January 26, 2018

I know it's Friday, but oh how Monday sucked!

Monday sucked.  I know it is a little after the fact but I am just now getting around to sharing it with you.  I think I blocked it temporarily from my memory.  I just had a flashback and it made me shake, so I have to share.

Over the weekend I dove headfirst into a photo project.  When we emptied the study for the floors to be refinished for the longest-ever-kitchen renovation, I came across tons of photos that I had printed or enlarged in order to hang them up in the basement.  Of course I had never gotten around to the hanging up part. 

Mini at 3 1/2 years.  She emerged from
 the basement after her older brothers stuffed her PJs with
 every ball they could get their hands on.
 At the time, she was the only kid I had without balls. 
(couldn't resist).  Reg in the background was innocent.
I love pictures.  I take a TON of pictures.  Less so now that the kids aren't wiping birthday cake all over their faces in high chairs.  Or having brothers stick every ball we own in their sleeper pajamas.  Who can resist taking a million pictures of those little faces?  Well, I sure as hell can't and I have the photo albums, busting-at-the-seams hard drive storage, and study closet full of extra pictures to prove it.

Anyway I sat down in front of the computer Sunday night and went thru the albums I have at snapfish.  I selected every photo I thought might make people chuckle.  Apparently we are a funny bunch because I was only a fraction of the way thru them and I had selected over 600 pictures.  I know, I know.  It is overkill.  I have no intention of wallpapering the basement with thousands of pictures, but I thought it would be easier to just have stacks on hand to chose from.  The rest can be set aside for when the kids are older and they want some pictures of themselves. 

I had to wake up early Monday morning to drive Tank to an early basketball practice.  I was kicking myself because I stayed up a bit late while being sucked into memory lane on snapfish.  I allowed myself 30 more minutes in front of the computer after I dropped him at practice before I had to jump in the shower, get kids moving for the school day, and brace myself for the little tots I sit for to get dropped off. 

On Saturday (backing up a tad) the doctor had given me a couple of prescriptions for a horrible sinus infection.  Last week I dealt with this awful headache for days.  I kept thinking it was a migraine.  I tried caffeine, but that only gave me relief for an hour.  I started to get some relief thanks to the antibiotic and the steroid (to relieve the pressure in my head), but on Monday morning the headache had me in its tight grip and WOULD NOT LET ME GO.  So, that sucked.

The kid I sit for pooped in his pants.  That sucked too and ticked me off.  While the kids played I chose some more pictures.  That's when I noticed that the 600 plus photos I had selected previously were gone.  What?!  I called snapfish.  I was told that I should've moved them to my cart before I signed out of the sight.  I hadn't signed out of the sight.  No one else had sat at the computer.  There was no retrieving my selections, I would have to start over.  Have I mentioned that my head was on the verge of exploding?  Snapfish gave me credit towards 100 free prints.  Photo addict like me is going to need that.

I got a phone call that the fabric that I ordered to cover the seat cushions for the counter stools I picked out (finally) for the island was back ordered.  Till the end of February.  I collapsed into a defeated heap at nap time and slept for an hour.  My head felt better when I woke up - until I moved. 

The rodents, I mean delightful children (I'm just kidding - remember the headache, you have to excuse how grouchy that thing was making me.  Even though my head doesn't hurt while I am typing this, I do remember how Monday made me feel) got picked up and I get ready to go to Mini's basketball game.

Eddie asked me if I knew where his basketball jersey was.  Nope.  This is my organized kid.  Responsible.  He plays varsity basketball.  They frown upon players who show up with no jersey.  Ed has witnessed his teammates struggle in this area.  He knew what lay ahead if he showed up jersey-less.  We dumped clean, unsorted (thanks to my photo project) laundry on my bed.  No jersey. 

I left for Mini's game but kept calling home offering other ideas.  'Check the sleeping bag cabinet in the laundry room.  Maybe it got shoved in there from a pile on the floor after Reg's sleep over last week when he was stuffing the bags back in the cabinet.'  It wasn't there - but points for me coming up with this totally possible scenario considering my head hurt like hell.

He got to his game and his teammate had his jersey.  Picked it up by mistake. 

Thanks to my inability to clone myself and Coach's work schedule, I had to wait for Reg to return from his away game in order to drive the girls to dancing, watch part of Ed's away game located past Irish dancing class, and then backtrack to get Reg to his music lesson.  I was super frustrated because I should've left Mini's game (since we were winning by so much that she didn't play in the second half) in order to get Reg so we could leave on time.  How could I have known that his bus would get him back to school 20 minutes later than expected?  His game didn't even go into overtime.

Let's just say I was happy to crawl into bed that night and look forward to Friday - my day off.  And here it is.  No poop pants to change.  And my head hasn't hurt for a few days.  I have about 900 pictures in my snapfish cart so they won't disappear, and lots more to go thru.  All jerseys are accounted for.  Waiting for the new counter stools won't kill me.  Yay Friday! 


Geo Wilcox said...

Mini bears a resemblance to subjects on my wife's favorite TLC show, "My 600 lb. Life." There are some roly, poly people on that show.

Ernie said...

This was one of those situations where the boys were behaving badly, but I couldn't help but laugh!