March 23, 2023

Bluetooth, my makeup habits and teen trends

*next up - my craft project that I am REALLY excited about, but I've bumped this post so many times I decided to finally share it. 

Imagine:  I'm on the phone in my study talking to Delilah, Coach pulls into the garage in the minivan. I realize that I haven't made Delilah laugh in a bit. The other end is silent. Something is definitely wrong, because Delilah is my built in laugh-track, confidence-boosting friend. She laughs at my material, people. Often a few days before you read it here. 

In fact, on Wednesday I told her at least two stories followed by:  I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVEN'T BLOGGED ABOUT THAT YET. I have much to say, much. 

Anyway, Coach ends up chatting with Delilah from the minivan because my call jumps there since my phone is linked to it. I call Delilah back a few minutes later and we have a laugh about how long I talked to myself before I realized that she was conversing with Coach in the garage. 

It's happened a million times, and yet - I'm stumped EVERY.TIME. 

The best Bluetooth mishap of years ago:  I called my mom from a car GW, no Bluetooth. She was driving next to me My call was grabbed by Coach in the minivan, who was driving behind me. My mom was so confused after talking to me for a minute before bouncing to Coach. She didn't understand technology and this further confused her. 

MAKE-UP:  I don't wear much makeup. (I can't read this line without singing:  I DON'T HAVE MUCH  MONEY, BUT IF I DID, I'D BUY A BIG HOUSE WHERE WE BOTH CAN LIVE.- totally unrelated, but it just keeps happening).

Sometimes I wear a little blush in the winter, since I tan a little in the summer (people who know me are raising their eyebrows:  A LITTLE?). I stopped wearing mascara during the pandemic and I've only started to wear it again occasionally. I do wear lipstick, always the same shade. ALWAYS. 

130 Revlon. Rose Velvet.  

When the Irish dancing teachers sent out an inventory of makeup that the girls needed to wear at competitions, a teenage Ulta employee acted as my personal shopper. 

My shopping text to Tank.
Only the essentials.
If you consider how infrequently I wear blush,  you can imagine how ANCIENT my blush was when I chose to replace it. I HATE buying a new blush color. I want the color that I know and trust. If I stray from what I know and it's too pink or too dark, I can't return it.

So. . . I asked Tank to buy me a blush when he was running to the store before he left for Ireland. He eyerolled, but he did it. I also asked for a new lipstick, because the one and only that I have was lost (inside my messy wristlet) for a day and I panicked, worrying that I wouldn't remember the color 'Rose Velvet' if it was actually lost. I wanted a back up lipstick.

He bought both, but scolded me for wearing a blush labeled 'naughty nude'. He was shocked that my makeup cost like $20. Oh, Tank, if only you grasped how much an average woman spends on makeup. I spend $20 every 2-5 years. 

*I make up for it on winter coat shopping and Fly London shoe buying habits. Hey, to each his own, right?* (get it:  'MAKE UP' FOR IT)

New blush with no brush,
before it was dropped,
and bits of blush with the
all-important brush.
One day before I'd opened the new one, I applied the dust-only one in the car and little particles got all over the seat and I ended up with blush all over the back of my leggings. Not a good look. 

Good thing I didn't throw the remnant blush away though. The new blush didn't come with a brush. This may shock you, but I don't own a single makeup brush aside from what comes in the little Revlon package. 

*I'd like to report that no makeup was hurt in the making of this post, but sadly when I ran upstairs to take a few pics for my wardrobe post, which was initially combined with this makeup one, I knocked my brand new blush that should last me at least 5 years off of the counter and onto the floor. It's fine. A little crumbly, and a corner broke off of it. It's fine, but now kind of messy. Every time I use it, blush scatters all over my countertop. 

My girls don't wear much makeup. Now that she's at college, Mini wears it when she goes out.  

You know what else my girls are wearing? Pajama bottoms. It's like Mini became an influencer somewhere along the line without realizing it. How lucky is she that this trend popped up in her lifetime, because the girl is meant to live in pajama bottoms. Curly has embraced it too. They are so happy that it is now socially acceptable to wear pajama bottoms in public. 

Mini came to many of the b-ball games over Christmas break. She wore pajama bottoms one day. The next day she tried to wear the EXACT same pair. I put my foot down.

