August 14, 2023

fashion: retro brown outfit, black dress and boots despite summer, new dress & other updates

Was I hot and sweaty posing for this pic in August?
A smidge. I do love this dress. I wore it for Christmas.
I wore it again for the March wedding we attended. 

I like the lines on the
dress. I wasn't sure you
 could see them in the other
 photo, so I told Mini to
take a close up.
FASHION:  I referenced these outfits in a post last week. I forgot to share the pics after I was distracted by my key fob disaster. 

I wore a new dress on Thursday for our anniversary when we went into the city to celebrate. Now I had the makings of a fashion post:  a rarity for me. I think if you are all honest about my brown outfit (scroll down) from the glory days, we will agree why a fashion post is not where I shine. 

It started raining when we arrived downtown. We walked to an Irish pub that Coach wanted to visit before dinner. The pub was on the river. We hoped to sit outside, but the guys were wiping down the tables and chairs after the short rain. 




This dress is kind
of a lot. It has
 a 3 tiered skirt.
 It was super comfy.
I think it needs
 dark pink shoes.

I bought it on sale, not knowing if I would ever have the nerve to wear it. It's a little colorful and frilly for me. It's made by Desigual, a brand that never disappoints. A couple sitting at the next table at dinner was also celebrating an anniversary. They were much younger, but when we stopped to tell them happy anniversary, she also complimented my dress. P:erhaps I've progressed from my brown outfit of yesteryear, hopefully. 


Tank is back at school. I drove him out to Omaha on Friday and then I drove back on Saturday. On the drive out, I called my dad. 



Dad:  SHEESH. *as in, he can't keep track of me


Dad cracked up at this. 

Brown skirt - looks
like it is made of
 leaves. Brown heels that I bought
 especially for this outfit. Brown
 iridescent jacket. I wore this to our
 school's auction the year before
 Curly was born and I
 wore it to her baptism.
In case you missed that post, I thought I
was gonna wear this to the wedding we
 were going to. It felt like I'd
 just worn it like last year.
Um, try 15 years ago.

When Tank and I passed a pig truck, Tank quoted Uncle Marty:  THOSE POOR PIGS. 

I already miss not having Tank home. After his semester abroad ordeal, he and I got pretty tight. I wish I could've taken the weight of his crisis from him. He worked so hard in therapy all summer to get well and he's made huge progress. 

I sent an email to the director of travel abroad at his University and I was not pleased with his response. He was like WELL, TANK SIGNED OFF ON ALL OF THE HANDBOOK/POLICIES. 

Really? Did you spell out in these policies - no one will help you if you struggle and you will have to beg us for permission for every single class that you take and the counselor here will get snippy when you are required to sit down with her, saying THIS ISN'T MY FULL TIME JOB. 

When I get a minute, I'll respond back. This isn't over, Ass wipe. 

We go to Omaha mid September for parents' weekend. I'm already looking forward to it. We'll once again miss homecoming for the 2 high school kids. Oops. Ed and his girlfriend will hopefully handle homecoming 'pictures' for us. Plus, Ed lives here now, so he can be sure that Reg wasn't being serious when he told us: SWEET  - OC at my house

OC translates to 'open crib'. Yeah, very funny Reg. Not happening. 

Curly made the varsity volleyball team. She is underwhelmed. Making varsity is a good problem to have, and she understands this. Her issue:  all her besties are on the sophomore team. She was SO looking forward to playing with them again this year. Plus, the varsity team has 3 older girls who play the same position Curly plays. She isn't expecting to play much, but the coach swears she'll improve a lot. 

Ed passed the first part of the CPA test that he took July 3rd. A bird pooped on him as he left the test that day. We were with Ed's GF on the 4th of July and she and her mom swore up and down that bird pooping on you is good luck. I was like, YEAH, BUT THAT WAS AFTER THE TEST. NOT SURE THAT'S RETROACTIVE. 

Lad breezed in last week and asked if he could use my washer because his washer wasn't working. He claimed that he used it twice and it worked fine. If you are a mathematician, then you will grasp that doing laundry twice since mid June is just gross. I worry about him, not just because he might smell. I'm praying that he decides to try meds for ADD soon. I did let him use my machine, in case you are wondering. 

Reg is starting college essay writing, well - he at least looked up the prompts today, so that's progress. Right? This will probably not shock you, but Ego, the deranged bully coach and teacher, was removed as varsity coach but he has been assigned the sophomore boy b-ball coach job. Stupid and dumb. That's all I can say about that. 

Mini came home from caddying last week and shared a story that is my new favorite caddy story. Her golfer, Grady - who has been a patient of Coach's and who has used our boys as caddies numerous times, was chatting with her. He said, OH, YOU WENT TO DIVERSE HIGH? AND YOU PLAYED BASKETBALL? WELL, THEN YOU MUST KNOW THE SHENANIGANS.

Mini:  Um, yeah. I AM a Shenanigan. I'm Mini Shenanigan. 

