September 14, 2023

Here we go again. I'll show my credentials, if provoked.

Before I went to bed after helping Reg with his mobile project last week, Lad was leaving and he and Coach mumbled something along the lines of: 

No pics for this post,
but thought you'd
enjoy this hard boiled egg. The
 shell broke open whilst cooking
 and does this look like
 a little chick or what?
How can this be true? 


Reg was in bed, but he'd told Coach and Lad that the new varsity coach aka Suckie, the former boys' sophomore coach, told kids at an open gym that there were only two guys who were guaranteed a spot on the varsity team, Matt and Zack. What's this? 

Reg, all conference for the last two years, is not guaranteed a spot on the varsity team? Horse shit. We all know it's horse shit, but yet - WHY THE MIND GAMES? 

Then Suckie said that Reg and another kid play the same position and he won't need them to both play, or something. First of all, our school is NOT swimming in b-ball talent. The other kid and Reg will both be starting for the team. No question. These two boys definitely do NOT play the same position. And what EVEN is happening? 

Then Coach and I argued because Coach feels like Reg is being a victim and I was blown away because WERE YOU NOT IN THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE WHEN THEY INTERVIEWED REG? YOU WERE TEARY EYED FOR WHAT THIS ASS HAT PUT OUR KID THROUGH, REMEMBER? 

Let's assume that Suckie, who IS FRIENDS WITH EGO, is trying to play head games with our kid . . . THAT'S NOT OK. And what recourse do we have? Because we've already played our hand. The AD sucks. Where do I go? Why did they SWAP one worthless coach with another? Suckie seems to have the same mindset as the tenured Ego. Suckie doesn't teach at the school. He's been a sophomore coach. Why are we recycling coaches? 

While we'd like to tell Reg to just sit out his season, THIS IS HIS FAVORITE THING. 

Today (Wednesday, 9/13th) Reg let Suckie know that he wouldn't be able to attend the OPTIONAL open gym, because he had a golf meet. Suckie texted back to say that golf would be done by 8 pm, so he could go to the open gym. (WHICH IS OPTIONAL) Reg is in like 5 AP classes, so how can he golf for hours and then go to an open gym? Last time I checked his main role was to be a student. When will he have time to apply to colleges? 

Reg has been dealing with back pain for ages. Coach decided that Reg needs a back x-ray. It's happening Monday. He's worried that he might have a stress fracture. When Reg let Suckie know that he is scheduled to go to the doctor for back issues, Suckie messaged him:  IF YOU CAN SWING A GOLF CLUB, YOU CAN PLAY BASKETBALL.

Hey, Suckie - you who've probably never taken an anatomy class in your life, meet Reg's dad, Coach. He has a PhD in PT. He has about every available a,b,c after his name. You,Suckie.know.nothing. 

*After tonight, Coach no longer thinks Reg is playing the victim. He's now appropriately STEAMED.

Tonight, I drafted a letter to the principal. Coach drafted an email to Suckie, but he's waiting to send it until he gets to work because his work email lists all of his credentials. 


May all the crap coaches in Reg's world be perpetually plagued by rice weevils. 


I had so many random things to share tonight, but I'm singularly focused and blinded by anger. What would you do? 

Next weekend:  we host our
first tailgate of the
 season. Gumby will be patrolling the area
 for anyone dumb enough to save a spot.
 I made these today, GF version of Rocky
 Road Fudge Bars. I'm freezing them
 until the tailgate. They're delish,
damn it. Green food coloring so we
 don't confuse them with the
 drowning in gluten version.
What happened to this
 little corner, hmm - I wonder?  
One update I was gonna share:  I have an appt. with a GI doc at the U of Chicago on Sept. 20th. I'm not seeing a celiac specialist. I was torn, but I don't think this is a celiac issue. The scheduler was like WELL, YOU CAN GET IN SOONER (than the Oct appointment she offered first), BUT HOW FAR ARE YOU WILLING TO TRAVEL? She assumed I was IN the city. The sooner appointment is in the burbs - it's a hike, but a million times easier than the city. 

The day after my GP said she'd call in an antidepressant, she called to say that I can't take it because of the meds I take to control my pinkie pain. I decided that since I'm gonna see the new GI soon, I'll hold off on new meds. 

Oh, and - Friday, Coach and I drive to Omaha for family weekend with Tank. I'm REALLY looking forward to it. We enjoy his friends' parents so much. Reg and Curly have homecoming Saturday. Ed and his girlfriend are attending pictures and holding down the fort. 

There will be stories. 

- Ernie, aka ass-kicker


Bijoux said...

Good luck at your upcoming appointment. I’m with you; driving to any suburb is better than an appointment in any downtown. I can’t deal with the parking issues.

mbmom11 said...

