May 15, 2023

If I only had a brain, you're laughing WITH me, right?

I'm a day late, but I do hope you felt appreciated and loved yesterday for whatever your role is in the lives of your children, or your family members, or your friends. Also, I'm thinking of everyone whose mother has passed away. 


I've had some brain power lapses lately. 

I won't be surprised if the Jewel strawberries that didn't make it home with me a few weeks ago eventually show up somewhere in my car. 

I went to the store last week. This shouldn't be a novel concept, but yet I don't make dinner as often with less kids home and I also don't have a regular grocery day anymore. This has wreaked havoc on menu planning and life in general, but I haven't corrected the situation yet. 

A few days after the grocery store, I was in the back of Great White, buckling kids in the way-back car seats. I happened to glance into the trunk area where I have a buggy. *groan* 

I'd forgotten to unload the $20 of chicken thighs and a bag of apples that I'd placed in the stroller on the way home from the store. The apples were fine. The $20 was lost, sadly. I wanted to kick myself, but my oops from a few weeks prior deserved an even bigger self-kick . . . 

Unrelated - unless we want to give me credit for having the brain power to walk to my parents' house and NOT lose any of the 9 children in my care on Tuesdays. My aunt was at Mom's and she LOVES little guys. I brought my peeps and a parachute and we played games with the two, delighted elderly ladies. 

When I bought Tank his round trip airfare to Ireland, I paid a little extra for a ticket that was flexible. We weren't sure when finals would be, or if he'd want to travel a bit at the end of his Ireland semester. My brain translated this flexible ticket to a purchased seat any 'ole day he chose to travel:  I'LL JUST MOVE HIS TICKET TO A DIFFERENT DAY ONCE HE DECIDES. 

As you know, there were distractions and issues while Tank was over there. It never felt pressing or pertinent to insist that he lock into an end of year travel plan. Finally he and I mapped out what he would do at the end of his semester. As I prepared to call Aer Lingus to adjust his flight, I felt a little queasy. 

Duh, it suddenly clicked with me. In order to change his May flight home in April, I'd have to pay somewhat last minute fares. I cringed as the lady shared the difference in flight. $400. Ouch. 

I texted Tank and told him we would have to split the cost. When I told Mom about my oversight, she said she'd pay for half of it, which was very generous of her. 

I took a deep breath and ultimately decided to let myself off the hook. It can't be helped. The good news is that Tank has overcome his mental health crisis with the help of medication and that he's looking forward to seeing Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin before he flies home on May 28th. 

I wish that was the only brain fart of late. Nope. 

I got a ton of texts la few weeks ago on a Thursday, all at the same time. Updates on Uncle from my sibs, etc. I was busy and kept reminding myself that there was a message I still needed to read. I ran to the library after tot-pick up, made a few of Ed's banners, and then realized I hadn't made dinner. Dang. I mistakenly convinced myself that I still had time to make the dirty rice before I had to drive Curly to b-ball, which was the exact opposite direction of my college book club. 

I requested Curly's help to stir the meat and veggies as I chopped more veggies. She complained that the pan was overflowing, so I got out another frying pan and we dumped some in it. In the process a few vegetable chunks fell under the pan. Curly said something was burning, but I told her it was just the man-overboard veggies.

I was making brown rice. I was charbroiling brown rice without realizing it. When I covered the pan, I must've forgotten to turn down the burner. I was inhaling the smell of the chopped onion, peppers, etc. and I didn't notice. I could not believe I did that. 

We were running late for basketball - on a night when I vowed to get her there early so I could get to book club on time. I hired Becky's daughter to pick up Curly, because Reg and Coach were in South Carolina for basketball. 

As Curly got out of the car, I felt like she was forgetting something. I glanced around. Nothing. I had a feeling she'd be calling me, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why. Two minutes later, she called me. 

There was no practice. The gym was set up for a party or something. Then I remembered the one text I never opened. It was from her AAU league's group chat alerting everyone that there was no practice. 

Now I had to bring her all the way home before going to book club. It was fine, not the end of the world. but this was one of those times I really didn't want to have to drive to basketball in the first place and it turned out I DIDN'T NEED TO GO THERE. It's 25 minutes from home. I called and told Becky's daughter that I wouldn't be needing her, but I'd hire her another time. Curly offered to hop out at the corner and walk through the church parking lot to our house, so I could shave off a few minutes to get to book club. 




As she got out of the car with money I gave her to buy a slushie, she thanked me, then stopped herself. UM, THANKS

I've got a few things on my mind, but it would be nice if my mind would agree to juggle the usual load and handle the new 'situation' without me doing dumb stuff. 

Have you done anything dumb lately? Did it cost you as much as a slushy or as much as a flight home from Ireland? 


Nicole said...

You have so much going on, I'm not surprised you've had these "shorts" happening. So much busyness and stress and health things! I think you need a break!

mbmom11 said...

I had to make reservation for a hotel room when bringing my son back to college. I found a great room at a good rate and reserved it about 3 weeks ahead- so organized! I sent my son the copy of the reservation, and he pointed out I had hit the wrong Friday. Called the website to change it within minutes of making the reservation to fix, and it was no refundable, no changes allowed. So I had to eat that cost.
I bough some lovely brown eggs to make hard boiled ones for breakfasts, poped them in the instapot, and forgot them for 3 hours. It was not pretty - I had to throw away the results.
Maybe we can blame the pollen count?

Kara said...

