January 13, 2020


On Sunday morning I worked out, then raced home because Coach and I were taking Lad to breakfast.  I walked in and Coach asked me something he kind of already knew the answer to.  Question #1:  Did you take a couple of cartons of eggs out before you worked out and leave them out on the counter

this morning?  No. Um, that means one of the older boys was digging through the fridge for a late night snack and left the eggs out after said digging expedition.  Swell.

Mini had some of the girls from the b-ball team sleepover in the basement so we tiptoed around and Coach made eggs (different eggs) and cinnamon rolls in case they woke up while we were gone. 

Came home from breakfast - Question #2:  Are the sleepover girls awake?  No, they were still asleep in basement.  Um Question #3:  Will these girls be hanging at the house in their PJ's and messy buns when the family shows up to interview me for babysitting later this am?   (they had left by the time I arrived home from church at 11).

Curly, Lad, and I went to mass because the rest of the gang went the night before.  The family that wanted to meet me to talk babysitting was set to arrive anytime between 11 and 12.  It was 11.  I decided I had time to whip up blueberry oat bread, so Lad could take a loaf back to school. 

Lad casually mentioned during breakfast that his computer was not working right.  I will allow you to imagine the look that Coach and I exchanged.  Question #4 'YOUR FLIGHT IS AT 6:30 PM - WHY DID YOU NOT FIGURE THIS OUT BEFORE NOW?'  (Many other question were raised during our breakfast like:  thoughts on what you want to do next year?  Do you have a resume?  When will you find out if your internship has been approved?  How many classes . . . well, you get the idea).

Met potential babysitting people, raced off to Curly's travel game.  Fielded calls from home about available cooler bags for Lad to pack the frozen chili and honey mustard chicken meals in, because he was planning to pack those meals in his checked luggage.  Question #5:  (posed by me to clueless people who could not locate one of a dozen cooler bags) Hello?  Do you people live in my home?  

After Curly's game I hightailed it to Reg's set of travel b-ball games and Curly got a ride home with her BFF's mom.  Lad saw Reg's first game and then Coach took him to the airport.  Coach told me that he tried to print Lad's boarding pass but the printer first printed a 25 page document TWICE - this was something that I struggled to print the day before so these were old print jobs hanging around to be irritating.  I was confused. 

Question #6:
  Why didn't you just call me and ask me if I needed the document?  Why would you let it print?  TWICE. (OK that's two questions, and my fault for racing back to Curly's game with the doc in hand the day prior and not cancelling the other failed print attempts but I didn't know it was still counting those attempts as the real deal, and I wanted to fill out the thing during her game and FYI - I have been called and asked dumber questions like 'Where do we have a small cooler bag for Lad to pack in his suitcase'). 

When Reg's games ended up going longer than we expected, I texted Curly's BFF mom.  Question #7:  Are both Curly and Mini at your house still and if so can I pick them up after all of Reg's games?  Folks we got home at 8:45 pm.  The day was kind of a blur except for the part where we sat and waited for an hour here and there between b-ball games.  Without internet.

Some of the contents of one drawer -
the other was bigger so there was more
but in my rush to dive in and fix this debacle, I
failed to photograph it.  I think most of you will
probably sleep better tonight not having
 been subjected to the horror of it all.
Monday rolled around.  My last day off from babysitting.  I had an agenda.  I wanted to get a couple of kitchen drawers reorganized.  I tried a year ago to tackle this goofy project.  The issue:  I wanted to get little bins to separate pens and scotch tape, etc.  I could never decided just how many bins and what sizes would work in the two drawers.  Enter Amazon.  I ordered a butt load of drawer organizers and intended to do that on Monday.  But first . . .

I did my favorite workout class and dragged Mini literally from her bed because she said she wanted to go with me.  I heard her alarm go off and I heard her turn it off and go back to bed.  There is no question here, because I TOLD her:  I told you not to stay up late and watch the end of that movie, because I knew you weren't going to get out of bed.  She enjoyed the ass-kicking the intense class gave her and promptly went home, showered, and fell back asleep. 

Next I raced off with Reggie for a contact lens fitting.  He got glasses a few years ago to see the board at school, and recently he has started wearing them full time.  I took him before Christmas to get his eyes checked and his eyesight required a stronger prescription which we suspected.  He wanted to get contacts so he didn't have to deal with glasses especially during basketball. 

Side note:  When I was in 8th grade contact lenses were my graduation gift from my folks.  I fainted when the doc inserted one in my eye, and was unable to get them until senior year of high school.  I spent the entire summer before touching my eye and trying not to get grossed out.  I was dripping in sweat when I finally succeeded at the doc office.  