Sorry about yet another rotten coach. This stinks for your Reg. Document everything, copy the principal and school board on all correspondence, and be a fearless advocate for your son. It might not change anything, but at least Reg knows you have his back.(Remember a fish rots from the head, so the AD or people above him are probably to blame for stinky coaches. Which means they'll probably double down and dusmiss your concerns, but you need to try.)
And really, I hate how coaches says"optional" and it's really not.
Maybe the golf coach can help point out that games have priority over practices? And it's unrealistic for a kid to be gone for 5 hours for a golf match and not have homework to do when they get back?
Good luck with the GI- hopefully they find your case intriguing!

Ally Bean said...

Ditto what Bijoux said. Also, I like how your proposed credentials: "ASS-KICKER. AND, ONE-WHO-SHOULD-NOT-BE-MESSED-WITH." Sometimes you have to tell people who you are because they don't seem to be able to figure it out on their own. 😜

Jenny in WV said...

It really stinks that Reg keeps getting awful coaches!

I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post about Lad's house, but I can only assume that 20-something males have different standards than me. In an area that gets snow and tornadoes, I would really be holding out for a garage and a basement! I hope it will all work out for him in the end, he liked the house enough to buy it, hopefully when/if he ever decides to sell someone else will too.

Good Luck with the new doc!

Colleen said...

Not again with a bad basketball coach!! Yikes, it's like these coaches aren't acting very professional at all. I would be scared of being accused of crossing the line with a student and be OVERLY professional, you know? Also, aren't you not allowed to start practicing for a winter sport until a certain time? That's why the practice is optional? Seems like it's really mandatory but they can't say that with league rules?

Nance said...

The whole "Optional is really Mandatory" crap is such BS. It's a wonder anyone survives any organized sports.

Your GF fudge bars look like they have broccoli in them! Or Gumby! lol

Cindy said...

Are the new coaches ideas coming from the top? What a mess. Hope it's all straightened out soon. Sounds like you're going to have fun at the family weekend with Tank! Enjoy every moment!

Pat Birnie said...

Oh man cannot believe you are still having basketball coach problems. The guy sounds like a moron. Good luck with the new doc & have fun on the family weekend!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You need Ass Kicker, PhD after your name.
What is it with the suckie coaches at that school? Why are we taunting children? I have a feeling this coach (and the others there) have an unnatural relationship with their mother. or Father. Or both.

I hope the Xray gives you guys an answer for his back issues; he's too young!!

I'd drive through any suburb to avoid a big city. ALL DAY, ANY DAY. Wishing you SO much luck with this doctor appointment; if only you could get a difinitive answer, your life will be so much better.

The chick coming out of your egg looks so real. I don't know that I could have eaten it.

Beth Cotell said...

The picture of the egg is simultaneously gross and fascinating!

And not another horrible coach!!!!!! Yikes!!!!

Ernie said...

Bijoux - So true. I go into the city for my rhuemologist appointments a few times a year and it sucks. It ends up being a whole day. I pay to valet my car. Worth it. The traffic is the pits though.

Ernie said...

mbmom11 - I blame the AD. He is lazy and just doesn't really bother to hire anyone who is right for the job. Across the board in all sports our school has issues with coaches. I've become buddies with a security guard at the school. He loves my kids and always talks to me when I enter the gym. He and I had a little chat after Curly's volleyball game the other day. I told him what was going on and he shook his head and told me how many coaches at our school are just awful/better options exist. I told him to keep his eye out for anything I might need to know with this b-ball coach. He's now my eyes behind the scenes.

I hope this next doctor has some thoughts that might help.

Ernie said...

Ally - It made me laugh when the schedule lady was like WELL, IF YOU'RE WILLING TO TRAVEL. i thoguht she meant out of state. Nope. Just a subrub. Sold, to the woman who loathes doc appointments in the city.

Coach emailed the cluelss coach, Suckie, and Suckie resonded that he'd be willing to sit down and discuss the team expectations. He called Coach by his first name and Coach was like, WHAT? READ MY CREDENITIALS. I wanted him to respond and say, YOU CAN CALL ME DOCTOR. But instead he responded and said NO NEED TO DISCUSS TEAM EXPECTATIONS. WE'VE HAD KIDS PLAYING VARSITY SPORTS AT THE SCHOOL FOR 9 OR 10 YEARS CONSECUTIVELY. WE UNDERSTND EXPECTATIONS. Funny how Suckie avoided the topic, which was MY KID HAS BACK PAIN. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ANATOMY - SO DON'T GIVE HIM MEDICAL ADVICE.

Ernie said...

Jenny - It does stink and I'm sure I sound like a helicopter parent but GIVE ME A BREAK. Reg showed me his phone last night. Suckie texted him four times badgering him about how his back should not be an issue if he is playing golf. What? Four responses? To me coaching isn't that complicated. Motivate your team. Lead. Set goals and reward those who work hard. Encourage team building. The end.

