January 14, 2018

far from easy street

Since school is back in full swing, so are my babysitting duties.  With only the two brothers (Theo and Carter) needing my services since mid-September, I've been coasting along on easy street.  Well, I suppose easy street isn't the most accurate way to classify caring for a 4 year and a 2 year old 4 days a week.  UNLESS you compare it to adding a 2.5 year old and a 4 month old to the mix. 

I'm not sure why 2 year olds get such a bad rap.  I speak their language.  I can get inside their little heads.  I like to think that I have the 2 year old thing down.  All day long.  They don't scare me.  They can pout, throw themselves on the ground, toss the word 'no' my way, cry me a river, refuse to eat what I offer.  They can't break me.  It's my way or the highway.  

I often witness the tot nonsense they store up and spew at their clueless parents at pick-up time.  Oh, glorious pick up time!  Great time of day, beating out nap-time by a small margin.  I digress.  Those little guys wouldn't dream of trying any of their usual tricks with a toddler master like myself.
The 3 stooges:  Theo, Joey, Carter.  I actually ventured to the zoo with them plus baby on Thursday.  How can I deny them a trip to the zoo when Chicago temps were near 60?  Baby sis cooperated and snoozed at least part of the time in the stroller.  This is a rare still moment for this constant-motion crew as they check out a porcupine from South America.  Way cuter than the North American variety.  What's up with that?  We are missing out!

Now that maternity leave is over and the little sis is on the scene, my hands are a bit busier.  I spent the week reminding myself of all the things I can accomplish with one hand.  Removing ornaments off a tree.  Starting a load of laundry.  The dishwasher.  All these duties can be done at an incredibly slow one-handed, but still possible, pace.  

On Tuesday my kitchen designer was back in town.  She and I had many things to go over.  I hadn't seen her or heard from her since before Christmas.  I had a list.  This project has dragged on at an unreasonably slow pace.  Now, IF the crew members were each holding a baby in one hand and building my kitchen with the other the unfinished work MIGHT make sense.  

She and I hammered out some details while I walked with the fussy baby.  The three boys were playing in the basement.  A few times I excused myself to check on the boys. 

Oh my.  It was like a bachelor pad down there.  There were light sabers, nakedness, air hockey, train tracks, matchbox cars, sweat, and loud voices.  One thing Joey (2.5 yr old bro to the new baby) kept repeating (he likes to repeat himself until someone acknowledges him AND he doesn't have a quiet bone in his body) was 'We are on a mission.'  I never learned what the mission was.  I assume it was top secret.  

Carter was letting it all hang out.  His pants and underwear were strewn about.  He was laying on the floor trying to figure out how to get dressed again.  I celebrated the fact that he had made it into the bathroom to pee all on his own.  I did suggest (as I have a million times before) that he use his voice to let me know that he is heading into the bathroom, so I can be of assistance.  Love the independence, though!

A quick peek into a moment with the gang.  The boys, released from the bachelor pad, are entertaining baby sis.  She is loving it!  I hope this video clip works.  I moved heaven and earth to edit a blink of it here for you.

The very next day I heard Theo and Joey calling Carter's name in the depths of the bachelor pad.  Continuously.  Knowing that even in a top notch game of hide-and-seek Carter couldn't possibly be THAT successful at eluding his buds, I figured out what was up.  Yes, in case you were wondering, I double as a rocket scientist.  Sure enough, I found two confused boys wandering the basement calling for the third stooge.  Then I stepped into the basement bathroom.  Carter was on the toilet awaiting someone to wipe him.  

Also a one-handed task.  Lucky me. 

My point- and I do have one- is that unfortunately blogging is not a one handed task.  Please be patient with my posting pace as I manage the mayhem that is far from easy street.  

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Two year olds are NOT my thing but it sounds like you are a seasoned professional! I'm glad you are enjoying the kids!