Me:  If you're gonna attend, I'll insist that you not wear the SAME pair of PJ bottoms that you wore yesterday. Let's have some standards, shall we? 

She said she had nothing else clean. Um, those aren't clean either since you wore them yesterday. All.Day. 

Old Navy pajama bottoms come in long lengths and that was a thrill for my tall girls. What was not a thrill was discovering that they shrink really easily. Mini mistakenly put her fav pair in the wrong laundry basket and they were washed in warm water. 

Curly's first time wearing her new shoes.
Both girls got Stan Smith sneakers for Christmas. Mini's have a touch of green as an accent color, which she loves because of her ties to ND. Curly's have a light blue accent color. 

The first time Curly wore them, she asked me:  WAIT, WILL THESE CREASE WHEN I WALK? 

Well, what is the alternative, my dear? 

We chuckled while we watched Curly try to walk into the b-ball game at Ed's college back in January without creasing her shoes. 

Pajamas you don't sleep in and shoes you barely walk in. Is it me? 

*When I get back from Ireland, I'll have an update on how I actually purchased a new blush because I wanted the free mini-brush and how that worked out for me. Get excited. 


Bijoux said...

My oldest graduated HS in 2008 and wearing pajama pants to school with Ugg boots was all the rage. I thought it was horrific! LOL!

My makeup lasts forever as well, even though I use it daily. I use bronzer powder instead of blush because I think it looks more natural and easier to match skin tone.

I struggle with some of this technology. It’s frustrating to me when I have my car running, waiting to pick up my daughter, but I can’t watch anything with sound on my phone like texts with videos.

Hope you’re having fun on your trip!

Nance said...

I'm trying hard to remember the last time I wore blush. When I did, it was Revlon, and it did come with a wee brush. I don't even recall the name of the colour, so that's how long ago it was. It's also been ages since I wore lipstick, but I do recall the name of that--also Revlon--and it was Rum Raisin. They probably don't even have that shade anymore.

Kara said...

I don't wear makeup, but I do use an eyebrow gel to stick those hairs where they need to be. Oh, and perfume. I currently love Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. I would happily wear black yoga leggings all day, every day.

I had to google Stan Smith sneakers. I'd never heard of them before. But they're cute!

Pat Birnie said...

It drives me crazy when my phone switches to Bluetooth without being asked!

I always wear mascara, a bit of eyeliner and blush- I find as I age my eyes have sort of faded. I’ve been using the same blush for decades and decades - L’Oreal True Match W3-4. Once I bought a new one, dropped it when I got home and it shattered. I am ashamed to say that I took it back to the store & said it was like that & I didn’t notice.

Ernie said...

Bijoux- The Ugg trend wore on me. Paired with pj bottoms- I vaguely remember that.

I did not know that bronzer could be interchanged with blush. That might solve my 'too pink' issue.

And thank you. The flight went as well as could be expected. We napped in our rental car while we waited for Tank's train. His friend is arriving later so it is not 5:30 and tank and coach will not let me nap as we wait for friend to arrive. Then we eat dinner. Great to see Tank. He is doing well, having decided to take the meds a few days ago. I think that was the right move.

Ernie said...

Nance- I don't wear blush often . . . but in the dead of winter I look so pale. I wonder if they still have your rum raisin color. Why do away with the wee brush? These blushes are not pricey high-end deals, I do not think they should expect people to have makeup brushes. So inconvenient.

Ernie said...

Kara- People probably wonder why I don't do something with my eyebrows. It's because I am clueless, people. CLUELESS.

Stan Smith's are cute. They remind me of the Kay Swiss shoes we all wore in high school. Hooray for black yoga pants and comfort. I have not worn perfume in forever.

Ernie said...

Pat- I find Bluetooth to be sneaky and difficult to predict. It usually works but sometimes I find it turns itself off.

I'm glad to know I am not the only whose makeup lasts FOREVER. Your blush dropping secret is safe with me.

Ally Bean said...

I rarely use blush because my face is so red to begin with that adding more is clownish. That being said the one little compact I have of blush is probably 5 years old and is Cover Girl, so the make-up industry isn't getting rich off me.

Love your line: Well, what is the alternative, my dear? I laughed out loud on that one. Logic... is that a thing?

Ernie said...

