October 15, 2017

spare flute #2

I know this place is a chain,
 but just in case you had never
heard of it - this is a legitimate music store.
I am feeling like a bad mom because
I have no pictures of my kid participating
in marching band - so all you get is the
 music store letter head.  
We ended up securing a loaner flute for Tank after he busted his hours before a busy marching band weekend.  Coach picked up the loaner flute at Quinlin and Fabish on his way home after work and met Tank at the high school just before the home game started.

We watched the game, and scanned the band members during the half time show.  Short kid with glasses, short kid with glasses, short kid with glasses, tall kid without glasses who towered over the short kids with glasses.  Tall kid was playing a flute . . . aha, there's our kid.  When we met his at the car later, Tank described the crazy, chaotic band room after the game.  

At home I gathered some snacks for Tank to pack in his drawstring bag.  The next morning at 5 am this freshman had to report to the high school for a band trip to Northern Illinois University.  I gave him $20 for food at the concession stand.  Tank set his alarm and I set mine.  

Ungodly early the next morning, my alarm went off.  Tank's didn't.  He had set it for pm instead of am.  I reached up into the top bunk and shook him awake.  Tank couldn't remember where he put his bag of snacks.  Eventually, he found it.  Coach decided to drive him - I crawled back into my bed. 

I was still awake when Coach returned.  He was shaking his head.  Tank had forgotten the cash I gave him.  Fortunately the stars aligned and Coach who could be voted 'most-likely-not-to-carry-cash' had cash in his wallet.

After I got a bit more sleep, I stumbled down the stairs and discovered that I had a text message.  From Tank.  'I got here and opened my flute case and my flute isn't in it.'

WHAT?!  Who does that?  Who wakes up before 5 am, misplaces their snack bag momentarily, forgets to bring his cash supply, requires a parent to drive him to the high school, and drives for hours to a destination WITHOUT A FLUTE!!!!!!

I called him.  He explained that in the mayhem after the game the night before, he put his flute on a shelf.  Before they left for the college visit that am, he grabbed it but apparently never loaded it into the case.  Now he was a long way away with no instrument.  Again, with the flute shortage. 

A friend had informed me the day before, shortly after Tank's initial flute issues were resolved, that her daughter's flute was in storage until the next daughter began lessons.  I could borrow it anytime.  Neither of us expected my flute begging phone call to happen so soon. 

I texted Tank and asked him to ask the other band members if anyone's parents were coming out to the game.  I really didn't want to spend my Saturday driving out to NIU and back.  And believe me, I was comfortable with this nightmare turning into one of those life lessons for Tank.  If I could work out the logistics, fine.  Otherwise he was going to have to suffer thru a long band event with nothing to blow his hot air into.

Sure enough, Tank learned that neighbors were driving out to the game later to watch their son who was also in the band.  

Here's part of a band email - looking for volunteers.  Standing outside in questionable weather doesn't thrill me, so I hesitated to volunteer for outdoor snack distributor during half time.  I mean Lad just retired from football.  We have kids in Irish dancing, water polo, swim team, basketball - all indoor sports.  Notice a trend?  I do NOT enjoy dealing with the elements to cheer on a kid, even if I am crazy about my kid.  We do still have soccer players and golfers, but high school golfers don't expect me to follow them around a course.  It didn't occur to me that Tank's band involvement would land me back to the bleachers at dreaded football games until the first home game.  Foiled!
I picked up borrowed flute #2 and approached our neighbor's house.  It was still early.  The husband got in his car and saw me wave to him.  He thought I was just being friendly -perhaps on a morning jog.  He looked a tad startled as I continued to approach his car - as if I was threatening his personal space.  Did I mention-it was early?  Apparently too early for me to be acting as if we were about to have a friendly neighborly chat.

I do bake cookies to thank people,
but I think Tank is the one who owes
 the thanks here!
Since I hadn't bought tickets to attend the NIU game, I had glossed over those band emails.  (As it happens, I will do just about anything these days to not have to read an entire band related email).  I was unclear what time the game was supposed to start, so I didn't know if this neighbor was departing for NIU at that particular moment.  Nope, he was just dropping a younger son off at a boy scout commitment.  They planned to leave for the college game around noon.

I texted Tank and let him know their ETA.  I informed him that it would be his job to locate them - not the other way around.  He believed that he would only miss one practice, but would be able to participate in everything else.

I tucked my cape back inside of my purse until the next time Tank's executive functioning problems interfered with life and I needed to play the hero.  Oh, and Tank had suggested in one of his text messages that I bake cookies for Mrs. Neighbor.  Really?  I should bake them cookies.  I feel like maybe I had done enough.

He texted me a few hours later.  'Can I text Mrs. Neighbor and ask her what time they are going to get here?'  Without hesitating, I texted him back: 'NO!'  

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