How funny is that? It just goes to show you that you can't always tell a Shenanigan, even if you SHOULD be able to. 

Did you know what OC meant? Can you believe the Ego situation? Did you know that bird pooping on you is good luck? Thoughts on the brown outfit? Are you relieved I wore the black outfit to the wedding?


Pat Birnie said...

I love that Desigual dress. it’s a company from Spain I believe and they have such unique & colourful clothes. I had a Desigual skirt that everyone commented on. I think you could have also worn that to the wedding. The black dress & boots are really cute. The brown outfit is…..fine; doesn’t suit your special personality!

mbmom11 said...

I love the brown outfit, and your anniversary dress is great! You've got the legs for it, for sure!
I would talk to the principle about the Ego situation. There have to be plenty of people who would love to coach (this is Illinois, and high school sports seem to rank high for many dudes of all ages). How does moving him to sophomore address his awful treatment of players? That's just wrong.
And I hope you verbally flay the director of the Ireland program. And make sure you send a copy to all other related departments and every administrator you can think of- most colleges do not like offending parents and potential donors. Make some noise!

Bijoux said...

OC only means Orange County to me. Why does the black dress look grey close up? Ok, I’m probably weird, but I won’t wear black to a wedding, just like I wouldn’t wear white to a wedding. I do like the short, colorful dress, though I’m usually a solid color girl. I did know bird pooping on a person is good luck, but I’ll skip it.

Nicole said...

I LOVE THAT BLACK DRESS! Thank you for braving the heat, the sacrifices we make for our blogs! It looks great on you and I love the boots too. The colourful dress is very fun, and I think the white sandals suit it - but dark pink would as well.

Ernie said...

Pat - I am not surprised that you owned a skirt by Desigual that scored you a lot of compliments. I didn't know that they are based in Spain. I have another Desigual dress that I wore a ton back in the day. Curly was with me when I bought it. She hated it until I tried it on and then she was like OH, I LIKE IT. She was probably about 8 years old.

I would wear the bright dress to a wedding, but the wedding we went to was in March and it was about 25 degrees out.

Ernie said...

mbmom11 - My kids have forbidden me from ever wearing the brown ensemble again. I still don't think it looks that bad. I guess long flowy skirts are not in, but I've been to Europe to visit kids studying abroad and it seems that ANYTHING goes.

I'd like to share my point of view with the principal. It seems so stupid to shuffle him to another team to make him someone else's problem. Shame on them. I wonder if the school board should become aware of the situation. Hmm.

I like your angle on the college issue. My letter was long and detailed and heart wrenching. I do believe that if the study abroad program hadn't set Tank's anxiety off, then it would've been something else - BUT that could've gone so much worse and I think the school should be accountable for providing students with an environment that is at least predictable and manageable.

Ernie said...

Bijoux - I bet you are so happy to now know that OC can mean open crib. Think of all the parties you might otherwise have missed. ;)

I see where you are coming from on wearing black to a wedding, but I see a lot of black dresses, especially for an evening wedding. I feel like it is a somewhat formal color. My dress DOES look gray-ish. In fact, I initially bought gray tights to wear with it.

I was popped on by a bird in Florida in spring of '21 and I do not recall feeling especially lucky afterwards, although I did get to meet my blog friend, Suz - and I will count that as good luck.

Ernie said...

Nicole - I was thinking the same thing when I was digging through my closet, behind my wall of 6 pack and plays that I store in there, to find my boots. Those boots are as OLD as time. One of the heels is missing the little black square thing on the heel. I love that dress. It is my new go-to staple.

The white sandals have a little wedge to them and while I did have navy wedges, Mini liked these better. Plus, we were going to be walking a lot in the city and the navy sandals offer amazing support, they are ancient and a little stretched out and I was afraid I'd roll my ankle. I felt very hip and light in that dress, so it was definitely fun to wear.

Nance said...

I think the brown outfit is mostly dated by the jacket. Long boho skirts never truly go out of style.

It's a shame that the varsity coach is now going to pull the same crap on even younger, more impressionable kids, but it's possible that he's been put on a short, tight leash. The board could have been constrained by contract or even union issues. I bet he doesn't stick around after this coming school year.

Ernie said...

Nance - Oh, I think that you make a good point about the skirt. I can see that skirt with a different top would look more hip.

Most of the sophomore boys on the team are friends with Curly. The boys and their parents know what went down, so hopefully they stick up for what's right. I do also think that he has been warned to behave. I don't think he will leave in a year - no way. He will milk his money out of the school for as long as possible. Unfortunately. I've already spoken to Curly's counselor. She will not be in his classroom. Ever.

Colleen said...

Our lives are so similar! We are bringing Andrew out to college, then JP leaves a week later. Maggie will definitely make Varsity volleyball as a Sophomore, she played a lot on V last year but she had the same response when called up to play V basketball last year...she preferred to stay on JV with friends and get more playing time. Curly should practice with V and maybe the other team if it's possible, and then play for both teams. There's rules about how many games you can play on each team, but I would hate for her to not get playing time just bc the coach wants her practicing with V. I love your black dress, and really you can pull of most looks because of your fit (I think that's what the kids are calling it these days?).

