January 15, 2020

still feeling like more questions than answers

The drawer looks great with two bigger spaces still
 available after finding a home for the 18 hand
sanitizer containers.
 Just need to figure out what
 to do with the extra crap on the kitchen counter.
 No one said it would be easy.
I finally started the drawer project while I made chicken nuggets for dinner - a dinner I have not served in ions.  I had to drive Curly to dancing and then go back to get her.  Coach usually does the return trip after work, but Reg's b-ball practice got moved to Monday nights, so he now gets Reg.  Question #9:  (posed by my inquisitive and well-informed readers) Since we all know you pushed the envelope to get the drawers done and you didn't allow enough time to get Curly, did you get a speeding ticket?  No, but I easily could have.  

I guess I buy chapstick each time a kid complains
 about chapped lips.  There are lots of
 lips in this house, but STILL!
In my reorganization project, I had to stop and ask myself:  Question #10:  What the hell is with the chap-stick stockpile?  I know the answer - this is what happens when the kitchen gets done, but you assign two different drawers as junk drawers and never take the time to determine what is going to go in each drawer.  Judging by the array of hand sanitizers, we are anticipating an invasion of a flesh eating germ only preventable by a quick squirt.  

The other drawer on the
buffet that will be more
 geared towards kids' supplies.
 Again - loving the room to spare.
While I was digging my way out from under broken toys that I once intended to glue and scraps of paper with cryptic notes on them (maybe those notes were reminding me of the approaching flesh eating germ), I asked Ed to get a few things at the grocery store.  When Coach got home, he started to help me put away the groceries because I had suddenly noticed that Ed's services end when he drags four bags in from the car.  The counters were still cluttered with the junk-drawer explosion and I hadn't noticed the four bags.
This was taken early on in the evening
 when I still wondered if I was going to
make any progress.  We might be able to
 take a cruise with the amount of loose
 change scraped together here.

Coach asked where the applesauce belongs.  The pantry is kind of up for grabs right now which happens when kids on break rummage around for two weeks digging for snacks (and leaving EMPTY bags of chips here and there).  The place where the applesauce goes was occupied by empty bags, so I moved stuff out of the way.  That's when Coach planted the four jars of applesauce on the shelves STILL IN THE PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS.  He was then bent out of shape when I objected.  

I considered putting the applesauce back
 in the plastic grocery bags for this photo,
but the thought of it exhausted me.
Question #11:  Since when do we put the food on the shelves still in the grocery bags?  He became irritated with me because apparently I believe that everything has to be done my way.  Um, WHAT?  Introduce me to one person who leaves stuff in the grocery bags in their pantry.  We have been married for 23 years and neither of us has suggested this was the acceptable way to store food - until NOW!

I woke up today and decided to clean off my bathroom counter top and wipe it down while Coach was still home and downstairs.  Babies were in high chairs and slopping food in their faces, etc. so no one needed me.  I had taken some cash out of my jeans pocket a few days ago that I think I stuffed in there on a recent trip to Costco.  I am confident that it was $60, but not positive.  I grabbed it to put it in my wallet in the kitchen and it was only $20.  Question: #12:  Who helped themselves to my $40?  It was not Coach, which I already figured because he would have told me or texted me:  Hey needed cash, grabbed from bathroom counter.  I have my suspicions, but I am just hoping that I only had a $20 in there.  
I prefer my phone to be housed in the kitchen.
 My bathroom is a safe haven though.

I am excited to be able to remove my charger from my bathroom now that Lad is back at school.  I charge my phone in my bathroom when he is home because he is a charger thief.  One could say that he steals energy, and one would be correct on MANY levels.  I am glad to be done with the Christmas break general question posed by my phone using kids:  Question #13:  Who took my charger?

I wanted to collapse into bed, but I still had high hopes of getting my dry erase calendar updated, so I pressed on in my last day off task-attack.  I made Mini sit at the snack bar and call dates out to me from her basketball schedule.  Question #14:  Where do you play on the 11th?  That cannot be right, etc.