I have a lot of stress right now, and it's definitely making my brain not work correctly. We have put off everything, and yesterday decided to throw a graduation party next weekend, because why not? We also hadn't booked summer flights for the kids, but somehow flights to Boston are cheaper at this minute than they were three months ago? For flights that leave in less than three weeks. I'm not sure how that math is mathing, but I'll take it.

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Ernie, with so many balls in the air, it's not surprising that one drops once in a while! You have a LOT going on. I think you focus on all the many wins and give yourself grace for the things that slip.

The $400 error -- yikes. I made an error last fall that cost us $100. On my part, it was TOTALLY 100% avoidable, I just... was dumb. It makes me cringe to this day.

Ernie said...

Nicole - Believe it or not there is more going on behind the scenes here than what I've written about. So many things have settled down, but then there are other THINGS. Such is life though.

Ernie said...

mbmom11 - I know what is going on in my brain and it is unrelated to pollen. It's pretty big. But back when my allergies made me NUTS, I would totally have felt right about blaming pollen.

I once booked a hotel room for a wedding, far in advance. Then I must've forgotten and booked a hotel room just before the wedding. It wasn't until after the wedding when we had not stayed in the original room that I realized that I'd paid for an unused room. That was a TOUGH mistake to swallow. It was back in the day when things were REALLY tight. Ugh. This is what it means to be human, apparently.

Ernie said...

Kara - A last minute grad party? Fun . . . and hectic. Really hectic. We are on the fence about hosting a party for Ed. It's fun to have a party Ed is very focused on the CPA studies, so he isn't pushing for one. Hmmm.

Cheap flights to Boston? Hooray!

Ernie said...

Nance - Well aren't you a lucky one to have a staff. Do you eat a lot of bon bons then? Ha. I do hope that having college kids home will mean I can send other people to the grocery store on my behalf. Hopefully the people I choose will manage to empty ALL of the groceries.

Ernie said...

Suzanne- I have been giving myself a lot of grace. What choice do I have? It really is not fun to beat myself up for something that cannot be fixed. I would be upset about a $100 mistake, thus the $400 mind blip was tough to swallow.

Kari said...

My brain fog has been bothering me lately. I believe it's a combination of menopause, medication, and grief. I had no idea that it could be caused by grief. I also believe that everything we've been hearing about in the media and what we've been through (pandemic) causes us to try to ignore it, which causes memory loss. And you're always going in ten different directions, which is why you have those moments.

Maybe try a supplement like Ginko Biloba? I think that is one that helps with brain fog...

Busy Bee Suz said...

Doing Dumb Things daily is my motto!
I'm honestly shocked that the last-minute ticket switch didn't cost more...and how sweet of your Mom. I hope she is doing well.
NINE KIDS. NINE? You are superwoman, so if you forget something here and there, sobeit. YOU ARE CHALLENGED.
Years ago, I left a fully cooked rotisserie chicken in the trunk for three days. It smelled lovely. 😳

Ally Bean said...

$400 is a lot of money, but whatcha gonna do? You want the child to come home. As for herding 9 little kids to a house not next door, you deserve an award. I'm tickled to know how much fun y'all had, though.

Ernie said...

Kari - I can easily identify why it happened, but DANG it sucks. Having a muddled mind is an expensive situation. I will have to look into Ginko supplements. Thanks.

Ernie said...

Suz - I share that motto, especially lately. Yes, Tuesdays are full days. 3 of the kiddos come at lunch time after they attend preschool and after lunch several kids take a nap, so it isn't as tough as it sounds. Also, I am a firm believer in the more the merrier. They do play great together.

Oh, yikes. That trunk stink had to be less than awesome. I left gallons of milk out in the condo when I was pregnant with Lad. I walked in, set the milk down, and crawled into bed - too pukey feeling to do anything. I was SO bummed the next morning. Oops.

Ernie said...

Ally - I DO want the kid to come home. Even now, I scratch my head at his end of year plans. He was not made aware of his exam schedule until AFTER we made his plans to come home, which makes me feel less bad. I realized this as he has had several days of nothing in Ireland and could've left to head to the continent earlier. This program was so disorganized.

The field trip to Nana's house was a hoot. I'm around these little people 5 days a week, but it was funny to see how entertained Nana and Aunt were. I took 6 over there today with Mini. We were unpacking boxes that arrived after my visit to Texas - all of my uncle's china and crystal, etc. The kids enjoyed playing in my parents' basement. They called Nana plain ole Banana. It was very funny.

Beth Cotell said...

Sorry about the $400 mistake! At least your mom offered to help out with it! I'm so glad Tank is doing better! What a relief that must be for you. You have a lot of irons in the fire so you need to give yourself grace. Hopefully things will calm down a little for you this summer so you can get caught up on life.

Ernie said...

Beth - The $400 mistake hurt, but even after all of that - he ended up sitting around twittling his thumbs because we booked his final flights in April and he STILL didn't know when he would be done with exams. I'm laughing at things slowing down this summer. Well, hmm - not sure that is in the cards. More later.

Bijoux said...

Booking flights is in my top 10 most stressful things to do in life. Not kidding!

I do dumb stuff all the time. I bought a bunch of yogurts a few days ago and didn’t see a specific flavor I knew I bought when I put them in the fridge. I checked the car to see if it fell out of the bag. Then I checked the receipt to be sure I had bought it. Yup. I decided the cashier forgot to put it in the bag. A few days later, I see it in the fridge. 🙄🙄🙄