October 23, 2017

unusual nap time interruption

The question the construction worker was asking me didn't initially raise any red flags.  I had just put the two tots down for naps and I was changing into a sun top, because I planned to sit on the deck, soak up some rays, and read my book during nap time.  

I heard the younger dude of the dynamic duo call up the stairs, 'Um, do you know where the main shutoff valve is for the water?'  The sun . . . it was beckoning me, but I left my room and jogged down the stairs to show him where the valve was in the basement.  

These two electricians had been there all day wiring the new kitchen.  It didn't dawned on me that electricians don't typically mess with water.  Operative word here being 'mess.'

The young guy followed me down to the basement.  I had just learned where our main water valve was located.  How handy!  I felt like a grown up, a homeowner . . . wise beyond my years.  'It's in the back of the storage room,' I was explaining . . . that's when I heard it.  It sounded like a waterfall in my basement.  I glanced around but didn't see the source.

As I rounded the corner there was the older guy electrician standing on a small step ladder.  His hands were inside a gaping hole in the ceiling.  He was attempting to keep the water from pouring thru the ceiling.  An impossible task considering that they had accidentally broken a pipe.  Not a pipe that operates with a trickle.  Nope.  A serious pipe that apparently moves or holds lots of water.  

I rushed into the storage room - pointed to the valve in the corner and then turned my attention to the newest feature of our recently finished basement:  a splash pad.  

Stack of white towels - storing them is
 annoying but they saved the day.
While the kitchen has been under construction (for 8 weeks, but who's counting?), we have been operating out of the tiny but functional basement kitchen.   It's functional, if you count the absence of a dishwasher a way to function.  (8 WEEKS, friends, 8 WEEKS - and no end in sight!)  I suppose our dish washing chores are minimal considering we are relying heavily on paper/plastic products, but any cooking and bam, the whole damn sink overflows with pots, pans, and Pyrex.  

In order to dry all of the clean dishes, I spread towels on the table.  We have an obnoxious supply of white towels.  I have never purchased a white towel, mind you, but Laddie's swim team involvement has led to a ridiculous inventory of mismatched whitish towels.  I should probably bring a stack back over to the high school one day . . . when the basement is done and we no longer need towels for dish drying.  (Ha, I just said 'basement done' as if that is a thing).  

Displaced bins housing floating legos and guys.
So when our basement sprung a leak that afternoon, I scooped up the handy/stolen towels and tossed them to Mr. Waterworks.  The bookshelf directly below the flowing water took a direct hit.  Bins housing legos and plastic princesses collected water making it look like a scene from 'the Lego Movie' when the main characters escaped near disaster by stowing away in a double decker lego couch.  Cool.  Legos are swimming in my basement.  

It killed me.  Summer had just ended and I had just washed a bunch of beach towels, but I raced upstairs and grabbed these clean towels.  I handed the pile to the electricians and backed away slowly. 

It was a bummer, but I would NOT get roped into cleaning that up.  I knew I would end up washing the towels, AGAIN.  The sun was waiting.  The boys' nap time might include a short snooze for me on my lounge chair.  I would need to rest up anyway - because soon it would be time to wash dishes again.  

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Ughhhh!!!! The joys of renovations! Hopefully this isn't going to push your timeline out even more!