September 7, 2018

If at first, you don't succeed . . .

Mini danced great on Friday.  After the competition, we enjoyed the meal I packed from home.  I was in bed early - at last unable to keep my eyes open.  The gluten-fuzzy-head finally subsided.

Saturday involved a bit more prep because both girls were dancing and costumes/wigs were part of the deal.  There were wigs and makeup and leg tanner and fancy dresses.  We arrived at the venue in plenty of time.  Both girls danced at the same stage, which is always a bonus.  Gone are the days when I jogged back and forth between multiple stages when I had 5 young dancers.  I would be changing shoes for one kid, checking another kid in side stage, and eyeing a third stage to see if my lined up kid was about to actually compete.  Don't miss those days.

At least back then makeup wasn't allowed and my girls didn't wear wigs yet.  

Curly’s Indianapolis competition was combined with an older group of girls.  She didn’t expect to place, but she was overjoyed when she came in 5th out of about 20 - beating many of the older girls in the competition.  There was only one girl her age that placed higher than her.

Mini danced even better Saturday than she had on Friday night.  She had a babysitting job to get home to and I had a party to prepare for.  I hoped they would announce Min’s results sooner than later.

Mini in orange.  Hugging Smiley. 
I couldn't argue with these judges.
  Both girls danced great.
 Mini missed 1st by one point. 
I braced myself when they began to announce.  Once again the last two places remained between Smiley and Mini.  Mini took 2nd again.  Of course Smiley was smiling.  Mini kept a smile fixed on her face as she congratulated her friend, Smiley.  She was a good sport.  I snapped a pic of Mini and Smiley hugging it out on the podium.  

I wanted to scream.  No time for drama.  We needed to get back home so Mini could babysit on time. Tank was positioned to fill in for Mini if we didn't make it back in time.  I told him that if he needed to start the job, that Mini would be dropped off as soon as we got back in town.  He was not having it.  If he started the job, he would finish it and he would be paid for it.  I hoped to avoid that battle by making it back to Chicago on time.

So . . .  that was a lot of posts to describe two hectic days.  I must admit when that party was cancelled and we made it to Indianapolis on time, I thought for sure Mini would end up with a first place.  That would've been a great wrap up to the story.

Stay tuned.  The girls were registered for one more competition near home (thank goodness no time zone difference) the following weekend.  


Beth (A Moms Life) said...

Ugh!! I was hoping she would get a first place! I hope this story has a happy ending!

Ernie said...

You and me both!