Kari said...

I did not know this about bird poop. We have lots of bird poop in our yard, so we have lots of good luck. 😊

I love that colorful dress! You look so good in it. ❤️

Busy Bee Suz said...

I also thought OC meant Orange County. 😜

I love the colorful dress, but I agree you should find some dark pink shoes....but Navy would be great and less of a focal point. Girl, you've got the legs for a short dress and I want you to retire the brown outfit. It's too matronly for you. MEOW.

I thought everyone knew that birds pooping on you is good luck. What does it mean if you have dogs pooping in your car? Good luck? (post coming soon!)

I love all the updates on your kiddos, cringing at Lad and his lack of doing laundry situation. I hope he IS doing well otherwise, and I pray that Tank has a good school year. XOXO

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

It's so fun to get complimented on your clothing choices, especially when it's an outfit that's kind of out of your comfort zone! Love the colors of that dress! And the detailing on the black dress are so cool.

I have definitely heard that a bird pooping on you is good luck. Sure.

Ernie said...

Colleen - Because of your 'fit' - that's a new one to me.

The college drop off time is such a tough time of year. It's exciting for them, but hard on my heart. I miss my kids when they aren't home. It is such an adjustment. I'm grateful for football season and parent weekends that pop up so early in the fall. Those visits are so much fun. And then here we are with another senior to guide and support as he applies to colleges.

I thought of Maggie and her varsity basketball situation last year. Mini spoke to the coach twice about whether or not varsity was a good fit for her/ whether or not he thought she'd play in games and improve, etc. He will not let her play sophomore. He said she could maybe play in a tournament with sophomores if varsity has practice during a soph tournament. She won't really be getting to play with both teams much, if at all. Oh well. Next year her friends will be on varsity.

Ernie said...

Kari - Thanks. Well, you must be very lucky.

Ernie said...

Suz - Oh gosh the dog pooping in the car is definitely NOT good luck. *how did it take me this long to get back here to respond to your comment when the post about the dog poop has already happened?

I do not mind shopping for dark pink shoes. It's good to have a goal.

I think the brown outfit has seen its last day. Promise. My kids would tackle me if I tried to wear it out of the house.

How can one only do laundry once a month? I hope he owns LOTS of underwear. Tank sent a pic last night that he took with his housemates. They did a first day of school photo. One is normal: guys sitting on the porch. The next one is them posing like they are VonTrapp family singers and they are all lined up and peeking in opposite directions. Not sure I'm explaining that right, but very funny.

Ernie said...

Suzanne - It is true that it was fun to wear a dress that I normally wouldn't wear. Getting compliments was the icing on the cake.

I'd prefer to rub a rabbit's foot for luck. ;)

Ally Bean said...

Did you know what OC meant? No, but you would expect me too, would you?

Can you believe the Ego situation? Well... ego is as ego does.

Did you know that bird pooping on you is good luck? Yes, but I don't believe it.

Thoughts on the brown outfit? Are you relieved I wore the black outfit to the wedding? I like the brown outfit, but know that brown is a tricky color to wear without looking sickly. Black is easier.

Bibliomama said...

I did not know what OC meant. I have heard the bird poop thing but I think it's just something people say to console themselves because of having had a bird crap on them.
The Desigual dress is gorgeous and I would compliment anyone I saw wearing it.
Disappointed but not surprised by the Ego thing.

Ernie said...

Ally - I guess you do have a point - No, I would NOT expect you to know that OC meant open crib.

The Ego thing is such a fail on the part of the administration for not actually handling things.

I'm laughing that brown can make someone look sickly. You might be right. I hadn't considered that.

Ernie said...

Ali - Now you can invite your group of friends over by inviting them to your OC. You heared it here first.

Flipping the bird poop thing into a good luck thing does seem like a way to console oneself. It's so gross and what if you don't have baby wipes in your purse?

That dress is so well put togehter - the high waist and the subtle ruffles hides the stuff I want hidden. Yesterday I was at 6 Flags Great America and I wore a tank top that I love and was marked down to $8, but it was in the teen section and it is stupidly short - not a crop top, but not generous. The bottom of it rested right on my widest belly part. I told Mini that I felt like I looked a little like Humpty Dumpty. She laughed a little too hard, me thinks.

Beth Cotell said...

HOW is Ego still allowed to coach????

Also, why do I actually like the brown outfit?

I hope Lad starts those meds soon and of course, you let him use your washer. I'm glad he asked because it sounds like he really needed some help (and some clean underwear!)

Ernie said...

Beth - It is so frustrating that Ego is still coaching. Just nuts.

I don't mind the brown outfit either. I'm fine moving on to other things, but my kids' reaction to me almost wearing it was a hoot.

Lad is apparently not about to take meds. It is weighing on my heart but he won't speak to me anymore.