January 9, 2018

Multi-functioning closet and over-doing it!

I've decided to share this fun fact with you as I take a breather from the family drama downer that occurred on Christmas.  I do have a few more tidbits to share there - still working thru it . . . thanks for listening reading and commenting.  It helps to know that other people don't find this crap 'normal'.

Coach and I just recently discovered that my walk-in closet serves an additional purpose.  I LOVE MY CLOSET (even without this bonus usage)!!  At our last house, I shared a very standard sized closet with Coach.  That tight space was tough considering I was constantly rotating an inventory of maternity clothes, 'in-between' clothes (that I wore shortly after giving birth), and regular clothes.

For the past 10 years in our current house, I have basked in oodles of closet space.  AND I don't have to share it with Coach.  He has his own small closet.  Trust me, it is perfectly acceptable for his wardrobe demands.  I enjoy walking into my closet and seeing so much at a glance.  The only issue is that at this time of year, I can also see my breath.  OK, 'almost' see my breath.

My closet doubles as a meat locker.  No joke.  My closet sits right above our unheated garage.  We paid dearly about 6 years ago to add insulation to the attic space that surrounds my closet and is also located over the garage.  We may as well have tossed fistfuls of money into the furnace that refuses to warm my closet.  I still freeze my buns off dashing in to grab an article of below-zero clothing.

On Thursday we hosted Eddie's varsity basketball team for a pasta dinner.  There are about 15 kids on the team.  Ed warned me to consider how much food I would make.  'Imagine the amount of pasta I eat, and then multiply it by 15.'  Well, Ed got my attention.  He reminded me how awful it would be if we ran out of food.

This isn't even all of it.  For real.
 Does it make you hungry?
'Cause you should've come over.  

Did you ever read the Big Anthony books to 
your kids?  'Boil, boil pasta pot,
boil me some pasta nice and hot . . . '
My friends, there is a reason I NEVER order pizza.  I absolutely cannot judge how much we will need.  If Coach isn't here to rescue me from the ordering process, then I feel almost compelled to invite over neighbors to share the inevitable excess.  Too bad majority of our neighbors are nuts, because they could really have scored in the pizza sharing department over the years. 

Hey, everyone has their flaws.  Pizza ordering is mine.  Don't ask me how I manage to prepare meals for our family on a daily basis.

I am embarrassed to admit that I made four huge trays of baked mostaccioli in addition to three 9 x 13 pans of it.  I think I used a little over 20 pounds of pasta and 12 pounds of meat.  I know.  Staggering numbers.  I wish there was a self help program for over-ordering types /over-cookers like me.
It might be hard to see amidst my clothing,
but there under the white drawers is a
shelf with a mostly-eaten sheet cake on it.
 I forgot to take a picture when there was more of the
cake left.  We have literally gone up into my closet the last
 few nights to retrieve the cake leftovers.

We only finished off one huge tray that night.  I practically force fed the team third helpings.  I ended up scooping mounds of pasta into Ziploc bags and handing them out like party favors.  I gave some to my parents the next day.  A 9 x 13 pan went to a family we know who just welcomed their 6th baby.

Despite our brand new ENORMOUS fridge in the kitchen and the back up in the basement, we were running out of space.  Not to brag, but where I fall short in my food estimation skills, I more than compensate in my stuffing-things-in-a-fridge abilities.

Coach reminded me that the leftover sheet cake from Costco was supposed to be refrigerated.  Damn.  That's when my husband who barely knows his way around a kitchen contributed by suggesting that we store the remaining cake in my closet.  Problem solved.  Um, yes - my lovely closet is that cold! 

Side note:  the team won a big game the next night.  And yes, I think some credit should be given to the pasta.  Maybe not the insane over supply of it, but still!  Now that I know that one tray is sufficient, I told Eddie that I am happy to host again.  Seeing as we have two trays in the basement freezer, I would welcome the chance to feed the team and free up some freezer space. 


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I am a horrible judge of quantities of food too. But I always believe having too much is better than running out! And we paid a lot of money to have additional insulation put into our bonus room which is over the garage and it did nothing. The guy said the only way to properly fix it was to tear up the floors and insert new/different insulation in there. We chose not to go that route and instead just throw away a smaller sum of money.

Ernie said...

That stinks! I hate being cold, but oh how I love the space. If I could eat sheet cake, then I might be in trouble. I might start storing it there to snack on while I dress or put clothes away. It could become dangerous. Then none of those clothes would fit!