I sure hope you are right, if Lad liked the house maybe someone else will like it when it's time to sell. Knowing that he isn't great at maintenance of spaces, I'm uncertain how it will workout.

Ernie said...

Colleen - We really need a new AD. Probably won't happen in the time our kids are at the school. My friend was on the hiring committee and she said this guy was her last choice, and THEN they offered him tenure very early on. What now? He's proven himself lazy and clueless time and time again. No clue why they didn't do a search for an actual coach vs just scraping the bottom of the barrell. It's a long story, but there's a guy who coached Ed. He told Ed and I at a summer league game that Suckie is really not very bright and he really doesn't have a great basketball knowledge to boot. He loves a good kiss ass though, so Coach made Reg practice last night just saying over and over, SURE, GREAT IDEA, to whatever this guy says. Practices are optional and the coach isn't supposed to 'coach' during the optional open gyms. They are just for shooting around. Suckie is breaking the rules ALREADY.

Ernie said...

Nance - Amen. Optional is not defined as mandatory. The coach should've responded to Reg's "can't make the open gym tonight" with a simple good luck in your golf meet. No problem.

Ha. Yep. I use green food coloring in my GF Rocky Road bars so there is NO question what I can and cannot eat. I make them with gluten overload too. It does look like a little bit of Gumby's leg remnant from when Finn chewed him got mixed into the batter.

Ernie said...

Cindy - This coach is sharing a brain with Ego, the former coach who was unhinged. Suckie doesn't have enough brain cells to have his own brain function. Coach sent him a very strongly worded email and I emailed the principal who touched base with him, so hopefully he knows that we are not putting up with any crap.

We had a family situation that threw us off of our A game last night/this morning before we left to drive to Omaha. Coach almost didn't come. All seems to be straightented out so we are on our way and Yes - I'm looking forward to it. I packed just about every outfit I own because of the distraction this morning. I had no time to THINK. ;)

Ernie said...

Pat - By definition this guy does not have the elevator going to the top floor. Ed is friends with a former coach from the high school. He is someone we know and trust and we wish he would've been considered for the position. He filled us in on how this guy is just an idiot. Ugh. Reg knows we have his back and he is gonna just power thru. Hopefully this guy knows we won't be taking any garbage from him. Been there, done that.

I can't believe how soon I was able to get in with a new doc at this amazing hospital. I have high hopes. Not a moment too soon, because I'm about at the end of my rope. 6 great days and then off the rails. No rhyme or reason. Eating the same damn things.

We have so much fun with our kids' friends' parents. I wish they lived nearby, because socially we don't get out much - which is why I live for these weekends.

Ernie said...

Suz - Maybe I should get a t-shirt that says Ass Kicker, PhD. Then I can wear it to all the games. I've made a friend in a BIG security guard. He are on the same page. I asked him to be my eyes and let me know if he sees anything. So now I'm an ass kicker with a body guard. It pays to have people crazy about your kids.

Reg talks at length about his pains to our build in PT, so I was out of the loop on this and I had no idea that Coach was worried about a stress fracture. Lawdy. It's like a flash back to this time last year when his tendinopathy interfered with his season. Coach (same as last year) wishes he'd have it looked at sooner. Ugh.

I can't believe my doc appt is next week already. Not sure I'll have time to get my records sent there. I'm so excited not to drive downtown. Hell, there's a mall there. I can make this place work. And the appointment is Wed afternoon when Coach is available to cover my tots. I hope this guy can figure something out.

Not sure anyone will eat this 'chick'. ;)

Ernie said...

Beth - You said it. So funny that it seeped out of the shell and looked like a freaking chick. What?

Yeah, I sensed that this guy was going to suck in the summer when they named him, but Reg was upbeat and was like IT'LL BE FINE. My gut was probably right, but we are hoping that the team shapes up regardless of the dumb ass coach. High school is so short.

Sandy said...

I would take an appointment in the burbs anyday over going downtown. I don't parrel park and dislike parking in parking garages, and I get lost easily. Too many one way streets that complicate things in most downtown areas. Good luck with your appointment. I don't know what to think about this coach. Why is he messing with the best player? Doesn't make sense. Power in numbers? Have you tried having a meeting with other parents to see if other kids are also being messed with? This guy sounds borderline abbusive.

Ernie said...

Sandy- I am not a big fan of parallel parking either even with the rear camera assistance. I valet my car when I see my rheumatologist in the city. But traffic is so unpredictable.

So you may have missed the whole saga of the varsity coach that the school removed after formally investigating him after we shared our concerns. He WAS verbally abusive to our son. It seemed to be a case of narcissistic behavior- he felt threatened by Reg's knowledge and bball ability. It boggles the mind that they would just swap the two coaches. It seems like this guy is following in the other guy's footsteps.