July 3, 2017

Lad's jam packed hangover day

I instructed Lad to grab some plastic shopping bags before we left for traffic court, because once his name was called there would be no leaving the courtroom (to puke) - that was implied, but in case you didn't read my last post -I figured I better not assume you knew about the added drama to our traffic court morning.

About half way to our destination, he started to roll down his window.  I glanced over at him.  'Are you going to be sick again?' I asked.  Affirmative.  I pulled onto a side street.  My college kid proceeded to roll down the window.  'No - just open the door!' I ordered.  I knew that if he didn't exit the car his puke would be plastered on the side of the minivan.

He ended up tossing his cookies as he opened the door.  It was an epic fail.  Half of the puke landed in his lap and the other half ran down the inside of the car door.  No time to race home for a wardrobe change.  I reached into the back of the car.

Newsflash for all of you neat freaks out there:  here's when it is a blessing to drive a disgustingly filthy car.  Sometimes I hate not knowing what I am going to find back there, but on this disturbing morning- I embraced the heaps of junk in the backseat and rolled with it.  I handed him a thin strip of a towel that Eddie uses to wrap his cast when we slide the waterproof flipper over it.  

This is Eddie wearing his 'flipper' over his cast.  I thought this pic might me more acceptable as compared to a photo of puke or of my messy car. 
I reminded Lad in the few minutes remaining of our drive that he had a dentist appointment and a sports physical later that afternoon.  Knowing that he couldn't work due to his traffic court appearance, I chose to set up as many appointments as possible for that day.  He begged me to cancel.  No chance.  I wondered if I called in advance if the dentist could fire up his drill for some unnecessary, unpleasant work.

Laddie was apologetic.  I just wanted to put this ordeal behind us.  Despite my regular appearances in traffic court, my comfort level in that building is still non-existent.

I suppose a court date, a trip to the dentist followed by a physical for college was punishment enough.  Fingers crossed that this lesson was learned.

So, readers - have you spent a hangover in a worse way?  Do tell. 

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