April 4, 2022

teeth dreams and b-ball coaching

Oh, speaking of sleep (even though my messed up sleep was a while ago, this part of the story was supposed to go with the initial post, but I chopped everything up to make it more manageable) - I had a dream a week before we left for Europe. I was on some kind of voyage on a boat going to a new land or something and the people running the show/in charge of my destiny removed all of my teeth and then shoved them back in place. I didn't even wake up with swollen gums, as one would expect. It was super strange. I can still remember the dream, but it was so strange that I can't quite articulate it. 

Two blankets, TWO!
Becky (HI BECKY) said it's a sign that I'm about to come into money, but maybe that's a delayed reaction to Mini getting the Evans scholarship. I didn't tell anyone about the dream and the NEXT morning Reg woke up and told me that he had a dream that his teeth all fell out. 

Come on. Do you read dreams? What does this mean?

I don't have a photo to correspond with my teeth all coming out and being shoved back in while in REMM, let us be grateful for small things . . .  but here's sleeping  concept that's new to me, and in my estimation:  BRILLIANT. 

We stayed in two different Airbnbs that were set up with a king sized bed and individual duvets or comforters or whatever. Did you know about this? No more fighting over covers with a spouse. Am I alone in my excitement here? Of course Coach and I are still sleeping in a queen sized bed. 

I just typed 'bed' with an 'a' by accident instead of the 'e'. Coincidence?


This stinks:

Days after the 3 point competition, Reg's high school coach announced his resignation. This was his first year coaching at our school. That stung. Reg worked hard to impress him. Poor Reg. 

A kid, 'State-Guy', who was supposed to be a senior at our high school, transferred to another 'STATE' high school in the fall. State Guy lived down the street from us and Reg was excited to play with him on varsity. Reg was bummed when State-Guy's family SOLD THEIR HOUSE in order to rent an apartment near the STATE high school. He's the youngest of their two boys, both serious b-ball players, and they were ready to downsize. They've already bought a townhouse back in our town, so that they can move back after State- Guy graduates.

When we learned that they were moving for b-ball last summer, Reg looked at us and asked:  WILL WE MOVE IF I WANT TO GO TO A DIFFERENT HIGH SCHOOL THAT HAS A BETTER BASKETBALL PROGRAM? Um, hard no. 

We're dedicated basketball parents, but not THAT dedicated. 

State-Guy wanted to win a state title and this other team had all the makings of a state team. At our Madhouse hotel during the 3-point contest, a kid from the State contender school saw Reg's school hoodie and asked him if he knew State-Guy. We were all like, YEP, WE KNOW. 

They won state  easily. State-Guy's going division 1. The program you play for at your high school matters. All that to say, it really stinks that our long time coach retired just before Reg got there and now this newbie resigned. *Sigh*


Meanwhile, Curly's travel practices for her new team are FAR away at a Catholic high school on the south side. My cousin when there. I know other people who went there. It's a good school. Loads of Irish folks attend that school. The high school's coach (who knows her travel coach) was at Curly's practice recently. 

When Curly arrived, her coach sent her across the gym to talk to the high school coach. 


Of course Curly wants to go to our local high school, as all of her siblings have. But the Catholic high school has an excellent girls' program. Ours doesn't. Plus, I'm guessing they'd offer her scholarship money. Are you aware of how much I like a deal? The driving to the south side alone makes me shudder. 99.9% sure  we aren't going to send her there, but they DO have a boys' Catholic school across the parking lot. Do we consider sending both kids that direction? Something to think about? 


Would you sell your house for your kid's sports? Did your kids attend a high school far from home? What do you know about dreams of teeth? 


Colleen said...

As the former Business Manager for our Catholic high school for ten years, I will say that financial aid and scholarships are available, especially to big families like yours. We weren't allowed to give out FA or scholarships for athletics (against our athletic associations rules) but definitely apply for help, and then ask for more once you get your letter. The reconsiderations always get more money. I love our Catholic schools, but I know we wouldn't be able to afford them without my husband working there. That's another thought...maybe you could work there instead of babysitting for a tuition break? Lots to think about!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Girl, I have dreams about my teeth ALL THE TIME. They fall out, usually when I'm on my way to a big interview. Or just one falls out. It's always so weird. I have no idea why these dreams happen to me either.