When I did finally crawl into bed at 11 and set my alarm for 5:25 am to go to my workout class, I could not go to sleep.  I was starving.  I tried to ignore it.  Then my bedroom door opened.  It was Curly, she couldn't sleep.  Question #15:  Are you worried about anything?  She was not.  Tough to go to sleep after two weeks of staying up late on a whacky older sibling schedule.  I agreed to rub her back for 15 seconds and then I needed to sleep.

This brings us to this morning when kids had to go back to school.  Coach was home and when Tank AND Mini failed to wake up/didn't set alarms/overslept, he lost it.  Question #16:  (posed by Coach because I don't even bother to ask anymore) How do you not know how to set an alarm?  He and I raced around and packed their lunches and made them breakfast/poured them juice so they could rush to school.  

for real?!
I survived the day with the two one year olds, a 5 year old, and a 6 month old.  I even did a record breaking number of loads of laundry.  At 5:00 I got a text from Tank who went directly to his new after school job at 3.  Questoin #17:  (posed by the indescribable Tank) 'What's for dinner wonan?' Followed by a text:  '*woman'.  I ignored this.  

When I drove Curly to dancing, she read more of Little Women.  Question #18:  (posed by sweet Curly in response to the March sisters in the book who are too poor to get gifts for Christmas) Doesn't Santa bring them anything?

I would already be in bed, but I yelled down the stairs an hour ago to Coach with an important question.  #19:  Can you come up here?  Hurry - the dryer is smoking!  Like literally smoke pouring out of it.  Followed by the ever-important:  Question #20:  Are the smoke detectors working so we don't perish in our sleep?

At the risk of leaving this list on an odd number, I will ask a rhetorical Question #21:  'When can I take a vacation?'


Busy Bee Suz said...

I too am guilty of having a large assortment of chapsticks. It's a thing I suppose.
I do love an organized drawer and you are on your way to that!!
One would never put food away INSIDE a plastic bag! Side note, you'll not find many plastic bags in our house. :0
So, everyone is back in school and the shenanigans are still happening....I see a pattern here. :) You guys are nuts. Good nuts, but still nuts.
Also, It used to drive me bonkers when the kids would ask me what's for dinner way before I started making dinner because I usually didn't know what I was making for dinner.

Bibliomama said...

+1 on feeling my blood pressure spike when I was asked what was for dinner. Even if I knew, it would bring any lingering resentment about always being the one cooking dinner to the surface. And yeah, good luck to Coach for making an argument for anyone with half a brain thinking putting groceries away in a plastic bag is any kind of good idea. I used to be okay living in chaos, but over the past year or so I've been on a cleaning and organizing tear, although it's a neverending story. We only use Blue Blistex Lip Medex, and there would never be any in a junk drawer - it's in my bathroom drawer or the kids' possession or I find it in the washing machine because Angus left it in his pocket.

Ernie said...

Suz - I know it is wrong to use plastic groc bags and I cringed when I wrote and admitted that. I do need to figure out the reusable bag thing. I don't always have the same car when I go to the store so keeping 50 bags in my car would not work. And, yes, I think 30-50 bags would be needed. My hs kids will not carry a lunch bag and they take a plastic bag and toss it. Rather than work in a trip back to a locker, etc.

Yes- we are crazy and since I wrote this we have had a few other nutty days crop up. Last night was a scary one. Allergy shot mishap. To put it mildly. More later.

No excuse for chapped lips here!

Dinner- ugh. I sometimes ignore their inquiries because these are good meals- even in leftover form. My mom made dinner but we ate a lot of french bread pizza bread for din- in my house that is a snack.

Ernie said...

Bibliomama- not sure which is worse asking what's for dinner when I have no clue or asking what's for dinner when I am yanking it out of the over or stirring it on the stovetop. Open YOUR EYES people!

Chapsticks were not even in the 2 drawers I reorganized. The real stash was in a little drawer near the mudroom. I joined those I scraped up and they all have a happy home together in the near-mudroom drawer. I avoid giving people an added reason to pound on the bathroom door and demand entry. Lock on upstairs kid bathroom is broken which I kinda love because I can close my eyes and announce -'I AM NOT LOOKING CUZ I DON'T WANT TO BUT SO AND SO NEEDS THEIR TOOTHBRUSH', etc. Also no lock translates to HURRY UP!

Oh, and there is a small collection of chapstick thst gather by the dryer along with loose change and ear buds.