September 27, 2018

three 'oh-shit' moments

The next morning we pulled it off.  Up early.  I actually felt well rested.  Arrived on time to the convention center to meet the helper-teacher who was doing Mini's wig and makeup.  We had taken a super short cab ride.  (Not walking in the dark- not to mention wasn't interested in sweating like a banshee).

When the cab pulled up to the convention center, the girls jumped out carrying designated bags and I pulled out my credit card.  My driver asked in a thick accent if I had cash.  I did have cash.  I always bring cash when I travel, but I tend to use my credit card whenever possible JUST IN CASE.  Is this just me?  It was pitch black outside.  I fumbled around for my cash. 

Mini danced.  Wasn't her best day.  The competition was crazy good.  She needed to be in the top half to get a recall.  If she got a recall then she knew that she would place.  Her Irish dancing BFF was competing in the next room.  BFF had come off the stage crying after her first round.  (We weren't there to see it, because Mini was dancing at the same time).  BFF is in the same competition as Mini, but they randomly split the competition in half because it is so big.  These two buddies ended up in opposite splits.

Just before Mini's stage announced the dancers who recalled, Mini got a text from BFF.  (Yes, it finally happened.  Mini graduated from grade school, so now she has a phone).  BFF had gotten a recall!!!  Mini was very excited for her.

Mini had NOT expected that she would get a recall (Oh, shit #1).  She was chill about it.  Happy to be able to say she competed at the National level once before she retired.  After she saw that text, her mind began to whirl.  'Well, if BFF recalled after she thought she did so poorly that she CRIED when she got off stage, then MAYBE there is a chance for me.'

Mini did not recall.  I had hoped that she would, but really it is hard to know which end is up after watching over 150 girls dance.  She shed a few tears.  Mumbled a confession to me that she had begun to think ANYTHING was possible after the text from BFF.  I reminded her that she had just advanced to the highest level at her last feis!  I feat we were all super excited about and proud of.  She nodded.  Yep, her goal was to make it to Nationals.  Check it off the list and move on.

She wiped away her tears and hopped up - ready to go hug BFF and congratulate her in person!  Proud moment for this Mama.

We opted to walk back to the hotel.  Mini made plans to return to the dancing arena later that night to watch the awards for her age group and cheer for BFF and her other friends.  I left the girls dripping in sweat on the sidewalk and jogged into a quick-mart to buy some milk for breakfast.  I surprised the girls with a couple of Dove bars.  Is there anything that ice cream can't fix?

Contents of my purse minus my credit card. 
This is just the beginning of how a
short cab ride would haunt me
Imagine my surprise when I tried to pay with my credit card, and it wasn't there?  Oh shit.  I used cash and assured myself that my card was just in the bottom of my purse.

The girls were thrilled with the ice cream.  I told them we were celebrating!  We got back to the hotel and I dumped my purse on the bed.  No credit card (Oh shit #2).  Not enough ice cream to make this bummer go away.

Curly sat on the bed and watched me pace while I called the convention center hotel to see if anyone turned in a lost credit card.  'Why is it so cold in here?' she mumbled.

Mini and I looked at each other.  It was roasting in our room.  Curly had the f-ing fever - THE NIGHT BEFORE SHE WAS GOING TO DANCE! (oh shit #3)


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