July 27, 2018

Miss Manners strikes again

Remember when we had a nasty stomach bug go thru our house at Halloween?  Well, technically, it went thru us while we were staying at my folks' house, because our floors were being done.  As a result it also went thru my mom.

There are a lot of links in that paragraph.  Links to some good memories.  Maybe if you are tried of reading about Geraldine and her wacky parenting/bad manner ways, you can read up on the eventful fall that we had.

Anyway, Geraldine arrived at my parents's house to pick up Theo and Carter on October 30th.  Not only were my parents housing us, they had to deal with the tots I sit for too.  My initial plan was to have them at the library or zoo as long as possible, so they weren't under foot in my parents' house.  Then I felt compelled to stick around because Mini was sick.  My parents have white carpeting and Waterford crystal floor lamps.  Not sure how that all survived 22 grand-kids, but I was going to make damn sure that the tots I dragged over there were not responsible for trashing their house.

When Geraldine walked in, I told her that Mini had come home from school a little early because she was throwing up.  'Let me know what you want to do about tomorrow,' I asked her point blank.  I texted her later to let her know that Mini was STILL puking.  I was comfortable watching her kids, but I wasn't sure she would want to drop them off at a germ infested house knowing a kid was home puking.
Here we have Curly sleeping
on the basement floor
after her stomach bug
kept her up all night.

Geraldine was not phased by the puke.  She still planned to drop her boys off.

If you read the flash-back links above, then you remember that I ended up puking as did Eddie, and my Mom.  My other kids gracefully waited until we were back in the house that wreaked of freshly stained floors before they started to puke.

Geraldine texted me after she picked her kids up the day I had gotten sick (on myself, in my car, driving home from a much-anticipated Gastroenterologist appointment.  Just saying).  Knowing that members of the family were sick and that her kids had been around us ALL DAY, she wondered if my family had gotten flu shots.  What?

We hadn't.  She texted back that she thought her family would be vomit-free because they had gotten their flu shots.  Weak as I was, I still managed to text her back.

'A stomach bug is not the same thing as the flu.'  (I wanted to type 'Dumb-ass', but I restrained myself).

When she arrived at our house on Monday, she had to - JUST HAD TO - tell me that she, Theo, and her husband Simon had all gotten the stomach bug.  I wanted to shake her.  Who does that?

Who makes the choice to leave their kids at a sitter's house knowing someone there is sick, AND THEN shares with the sitter that her family had the misfortune of getting sick?!

This all happened after the terrible awful nonsense that cropped up earlier in October.  Looking back I wish I had ceased sitting for them, but dang they offer so much blogging material.

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