August 31, 2023

dizzy, look away, we don't call her Mini cuz she reminds us of Coach, & a fashion question

Dizzy:  The morning after I drove back from Omaha, I woke up dizzy. Walking to the bathroom was dicey. Fortunately, dizziness is not normal for me. This was the worst dizziness I ever encountered. 

I deduced it was linked to my plumbing. The only detail I'll share - on the drive home I didn't eat the lunch that I'd packed until I stopped for gas, like 6 hours in. I was almost home. Tank and I had eaten breakfast out. The place had an amazing GF coffee cake, and I treated myself. It filled me up. We ate dinner shortly after I arrived home. 

My guess:  this sort of 'cluster' eating - which is rare for me, where my meals aren't well dispersed, makes my insides upset. A few hours into the day, the dizziness subsided. 

SIMULTANEOUSLY, my right eye was bloodshot. Understatement. I have a photo, but I figure you'd thank me for not posting it. I didn't DO anything to my eye. (it wasn't weeping, oozing, itchy, or anything). It hadn't been bumped, poked, or strained. What gives? Was it related to the dizzy spell? 

I'd gone for a run the morning prior in Omaha. I tripped, became horizontally  airborne, landed on my toes, and stumbled forward a few giant steps before finally catching myself in a vertical position. It's a small miracle that I didn't leave a significant skin sample on the Omaha street. I don't think this almost-fall harmed my eye. Did my eyes pop out of my head momentarily in cartoon fashion? Well, yes. I believe they did.  

Anyway, my eye was so distracting that Mini couldn't look at me. I forgot that I looked like a zombie until I encountered a cringing Mini. "LOOK AWAY, LOOK AWAY!" she'd holler. 

I accompanied her to her dermatology appointment that Monday. In that small room, she struggled to converse with me  and my eye offensiveness. No judgement here, because I'm squeamish too and had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror. 

She's not called Mini cuz she reminds us of Coach. 

I spoke to the dermatologist with one hand covering my eye like a patch. I explained my predicament and my kid's gross out factor, but I felt like HI, WE'RE NOT MAINSTREAM. 

I made an appointment to see my doc, but I cancelled. I assumed it was just a bruise and I wanted to avoid the $80 copay. I made the right call, because the redness cleared up later in the week. 

Nightmare insurance:  I've been sending in Tank's receipts from OCD therapy. Twice a week, then once a week, now zooms from school. No one at Blue Cross Blue Shield bothered to call and say, YO CRAZY, STOP WITH THESE SILLY RECEIPTS. YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE OUT OF NETWORK BENEFITS. 

Dang, I don't think you can
even see the wedge part. 

As in, zero. Zilch. 

Is it just us? Our amazing insurance plan morphed into something we cannot identify. They've added loopholes, Jedi mind tricks, and other trickery. Maybe our medical expenses will benefit us by demonstrating that we need all the help we can get and Reg will be awarded the Evans Scholarship like Mini. 

While typing this post, I got a call from BCBS inviting me to take a survey. I normally decline, but this time - YES! It recorded my voice. Sweet. I let them know that I didn't have an issue with their workers, but their poor excuse for insurance:    inexcusable. 

Coach has always chosen the middle of the road plan. Never the most expensive, never the cheapest. We have $5K deductibles per person, and a $10K family deductible. Then there are out of pocket expenses, and now we realize, no out of network benefits. 

Mini preferred theses
 athletic type shoes.

I hope they play my voice recording at their next board meeting. 

I have an update on my missing GI doc, but that's enough medical chit chat for today. 

Heels?:  A mom I sit for sells Zyia clothing. I hosted a Zyia party mid August. If you'd like the link to order stuff, let me know. Anyway, I wore my new FAVORITE dress from Beyond Yoga. I stalked it for weeks. I bought it at 50% off. It's butter soft and has a built in shelf bra. Fab color, too.


I don't think my wedge sandals qualify as 'heels'. Mini prefer I wear workout shoes with it. Thoughts? 

*my next post will pop up on Tuesday because Monday is a holiday. Thanks so much for visiting and enjoy your long weekend, friends.


Nicole said...

If I have said it once I have said it a million times, the US health system makes no sense to me. It is so complicated and expensive! It's so counterintuitive, a person who is sick shouldn't be worried about payment and bills, they should be worried about getting better.
Anyway, I'm glad you're not dizzy or red-eyed anymore.
I love that blue dress and STRONG DISAGREE WITH MINI. Those black shoes go really well with the dress and the other ones don't look as nice.

Nance said...

The dress is great, but stay away from your daughter's advice on shoes. Yikes.

I am so incredibly annoyed with our system of health insurance. It's convoluted and stupid. Keeping up with it is a part-time job.

DG said...

DO NOT WEAR THE WORKOUT SHOES!! That dress looks amazing on you and your rockin bod!

Colleen said...

A pair of cute sandals is much better with that dress, sorry Mini!

Pat Birnie said...