I get the concept of two blankets, but visually it hurts me.

Crazy about Reg's upcoming basketball year. We 'out of zoned' Lolo and Linds because Coach was coaching at a different school than they were zoned for. I did have to tote them to school instead of taking the bus, but only 25 minutes each way. In the end, it wasn't as hectic as I'd imagined it would be. But I only had two kids and I wasn't babysitting. I suppose in the long run it's only four years, but in the near future: It's four years.

Our school didn't have the best of the best and one girl who played for Coach ended up moving to the 'better school district' to play softball her senior year. Her parents were asshats btw. When our team played them, we ended up beating them, and to see the parents faces after that was HILARIOUS. karma.

Kari said...

I'm with Suz on the visual of the bed hurting, however, I have heard of people doing this with the beds. The older I get, the more I understand the significance of sleeping in different beds OR ROOMS as a married couple.

I recently started jotting down the dreams I remember since some of them are bizarre, but most of them I can't remember.

joymariecooks said...

Think you used Mini's real name as a heads up.

Beth Cotell said...

I would never move for my kid's athletic programs. They were never D1 material but even if they were I doubt I would move (especially since we live next to my parents).

There is only one catholic high school in this part of NC. Luckily it's only a 30-minute drive from our house. (The local public high school is less than 5 minutes away.) We were part of a carpool in 9th and 10th grades with some other families from our catholic elementary school. The carpool met at the elementary school so we had been driving there already for years so that was no issue. The nice thing was, we all had big cars and there were 6 kids in the carpool so the adult was only driving to the high school once a week. Then the kids got their driver's licenses and they drove themselves.

Kara said...

No way would I sell my house for sports! In fact, when we bought our house, we made sure it was within walking distance to the high school (3/4 of a mile away). My two oldest kids have cars and drivers licenses, and yet my husband still has to pick up the youngest a couple times a week (because the older two are working). I mean, he doesn't HAVE to pick her up, but because she's The Baby, she gets picked up. He works at home. I'm in an office about 13 miles away, so I can't get her.

I recently read that the most common American stress dreams were dreams about teeth falling out.

Jeannie Bruce said...

We use different blankets on our bed. My guy is always hot and I am always cold. We have one big thin fleece blanket we share and then I have about 6 more on my side of the bed (I really should break down and get a weighted blanket but ehh, this works for now)

Ernie said...

Colleen - I think our Catholic high schools are the same, they don't give breaks for athletes. I do think they 'get creative' though. I don't think it is going to happen, but Curly had her first weekend of games and I love, LOVE the girls and the parents on the team. Most of them are going to this Catholic school. I spent the entire weekend fixated on this. Reg could go across the parking lot to the all boys school. He has not made good friends in high school. His friend are all either a year older than he is, or a year younger. Plus the coaching situation is pretty dire. The distance is pretty daunting. It is 30 minutes in no traffic, but the school is down a very long stretch that is stop lights all the way. I can only imagine how long it would take in the mornings. Sigh. There are Catholic schools that are closer, but one of them has a girl b-ball coach who is a nut job. 99% sure we will stay where we are and just be grateful for the friendships made on this b-ball team. Oh, and I could not get a job at the high school that would pay anywhere near what I rake in with my daycare.

Ernie said...

Suz - Look at us, dreaming about teeth. It is super weird. I don't think I've ever dreamt of teeth before.

I'm thinking that if the two blanket visual hurts you, then your eyes would melt if you laid eyes on my bedroom at the moment. I even took photos of it today, but not sure I'm courageous enough to share them on my blog. There is a laundry sorting situation that is colliding with a bunch of clothes that need to be donated, plus two baby cribs and a toddler cot. I'm on a mission to rectify this nightmare, but babies sleep there when I have free time.

I don't think we can send to another public school and pay the difference. I've never heard of that in these here parts. I did chuckle that the ass hats' kid lost to you guys. The people who sold their house are incredibly nice people, so it is hard to be made at them - but I was like DANG, YOU'RE LEAVING US AND OUR PROGRAM IS TANKING.

