September 18, 2023

A weekend of "Hi, I'm Tank's mom", wallet retrieving friends, and WAKE UP . . . it IS 9:30.

Combo party with the girls' house next door, thus
the rented tables and tablecloths vs the
 broken furniture scattered in their backyard.

Coach and I had a great time visiting Tank over the weekend. We enjoy his friends and their parents so much. There is never enough time and always more people I wished I'd gotten to visit with more, but having too many fun people to chat with is a good problem to have. 

We hit a little bump in the road Thursday evening and it threw me off my A-game. More on that later. I wanted to bring Tank cookies in addition to the pumpkin bread I'd already made him, so I pressed onward despite the distraction. I burned not one, but TWO sheets. The 'burned' cookies weren't charred, but they were darker than my standard issue. 


I texted him back:  YOU'RE FUNNY - THAT'S NOT HAPPENING. And would he eat browner than normal cookies. He responded:  IS THE POPE CATHOLIC? So I had to forgive him for asking me to go to the mall when I'm managing a heavy load at the moment. *I do promise this will be more clear . . . soon-ish.

I was still dealing with the bump when I drove Curly to school late on Friday. We allowed her to sleep in and miss consumer ec because she'd gotten home late from a volleyball tournament and had to study. 

Coach and I were 45 minutes from home when I realized that I didn't have my wallet. I was so confused. I don't even know what made me suddenly search my bag frantically for it. 

Then I realized:  I was on the phone dealing with the bump when I was on my way home from driving Curly. I hopped out of the Great White and left the wallet between the seats. We didn't drive GW to Omaha as he's retired from road trips. That old jalopy is lucky to make it to the next town. 

I called another mom who was also driving to Omaha from the Chicago burbs. She hadn't left yet. She and her husband agreed to stop at our house, put up the garage door with our code, and grab my wallet from GW. Hooray!

Life saver.
You might recall from the Costco trip I took a few years ago that Coach doesn't have a cash card. Still. STILL! I'd gotten cash out for the weekend. Plus I had my lipstick in there, my mascara, and the cord that plugs my phone into the car. The only reason my mascara was in there was because I wanted to remember to replace it - it's essentially empty. Has having it in my wallet helped me remember to replace it? No, it sure as hell hasn't. 

I could've survived without my wallet, but I wasn't sure if I'd get carded. I don't look 20 by any stretch, but sometimes they get fussy at those college bars. The bonus was we got to meet up with friends-who-deliver-wallets at the bar that night as they even brought it to where we were. Their son and Tank are not in the same fraternity, so our paths don't usually cross while in Omaha. We really enjoy them and have so many ON THE SAME PAGE things in common. They have 5 kids - many same or similar ages to ours. They get us, and not many people can say that. 

Wake up Tank! Sunday morning before we drove home, we planned to take Tank to breakfast. We agreed on 9:15 am. 

The shredded lettuce bag for the 7 layer
taco dip got a little wet in the cooler, so
 we dried it on a bath towel on our bed
 before the cookout. Some people are
 into rose petals on their beds,
or so I've heard.

We texted him to say we were on our way. We were a few minutes early. We texted:  HERE. Then Coach went inside his unlocked house and knocked on his locked bedroom door. At least that was locked. No response. Coach was like TOO BAD. HE DOESN'T WANT BREAKFAST. LET'S GO. I went inside and REALLY pounded on the door. Nothing. I was about to give up, but then I called "TANK" and I hear a clear as day:  YEAH?

After he realized it was me:  HUH, WE SAID 9:15. 





We enjoyed our breakfast, but we were at the place that has amazing GF coffee cake and they didn't have any. Boo  hiss. 

Unfortunately my dad went into the hospital on Friday with a UTI. Horrible timing in terms of me being able to visit him or stay with my mom, because I'd just left town. My sisters were at the ND game Saturday, but my brothers were available and my sisters were around Sunday. Because he has leukemia, he struggles to fight infections. He feels good and can't wait to come home but he still had a temp of 101 Sunday afternoon. Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated. I do expect that he'll recover soon. 

May your road bumps be small, your wallets be with you, and may pounding on doors in a fraternity house not be part of your coming week. 

What have you left behind when traveling? 


Nicole said...

Wow, what a wild weekend! Losing my wallet would make me immediately cry, so I'm glad you found it.
I hope your dad recovers quickly. Infections in older people are so worrisome, I'm glad he's getting medical care.

Beth Cotell said...

My son's frat house is the same. The front door is NEVER locked but their bedroom doors are always locked. I guess it's just easier that way. And Peter (who loves to sleep in) is always complaining about his brothers knocking on doors "too early" and waking him up. :)

Glad you guys had a great time this weekend and I will be praying for your dad. My mom had a UTI last week too but did not put her in the hospital thankfully.

Jenny in WV said...

I've always been "my home is my castle, and my drawbridge is up". We always keep the doors locked and the garage door down.

I did once leave my purse behind at a fire hall where were were attending some program. I don't think we made it too far down the road before I realized I'd left it behind and we were able to turn around.

I nearly always forget to pack something when traveling. Usually it is something like razors or shampoo, but there have been a few instances of forgetting various chargers, retainers, and once my toothbrush. Fortunately realized that one before the nearby dollar store closed for the night!

I hope your dad is better soon and the coming week is less stressful!

Bijoux said...