I’m with Nicole on the US health system— so terrible to have to worry about $$ when you have a health issue. I had that eye thing twice in my life. Apparently it’s a blood vessel that breaks for some reason. It is a shock to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and see the white of your eye entirely red. It’s so creepy looking. I agree with the rest of your more mature readers the black shoes look best!

Jenny in WV said...

I'd go with sandals for the dress, although I would be willing to concede to a slightly more casual sandal maybe a Birkenstock type style.

Ally Bean said...

Your insurance nightmare makes so little sense that yet we all have to go through hoops to force these evil companies to do what they're supposed to do. I'm sorry you're dealing with this.

I don't like the athletic shoes with the pretty dress. She's living in a different fashion world than we are.

Kari said...

I love the dress with the black shoes. The silver shoes are really cool, but would be better with a different outfit.

Insurance in America is really sad. Everyone should have it. Healthcare should be free. Don't even get me started. I guess I already did get started. 🤣

Bijoux said...

Blue Cross was the worst health insurance we ever had. Just sayin! I'm cracking up that your daughter likes the athletic shoes with the dress. Like, WHAT?? Any type of sandal would look better!

mbmom11 said...

That dress is amazing on you- awesome color- and the black shoes are perfect. Mini loses on this one.

Ernie said...

Nicole - I have had it with our health insurance. I just learned that they we had NO out of network benefits and Tank's OCD treatment came highly recommended. We get zero back for it. $240/session and for a few months it was 2x a week. No wonder I feel like we are scraping the bottom of the piggy bank.

I KNEW it. I'm so glad that everyone agrees with me. Just when I thought I could rely on my daughter for fashion advice.

I'm glad to no longer be dizzy or be a red-eyed freak either. ;)

Ernie said...

Nance - Ha, I agree. I think I should've texted Ed's girlfriend this time. She is a fashioniesta.

You are so right. I need to call BCBS again but OH MY GOSH. I DREAD IT.

Ernie said...

DG - Just because it is made by a yoga company doesn't mean I have to wear workout shoes. See, that's what my gut told me.

Ernie said...

Colleen- I love that I'm winning. When Mini is concerned, that doesn't happen very often.

Ernie said...

Pat - Health insurance. It's like organized crime or forgiven crime. I don't get it.

YES- that was a shock to wake up and look at my eye and think WHAT ON EARTH? Mini really couldn't handle it.

I should've done one of those voting tally things, but I'm not so high tech. Look at all the votes I'm getting.

Ernie said...

Jenny - I've got sandals. I can pair them with a few other pairs, but the workout shoe thing didn't seem right.

Ernie said...

Ally - I literally feel like the BCBS is robbing us blind. And getting away with it. It gives me a pit in my stomach. What would it have been like is someone reached out to let us know that the receipts I was sending in wouldn't be reimbursed. Garbage.

Ha - yes, she is living in a different fashion world. Indeed.

Ernie said...

Kari - I agree, the gray shoes are cute, but they don't work with the dress. Silly, Mini.

Insurance is such a joke. I want the US to get a president who fixes it.

Ernie said...

Bijoux - I was OVER the moon to get BCBS, but it has become a total joke. TOTAL.

I'm so glad I checked here before I wore those shoes with that dress again.

Ernie said...

mbmom11 - Thank you. I'm SO glad that it was still in stock in my size after I stalked it for WEEKS. It was marked down, but I waited for it to be marked down to 50% off. I do love it. I wish it had built in under shorts, because it IS short.

Curly always says Mimi should be a lawyer, because she always wins an arguement. Not this time!

Gigi said...

The dress is great and if I only could choose from those two shoes it would be the black ones. But I would usually tend to choose a neutral flat sandal or wedge for that dress.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Dizzy, and you still went running? I think we might know the issue here, can you go find a mirror? 😜😳
Oh, nevermind. You don't want to look if that eye is still red.
Did I ever tell you that I gave myself a red/bloodshot eye by being angry for a minute: Popped a damn blood vessel. I mean, there might be a time that you got angry real quick and forgot about it.

I like the dress with the black shoes; wedges aren't heels. You could get away with either really. The dress is super cute. Send me a link to the shopping stuff!!

Insurance is the worst. I mean, we're thankful to have it, but it NEVER goes as planned.

Ernie said...

Gigi - I do love this dress. The fabric is butter soft. I LOVE a built in bra. The black sandals are a wedge - but I know it is hard to see in the pic. I do have some other flat sandals that would work. Maybe they are a little less 'dressy.'

Ernie said...

Suz - I did NOT go running when I felt dizzy. I could barely walk to the bathroom. The running I'm referring to is the day before when I nearly fell - that's when I was still in Omaha. I wonder if the strain of trying not to face plant on the sidewalk could've caused a blood vessel in my eye to pop, but wouldn't it have shown up right away vs 24 hours later?

I want to make a 'wedges aren't heels' t-shirt and make Mini wear it. Maybe it's her 6 foot height that leaves her with an aversion to wedges and has her mislabeling them as heels. All things that make her taller might be bad in her estimation. ;)

Insurance is a great thing, but when dang if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg just to have it and then the nickel and diming that turns into a grand here and a grand there is killing me.