June 14, 2019

coat hanger, oat squares, sherbet, suggestions?

Please pass the coat hanger.  I just want to take it for, oh - I don't know like 2 hours, and scratch all the skin away from the inside of my throat.  No big deal though.

Sweet, sweet oat squares
Any other seasonal allergy sufferers out there, who - like me, cannot get any fricking relief from the itchiness in the roof of her mouth and in her throat?  I have sores in the roof of my mouth, and I am pretty sure one of my family members might smother me in my sleep if I don't stop making repulsive throat noises as I attempt to itch my throat through noise and vibration.

Back when I could eat WHATEVER THE F I WANTED TO EAT (aka the good ole days before celiac disease) - I loved, I mean really, really loved Quaker Oat Squares.  Have you not tried them?  Well, you can go buy a box and thank me later.  Those dry oat squares could be positioned on my tongue and then harshly dragged back and forth across the roof of my mouth until (wish I was kidding) my mouth would bleed.

I HATE this time of year.  It is miserable.

This year I am struggling to be able to keep my contacts in for an entire day.  My eyes keep getting all murky and cloudy right after dinner when I start driving peeps all over tar nation, which seems really safe.  Blinking a ton and driving?  Try it - if you have a secret death wish.

I could handle a stuffed up nose or excessive sneezing.  I mean, sneezing is my jam right now, because it automatically itches the throat - at least a full-on, loud sneeze is capable of such joy.  So, what to do?  Carry around sneezing powder?  What is this the 1800's or something?

Real people take allergy medication.  There is no over the counter stuff that will help me.  Not even dent my issues.  Years and years ago, I decided to be allergy tested.  I was in college.  I was on my folks' insurance.  I scheduled the appointment, and went in for a scratch test.

The nurse actually let out a small scream when she came to check on me.  They tested me for like 100 things and I reacted to at least 95 of them.  I left the office looking like the hunch back of Notre Dame with a big swollen back.

I also left the office with the doctor's recommendations for treatment.  The parental units decided that his treatment seemed a bit over the top.  So, nothing.  They did nothing.

And here I am, begging for a coat hanger.  And also thinking this is the year I see an allergist after we've met our deductible of course.  When will that be?  Late October?  Then, when I am not in the throws of severe itchiness (like my eyes itch but if I leave them alone I can survive - but even the sides of my face around the corner from my eyes itch like a mother this year) my allergy needs become less urgent.

I had not had sherbet (I pronounce is sherbert -
 so correct me all you want, but I
 will stick by my original pronunciation. 
Last night Coach and I went for a walk after dinner.  We needed Bisquick.  While there, I remembered we were out of ice cream.  I grabbed some and then I saw it . . . rainbow sherbet.  It suddenly occurred to me that this little low-fat, frozen treat might aid my itchy throat and roof of mouth place with a little freezing cold assistance.  I bought it and I ate two bowls when we got home.

Coach called to me from the family room when he saw me scoop out my second bowl:  'Finish it, finish it!'  I misunderstood him and I thought he said, 'That's the shit!  That's the shit!'

Great, now my allergies are affecting my hearing.


Beth Cotell said...

Poor you! Peter tested positive for a bunch of things though not as many as you. Do in 2nd grade we started allergy shots which we did for three years. He suffers so much less now than he used to. He literally took a benadryl a day. I'm not even sure how he stayed awake for school. It's not too late. I think you should start the shots. You sound like you need relief.

Kari said...

Sherbet IS the shit.
I haven't had it in ages; might need to get some today.

When I was dating Jason, I got allergy tested too and it turned out I was allergic to everything under the sun- food included.
So for years I couldn't have things like beer or poppy seeds or pork.
Like, who's allergic to PORK? Not just ham or bacon or pork chops, just PORK.

I lost so much weight during that period because I couldn't eat anything.

Then years later, they all went away. I got tested again and I wasn't allergic to any food at all.
Just the normal dust, mold, etc..

I like to believe I was allergic to Jason.
So we shall go with that.

Gigi said...

I know that throat/roof of the mouth itchiness - so I feel your pain. My relief? Benedryl. Yep, I know; it makes you sleepy...but hear me out. I take exactly ONE pill every two hours - one pill does not knock me out, unlike the two pills. And once your body catches up, that one pill every two or so hours will do the trick. I've tried the 12 and 24 hour versions (Claratin and whatnot - this doesn't help as they wear off before the next dose). I hope you find some relief soon.

Ernie said...

As squemish as I am - I am thinking shots might be in my future.

Ernie said...

Oh my gosh, I am glad your allergies went away- but I thoroughly enjoyed your Jason reasoning!

Ernie said...

I will try anything. Potentially adding to my consistently sleepy state might not be awesome. Still- worth trying. Desperate times, and all.