So sorry about your Dad. I hope he is feeling better. I’d be so freaked out with a wallet loss. The only travel loss I had was temporary. I left my curling iron in a hotel in Maui that we were only in for one night. I was operating on zero sleep and a 6 hour time difference. It was the first night of the trip. I eventually got it back, but for a while, they couldn’t locate it.

Kari said...

I hope your Dad feels better soon.

I freak out when I can't find my wallet. It typically falls into the crevices. I find I lose things a lot more these days...

Pat Birnie said...

Wow what a weekend. I so hope your dad recovers quickly. So lucky your friend could bring your wallet! I went through the same thing last week - went to our cottage and I left behind a fairly critical asthma med. Fortunately we had friends coming up and one of them was willing to take a 30 min detour and use our garage code to access the house & bring it to me. Friends are great!

Ernie said...

Nicole - It was not a good feeling, but I knew it wasn't lost. I knew it was either on my counter or in the van. I was so happy and lucky that my friend was home and hadn't left yet and didn't mind going out of her way to grab it for me.

He has a strain that is unresponsive to antibiotics or something. So he has to stay in the hospital ANOTHER night. I saw him this evening. He really wants to come home and my mom really wants him to get home. Hopefully tomorrow.

Ernie said...

Beth - That is so funny. I guess if you know one frat house's habits, you know them all. I was like - if I hadn't said your name, we would've driven home and you would've had no breakfast out with us.

It was a fun weekend. It always goes by so fast. I wish we could hang out with these families more often. Such great people.

Yeah, Dad is feeling fine but they need to be sure the new meds will take care of this infection since it is resistant. He was in good spirits when I saw him. I have a good friend who is a nurse at the hospital and she's gonna go visit him tomorrow. We grew up together so he'll be thrilled.

Ernie said...

Jenny - I like your drawbridge saying. We wish our drawbridge was up - Coach about loses his mind when the garage door is left up all night. Goofy forgetful kids.

I've left my purse places before and it's so embarrassing, because who does that? Usually I've done that at church and that's a no brainer because usually church is not filled with thieves. I once went through airport security and I left my camera bag at the security. Goodness. I was pregnant at the time, so maybe blame pregnancy brain. Fortunately it was there when I raced back, like 25 minutes later. Duh.

Ernie said...

Bijoux - It was so hard to believe that I left my wallet at home. I always leave it on top of my bag or purse. Space case. A few years ago when Curly was still dancing, we lost her BRAND new jeans and BRAND new shirt in a hotel room. It was because the hotel room wreaked of cigarette smoke and we changed rooms. I kept telling Curly that it was in a dance dress bag or some other weird place and by the time I realized we didn't have it - it was too late. The hotel didn't have it anymore. Boo hoo.

Fingers crossed that the new meds work and Dad can come home tomorrow. He was in good spirits, but he wants to get home and I don't want him catching anything else there. He has no immunity so he gets into troulbe when he gets a germ.

Ernie said...

Kari - Thanks. He is feeling better. Hopefully the new meds do the trick and they will let him come home tomorrow.

I've lost my wallet in a car before. My car eats things. I hate losing things.

Ernie said...

Pat - It was a great weekend, but man - the timing. It was lousy for me to be away when my dad went in the hospital. I did see him tongight and he seemed to be doing fine. He didn't sleep great last night, so hopefully he gets a better night sleep tonight.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have dreams where I've misplaced (or it was stolen) my wallet. Those are nightmares. Thank goodness for reliable friends!!

I'm dying at the pic of the drying lettuce on the bed. I mean, I/we should be used to this, but it's a new one. :)

I hope the Speed Bump has sorted itself out. Or you sorted it out.

Prayers for you Dad!!! XO

Ernie said...

Suz - To think I stood in my kitchen and ran through the usual checklist: charger, phone, food, snacks, laptop . . . but never thought to be sure my wallet was in my bag. I'm so surprised that FOR NO REASON at all I started rifling through my bag in search of my wallet. My 6th sense, I guess.

We packed the food in a hurry since we'd been a bit derailed and were leaving later than planned. The bag of lettuce taking on water from melted ice was a bummer, but HELLO, BATH TOWEL AND BED. Ha.

He reported this morning that the burning and urgency is gone, so I think they will discover that this med is working and hopefully that means he'll be able to come home today. Crazy how the parents can be fine and healthy one day and the next - we've got dad in the hospital and Mom sleeping on the couch because he called and woke her so early and then her falling off said couch. She's fine, thankfully - but sheesh.

Kara said...

My kids are great at leaving the garage door open. So when the motor needed to be replaced (it was 17 years old) we got a smart opener. It's great. We all have apps on our phones to open and shut the door, and Alexa can open and shut the door too. After 45 minutes the door closes on its own.

Ernie said...

Kara - This sounds dreamy. The next time our garage door falters, I'm looking into a smart opener. I wonder if one day my opener will be smarter than me, knowing when my kids come and go, etc. ;)

Kara said...

Oh that's the glory of the app! It tells me which phone opened and closed the door at what time.

Ally Bean said...

Nice way to dry lettuce. It looks like it could be the boudoir of Jessica Rabbit! Glad your weekend was fun and exciting, but not too much.

Ernie said...

Ally - Jessica Rabbit, or her friend Peter. Hee hee. We are think-outside-the-box type people. Yes, it was smooth sailing once we arrived. We are very grateful for the friends that our kids tend to be drawn to.