Reg did not like the contact lenses in his eyes.  At all.  He did NOT pass out though.  Question #8:  (posed by the doctor) Do you still want to get contact lenses?  Reg did not hesitate.  NO!  

I felt he gave up a bit too easy, but I didn't want to hassle him.  Coach was surprised and repeated the same info to Reg that I had shared.  It takes time to adjust to contacts.  I suggested sports goggles to Reg.  Hours later, he tracked me down.  Question #9:  (posed by Reg) Um, can you call the doctor and still get me contact lenses?  

I wanted to collapse in the fetal position and nap for an indefinite amount of time.  Even watching his discomfort with the contacts in his eyes made me a little queasy.  I called the office back and I am taking him towards the end of the school day this Friday the 10th the day after his 14th birthday.  I hope we both survive.


Kara said...

Sports goggles are pretty goofy looking, so I don't blame Reg at all for wanting contacts after the fact.

Suzanne said...

WHEW! You are a champion!

Ernie said...

Kara- Either the look or cost of sports goggles or the ribbing he got from Coach for not sticking it out gave him the 'I can do this' approach. We did go back. He got one lens in and out on his own - the other eye would not cooperate. He claims his eyelashes on that eye are too long. Um, OK. They let him take a set home to practice with and once he gets it down, then we can order. He camped out in the basement bathroom for half of the weekend and STILL his right eye would not get with the program.

Suz - I enjoy the break from babysitting but having college kids home and my gang home and all of their sports IS exhausting. I need a break from my break.

Kari said...

I can't do contact lenses. It's like the pill swallowing thing. That was this blog? Right? We talked about this, didn't we? Anyway, I am still in glasses because of this fear.

Kids leaving things out is common here too. Spray butter was found under Ella's bed over Christmas break. She used it for popcorn and never put it back. THEN she tried to put it back in the fridge. Yeah, no.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Hoping you can get some rest now that you are back on your regular schedule! :) HA!

Charlie said...

So you worked out, went to breakfast, went to church, came home and it was only 11am! Phew, I’m exhausted just reading the start of your day!

Ernie said...

Kari- It took me 4 years to succeed in getting contact lenses. I passed out the 1st time. He is leaps and bounds ahead of me. Yes- this is where we talked about pill swallowing. I had that same issue as does Mini- thus her blog nickname. Curly can swallow pills dry. Sometimes food left out at our house is left out in the wee hours and since I wake up super early usually - I assume it has not spoiled.

Beth- I have been getting back to the norm. I even snuck in a 20 min snooze today. The babies fussed in their beds and did not nap but I did. 20 minutes was a huge boost!

Charlie- YES! That day was jam packed. I am typically busy but that was light speed! By noon I had baked blueberry bread and was sitting on my couch chatting with prospective babysitting people.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my lord. You need a vacation. By yourself!
All the questions.....I can't even with the silliness, but we all know that MOM knows where everything is!
I went to contacts in my mid-forties when I was sick of wearing glasses; it took some time to get used to them. (I now have 20/20 thanks to laser surgery) I hope he does better at the next fitting; the goggles are horrendous!

Ernie said...

Suz - I called the 1-800 number for lasiks (sp?) back when I was in high school and hating my glasses but unable to get contacts because it grossed me out. They sent me info in the mail and I hid it in my desk secretly wishing it wasn't so expensive. Eventually someone told me that you have to be awake during the surgery and I was like 'I'm out'. 20/20 sounds amazing! I DO know where everything is unless someone touches something . . . and THAT definitely happens. I fly to Dallas on Friday till Sunday. Coach is teaching there. I have friends there and I CANNOT wait.

Bibliomama said...

I'm, like, legally blind without contacts or glasses, and my eyes are complicated for laser surgery, but with a couple more advancements I will completely be getting it. Angus got contacts - dailies - in a rush when his team made it to the Little League World Series. Fortunately we had a great eye doctor who had also played baseball. His eyelashes are crazy long, though, so that excuse holds no water, ha. My favourite sentence here is "I have been called and asked dumber questions" - that's kind of an epigraph for being a mother, isn't it?

Ernie said...

Bibliomama - Tell me how the lazer thing goes, if you ever do it and I will see if it sounds as gross and horrifying as I think it does! Yes - the eyelashes is a total excuse. It's not like his lashes are longer on one eye than the other and he can get the lens in his other eye. Now he is just a head case. It is true, I am an expert dumb question anserer!