not much point in newly acquainted parents building a friendship.  Right?  (as a side note: this college is enormous!)

Before I ask you to weigh in on how I should proceed if I met a parent that I wanted to keep in touch with, let me describe the social existence (or more appropriately: the lack thereof) that Coach and I 'enjoy'.

Coach works crazy long hours.  He HAS to talk to people while he attends to their physical therapy issues.   I am the chattier of the two of us (shock).  I am surrounded by tots during the day and I crave adult conversation by the time Friday rolls around, which is when Coach is all talked out.

During sports seasons at the high school, we might speak to other basketball player parents during half time.  We invite people over here -rarely, but by the time we decide we have the energy to whip the house into shape and create a few appetizers most people already have plans.  We strike out often.

Our Friday/Saturday specialty:  collapsing on the couch and putting on a movie that we have most likely already seen and then falling asleep.  We congratulate ourselves if we manage to stay awake until the credits.

So, hypothetically speaking:  if I were to meet another parent at orientation, who lives not far from me, would you urge me to 1.  send her a message on Facebook  2.  look up her address and send her a note in the mail with my contact information  3.  wait and see if her son ends up hanging out with my son?

Please vote in the comments below - come on, it is very low risk.  I will not blame you if I am arrested for stalking this hypothetical person.  I will share with you Ed and Coach's opinion on the matter, so you can look forward to their 'manly' approach.


ccr in MA said...

Somehow a Facebook message seems less stalkerish to me, though I'm not sure why.

Kari said...

I think a lot of couples who have kids do what you described above. We are no exception. In fact, subtract four kids and we are you guys-ish.

When I went to Anna's orientation, I went alone because my husband was on a business trip and she didn't want Jason to go; she wanted it to be a girls thing.

I was left alone most of the time because she was off meeting students, teachers, and taking tours. I kind of loved the idea of walking around and exploring alone but met a really cool mom from Rosemont and we spent the day doing all of those things together. At the end, we asked if we were on Facebook (which we were), and exchanged names there.

That was my long-winded way of telling you Facebook is my vote.

Beth (A Moms Life) said...

I would probably just friend them on Facebook without sending a message - especially if you guys hit it off and you live fairly near one other. Even if the boys don't become friends they made need rides back and forth at times. I'm extremely introverted and always appreciate it when someone reaches out to me because I am not likely to do it myself.

M.L. James said...

I think Facebook is definitely the way to go, especially if y'all live far apart. I don't know that your kids need to necessarily end up being friends in order for you to become friends with another parent there, either! Mona

Ernie said...

I think that is the general thought. Check back tomorrow when I explain my Facebook aversion - or just cluelessness in general.

Ernie said...

I was surprised at how many couples attended. Facebook seems to be winning.

Ernie said...

I would go the message route vs the friend request route just because I RARELY use Facebook, so I always feel bad for people who friend me - because they are probably like 'Hello? Boring!'

Ernie said...

We live only like 15 or 20 minutes away from each other, and based on our conversations - I do not think our boys need to be buddies for us to be friendly.