October 3, 2017

demanding date and Ed's funding issues

Homecoming was approaching.  Ed had decided to bring a date, but hadn't decided who he would ask.  Then one night he made a poster.  Yes, I was just as surprised as you are.  In bubble letters he spelled out:  'I know on the tennis court you score lots of points, but going to homecoming with you would be an ace.'  She said yes.

That night he asked me where he could get a black suit.  The guys and all of their dates planned to  match.  Oh, hold the phone.  This is just the kind of drama this kid steers clear of.  Matching?  This isn't prom!  Cummerbums weren't necessary.  I laughed at his request.  'You have something that fits and that it what you are wearing.'  I told him if he liked he could go out and buy a black shirt or a white tie to fit the black and white color combo of his date.

A week later he asked ME if I had gotten him a black tie or a white shirt or something.  Laughter.  'No, I haven't.  If you want to shop for that shit, have at it.  We own a closet full of shirts and ties.  I'm done.'  Suddenly the tie and shirt selection that we own was acceptable.

I was preparing to drive to St. Paul, Minnesota for Irish dancing on Friday, so early in the week I called up to Eddie's room.  'I was going to order a corsage for your date, white flowers to go with your black and white theme?'  In a rare moment when he would usually respond with 'I'm doing homework.  I don't care,' he came out of his room.  His date had forwarded him a picture of what she wanted.  I had crept up part of the staircase to be closer to his bedroom door.  I almost fell down the stairs.  I wanted to whisper to him subliminally, 'Dude, this is drama - do you not get that?'

He showed me the phone.  It was white flowers.  Not sure what kind of flowers they were.  Lilies maybe, but smaller.  It was open and it had petals.  I am not a flower expert.  I stared at him in disbelief.  'How about white roses?' I asked.  'Sure, whatever, that's fine,' he stumbled.  I think he was picking up on my 'who-the-hell-is-this-chick' vibe.

I called the floral department at the grocery store.  Budget flowers are perfect for a situation like this.  I asked about the white flowers in the photo  supplied by Ed's date.  The lady wasn't sure what kind of flower I was describing.  She said they had white carnations and white roses and anything else would be a special order.  White roses, then!  I shared my 'kid's today' feelings and my disgust at the 'how about if my corsage includes these flowers' from a girl who was going to a dance with my son as a friend.  The florist and I shared a good chuckle.

How long will Ed leave his suit
in his mudroom locker?
I texted Ed to let him know that he needed to pick up his flowers at the grocery store after 11 am on Saturday.  They would be $20.  He texted back, 'Do I have to pay?'  I refused to recognize that question with a response. 

Later than night Eddie moaned about how expensive the homecoming tickets were.  $25 a piece.  I suspect that I can now update my observations of Ed's social habits to include:  #6.  Doesn't want to spend money.  Read the first 5 observations here.  (That apple doesn't fall far from the tree - I know from experience).

I texted Ed and asked him if he would buy a homecoming ticket for Tank, who was at the ortho with me during his lunch hour on Thursday.  Ed would be reimbursed.  'I barely have enough to buy my tickets,' he whined thru his text.  Need I remind you that Eddie pulls in close to $5,000 as a caddy in the summer.  Granted we encourage that money to be earmarked for his college fund, but he is allowed to spend a bit now and then.  

Neither Coach nor I attended the photo session.  Coach was teaching religious education, which is where I was supposed to be if I wasn't out of town for dancing.  Other parents took some photos and forwarded them to us. 

Ed probably wishes that I would go out of town more often - but only if I take the rest of his embarrassing family members with me.

It was 95 degrees out.  Both boys enjoyed the dance.  They both commented on how sweaty EVERYONE was in the high school's field house.  No air conditioning and the school ran out of water bottles.  Ed's suit, formerly Lad's suit, is seen in this photo hanging in his locker.  The pants are in a ball in front of the hanging jacket.  I wonder how Ed would respond if I let him handle the dry cleaning bill. 

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