July 5, 2017

this kid might need more than supervision

Before we left for court, I reminded Lad to bring whatever caddy money he had laying around.  He still looked a bit green from his puking, but now he also looked bewildered.  'Oh, let me clarify.  I'm not paying for your ticket.'  I'm not sure whatever would've given him the impression that his father and I would be picking up the tab on his ticket.

The judge gave him supervision.  In order to keep the ticket off his record he needs to not get another ticket in the next 6 months.  In addition he needs to complete an online class.  The judge glanced at me (not because he recognized me, fortunately).  'Is this your mother?  If she is helping you pay for the ticket, then you better pay her back.'  Amen, judge.  This debacle set Lad back $300.  I feel his pain, and hope he learns his lesson while he's young.

Once his online course is complete, he needs to appear back in court with the printed certificate proving that he took the course.  The assigned date is December 21st.  If he is still away at college, I am allowed to go to court in his place and produce this document.  Yippee.  Just what I want to do, visit traffic court again!

On the way home, I finally asked Laddie how he got home the night before, because Eddie informed us that he had in fact never gone to collect Laddie.  When Ed texted him at midnight encouraging him to get home soon, Lad texted back that Ed could go to bed.  He'd get a ride home.  Lad informed me that he had gotten in an uber car.  He either didn't remember what time he arrived home, or he chose to withhold that information.  

He mumbled something about needing to find his phone.  That would be the phone he was looking in the couch cushions for just before we left for court.  That would also be the phone that was just recently purchased a few weeks ago, because his other phone just quit working. 
His phone is so new, we still have the box.
Once home Lad went straight to bed.  Having missed my workout class, I decided to go to the fitness club and use the equipment.  I dragged Tank and Curly with me.  They were grouped in the first cluster of dental appointments with Lad.  The dentist was near the gym, so I dropped them off early for their appointments and raced home to wake up the ailing Lad.  'Tell the dentist that Lad is coming, but he'll just be a bit late.  They can start on you two,' I called out to the first two kiddos walking in the office to get clean teeth. 
After lots of coaxing and hollering, Lad was in my car with his teeth brushed.  (Oh, that poor dental hygienist and dentist.)


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Gigi said...

Well, there is a lot to be learned from this - hopefully he's learned it all.