Ally- I am in the same boat of not pouring money into the makeup industry.

Our ice drawer in the freezer gets chock full of solid ice on occasion. One of my offspring asked Coach how he got that solid block of ice out of the drawer the other day. Logic is not being used much lately in our family, I guess.

Gigi said...

My makeup routine is pretty minimal these days but I use lipstick (Cover Girl Outlast Brazen Raisin), mascara (currently Maybelline something or other), eyeshadow in place of eyeliner (Made for Mocha - either Cover Girl or Maybelline, I can't remember) and blush (Cover Girl Mink, I think?).

If Cover Girl ever discontinues my lipstick we are going to have an issue.

Nicola said...

I also wear very little make up. Sometimes a little eyeliner on my lower lid. And I actually apply it completely incorrectly. Like above my lower lash line instead of below... Haven't managed to learn how to apply it correctly, nor how to successfully apply it to my top lid. I think you need to practise, but I have no patience with that! I also sometimes wear mascara. The secret here is that I wear it so seldom that when I do people think I look great!😂 Set low expectations and then wearing anything above the bare minimum is unexpected and transformative. Haha.

Ernie said...

Gigi- I feel the same - if they ever do away with my lipstick shade I will be lost.

Ernie said...

Nicola- I tried wearing eye liner in high school. It grossed me out to draw on my eye lid. Applying eye makeup to my Irish dancers always made me nervous and a little queasy.

We have the SAME philosophy regarding makeup- especially mascara. I feel like if I wear it daily, there will be an expectation. Keep the bar low, that's my motto.

Beth Cotell said...

The older I get, the less make-up I wear. If I could just find a decent foundation that doesn't cake on my wrinkles and end up in my giant pores. Until then, the search continues and I feel like I am just wasting my money on the wrong ones. I wouldn't even bother wearing any but my skin is very uneven and lots of old blemish scars. :(

Looking forward to hearing about your time in Ireland.

Ernie said...

Beth- you would think with all the options there would be an obvious answer for you. Maddening.

We are having a great trip. Just spent the day with my bestie from the year I was in college here. Haven't seen her in 20 years. So much fun.

Bibliomama said...

Pajama bottoms have long been an acceptable (or at least not a stoning offense) in public, as far as I know. I remember moms wearing them to pick up their kids from kindergarten. It was definitely a thing in university. I once Facebook posted that I suspected that Angus had started sleeping in street clothes and wearing pajamas to school. My friend Janet was never a fan. Another friend said she finally got up the nerve to wear them to school pick up and nobody made fun of her. Janet said "I would have".

Ernie said...

Ali - Maybe I missed the pajammas as clothes until my girls started to embrace it. Curly used to wear flannel bottoms in the winter when we attended dance competitions to make it easy to slip into her dress/out of her dress between dances.

I don't really object, but the same pair, two days in a row seems a bit much. I was convinced that Mini wore whatever she slept in to school her senior year, so this makes her morning routine seamless. I laughed at Janet's I WOULD'VE.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your kids are hilarious, but I can not condone wearing PJs in public. NOPE!!
Tank bought you makeup. I love this so much. It took me at least three times to read the text before I realized you weren't asking for blush in the Head Of Lettuce shade. (WTH?)

I actually stopped wearing blush years ago and moved onto Bronzer. It gives you a 'sun kissed' glow and I know you'll like it better. You and I are the opposite when it comes to makeup buying (read: hoarding) and wearing. I wish I could feel comfortable going out without it, but maybe one day....

We've had the Bluetooth thing happen before as well and it's always so freaking weird/funny!!

Ernie said...

Suz- My kids are hilarious, well - they have their moments. I'm dying at blush in the shade of head of lettuce. That sounds like a future best seller.

I cannot believe I didn't get the memo about bronzer in place of blush. I've purchased it before for the Irish dancers in my life, but I didn't know people wear it when they aren't trying to match their very dark, fake-tan legs as the Irish dancers do.

I do feel like if I wear makeup regularly, there will be an expectation to look great ALL THE TIME. I prefer to keep the bar low. ;)

The Bluetooth nonsense cracks me up, but it is a bit silly that I still become so confused when my call has bounced out to the garage with whoever is drving away in the minivan. It takes me way too long to realize what is happening.