December 28, 2017

accomplishing squat while dodging Lego mine fields and pop cans

What was I thinking?  I must've blocked out all previous Christmas breaks.  Could someone have slipped something in my eggnog that made me delusional?

I believed I would be accomplishing so much these few weeks with no school and no babysitting duties.  Instead, I am struggling to stay afloat.  Good-bye schedule - hello, mayhem. 

Empty bags of Legos and
direction books.  If there
 aren't Legos on the floor,
then this is the other issue.
Lego Friends are
 over taking our home.
NBA Lego too. 
Whatever happened to a bucket
of Legos that could
 make anything you could imagine?
The kids just want to open lego sets and sprinkle the tiny pieces across the floor.  This behavior is so uncharacteristic of my gang.  They are instinctively very neat and tidy and would never dream of leaving something out of place.  Stop it, you didn't really believe that, did you?  

At times they will take a break in their Lego creating to eat something - feed their brains.  Then abandon the mess in the kitchen - maybe play a few rounds of a video game before heading back to the Lego mine field.  If a friend calls, they will jump at the chance to go hang out at another house - why not?  Or they stick around and continue to feed their faces willy nilly and only come up for air to ask what I'm serving them for dinner.  

This is a small would-be
counter top that currently
is covered by plywood and a
festive Christmas table cloth. 
We only have pop in the
house after a party.  This is why. 
Empty applesauce, empty pop cans. 
It's a free for all.

The older guys.  Well, they sleep half the day away.  Everything else is worked in and around their trips to the gym and how long they argue over control of the xbox.  Returning milk to the fridge is apparently against their religious beliefs.   
Leftover pizza casserole in a
 crockpot might feed the
masses but it also leads to
college kid opting to eat at
a friend's house.  Embarrassing.
I haven't even cooked dinner this week in part because I hosted on the 23rd.  Hooray for leftovers.  I'm just too busy to find time to cook.  WHY?

I'm just now carving out time to blog.  I drove Curly to dancing and I intended to drive home and send a brother to pick her up.  It snowed just enough to make the roads a disaster, so I opted to sit and wait for her in my car.  For two hours.  Um, it's crazy, ass-biting cold here in Chicago.  I hope you appreciate that I can't feel my fingers as I blog. 

I'm just crossing my frozen phalanges that SOMEONE puts SOMETHING away while I'm absent.  I doubt it though.  

I don't want Christmas break to end, BUT I need some order.  I'm not even a neat freak.  It's not my nature.  I told Coach tonight that I might mandate a day where no one is allowed to leave the house or make plans until something is accomplished.
'I think I am working that day,' he muttered.  And I wonder where they get it.    

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