I could not drive them except one day a week when I have off. Coach could drive them two mornings. Reg is getting his license in May. The distance is crazy far. Like 25 minutes wouldn't be so bad but this is 25 minutes when there is no traffic. Expressway to a toll road to a VERY long stretch of city street that is probably 7 miles of stop and go lights. Dare to dream. We do love our school, but it can be a little rough. Might be a bit of a shock to Curly's system. Mini adjusted just fine. I need to dust off my crystal ball on this one to figure out where they'd be better off.

Ernie said...

Kari - It did look odd, but they had the duvets folded at the foot of the bed so it didn't look strange. Then I realized OH, THIS IS AN EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF SITUATION. I loved it.

I have some wacky doodle dreams. I dreamt the other night that Lad adopted what I thought was going to be another dog, but it turned out to be a kid. He laughed so hard the next morning when I told him that.

Ernie said...

joymarie- Thanks. I do tend to do that from time to time. I could say that I do it to see if you are all on your toes, but it is really just because I'm losing my marbles . . . one at a time.

Ernie said...

Beth - Carpools are the answer to my prayers. I have so many funny stories about weird people who were anti carpool from our days at Catholic grade school. It felt very, um - un-Catholic. I know no one in these parts that sends a kid to this area in the city for school. It's 14 miles away - but without a straightforward easy route to take. Coach and I went to Catholic school all the way through college. Our public high school is excellent. We are getting a new principal next year, which makes me nervous. Our current one is fabulous. They also just appointed a history teacher as boys' varsity b-ball coach. I don't see this as a good choice. At all.

Ernie said...

Kara - Stress, you say? Well, that does make perfect sense. I'm actually surprised that I haven't had dreams like that before.

I told Mini that last night that I'm thinking about sending Curly to this Catholic high school and she about died. WHAT? I wonder if my feelings fall into the same 'baby' category. I wouldn't sell my house either. Since we did the addition, it wouldn't make financial sense to sell it at this point. Besides, we are 7 minutes from Coach's work. Although, I wouldn't mind finding new neighbors.

Ernie said...

Jeannie - Look at you, you're so European. It does make sense to me. I have to get up to pee during the night and sometimes when I return, my sheets and blankets allotment has disappeared.

Pat Birnie said...

The two duvet idea makes great sense for most couples. Another European thing that I hate and have experienced numerous times is one long pillow across the bed!!! WHAT? It is so awkward - like most couples we both use our pillows differently (scrunch, etc). When this is the option there are never extra pillows available.

Ernie said...

Pat - Agreed! The pillows were often strange and made sleeping difficult. We never had to share one HUGE pillow, but they were very, vary large and very flat or something. Never extra pillows either. Coach and I have very different techniques for pillows. I must sleep with an extra one under one curled arm. I was lost without this as an option in Europe.

Bibliomama said...

I read somewhere that teeth dreams indicate anxiety, and I have no idea if it's evidence-based (how could it be, really) but both Eve and I have pretty bad anxiety and frequently dream about bad stuff happening to our teeth, so I'm going with it.
That does suck about the coach. Angus had sort of the opposite experience, where the coach he started with in NY was not great (and then fucking Covid effed up the middle two years anyway) and he's only had one year with the new better coach. Oh well.

Ernie said...

Ali - It was a somewhat stressful time, but I've had more stressful times . . . maybe I woke up and just didn't remember my dreams those nights.

That stinks about how covid messed up his experience. Bad coaches can make it hard to enjoy what you're doing or meet your goals, etc. Hoping this year is a great one for him. Reg should come out fine, since he's on this super intense scout team sponsored by Under Armor outside of school. Our school used to be really competitive and it blows that he was looking forward to that, but now, who knows? At this point, I'd prefer that he just get the Evans like Mini and play b-ball in his free time. You know what's fun, realizing you don't own ANY Under Armor socks when your kid is traveling out of state for games and needs to wear Under Armor everything when he plays. Sheesh.