February 2, 2023

mood update & favorite things: old/new wardrobe pieces & shoes

*editing to add Wed. night:  Dang - this was a short-ish post until I decided to describe my mood . . . I've been a little upset today . . somewhere between sad and frustrated - leaning more towards frustrated. There is a basketball coaching ordeal which I'll detail in another post. The trouble is I do not feel heard/there's no way for me to be heard - and I detest that feeling.

On top of that, Curly is managing, but the greif she's coping with looms large and weighty. She's taken to coming home and curling up on the floor with/on Finnegan for long stretches. Our hugs feel cozy but they linger and I wish I could just take the pain away. Oh, this is funny. My mom met C, the boy twin, after Reg's game the other night. She is a chatter box, always was, but moreso now that she has Alzheimer's. She kept laying her hand on his cheek while she spoke to him. He just smiled. She put her arm around him and asked him how he was. C:  FINE, HOW ARE YOU? I don't think he thought this little old woman had any idea that his mother had just died suddenly. He's a sweet kid and my heart is breaking for both of them. 

The school stepped in it with me and gave Curly a detention despite the fact that it was bad timing and just dumb. 

Coach came home early so that I could go to Costco, because I decided (after Reg sort of wondered if anyone else was doing a pasta party) to host another pasta party tomorrow night. Cue the music:  SO, YOU THINK I'M CRRRAY-ZEEE. I whimpered a bit to Coach about the coaching stuff and then I told him:  AND I'M HUNGRY. I JUST WANNA EAT LIKE A BAG OF POPCORN OR SOME SNACK LIKE A GF PIZZA. I knew I had one in the freezer, but I didn't have time to make it, and I don't eat popcorn anymore. I ate my daily afternoon apple and drove to Costco where I got the first parking spot and THEN feasted on none other than GF pizza that was offered as a sample. 

Yes, I did go back three times. No one was waiting for a sample, so I decided I wasn't being rude. Disagree? Fight me. Kidding. Have I mentioned I've got some anger brewing, but really nothing a little GF pizza can't cure. 

I then came home and went to the regular grocery store where I once again got the first parking space. All this to say, apparently things are looking up. 


I do own other pants, but I took
most of these pics on the
same night and kept
on my new fav cords.

OLD TANK TOP:  My sister, Ann, bought me something years ago when we used to exchange. It was something I wouldn't wear, or was most likely not my size. Ann is very short - I'm tall, although I'm shrinking. Ann has always bought me size large, assuming I need a large for my height, I guess. I wear a size small shirt. 

Anyway, I took the gift back to the boutique where she bought it and chose a sweater. Plus, I bought this stretchy tank top? Cami? Layer? 

I've had this blueish one forEVER. 
Also stretchy and silky fabric.
Look how cute it is when
I wear it with this top.
It's one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. It isn't the kind of tank one would wear on its own. I wear it under things that are sheer, or low cut, or lightweight - when I want an added bit of warmth or something. I love the smooth, stretchy fabric. It must've had an itchy tag that I ripped out, because it's now tagless. This is a bummer, because I want to buy another, or a dozen more.

Last year, I bought tank tops from Lands End. They're boxy, not fitted - so they add bulk. Not my fav fabric. I don't like a tank top with a shelf bra necessarily, although I'm not opposed. I have one for summer that I love. I dislike having a thin strap dig into my shoulder. I don't have much to 'shelve' so to speak, so there should be no reason for a strap to behave as if it's carrying the weight of the world. I'm here to tell you, lightweight load. LIGHTWEIGHT.  

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to shop or what to google to find something similar? Oh, and I should mention, it isn't shapewear. 

It hangs on a
hook in my
waiting to serve
Fun fact:  when I was a kid, we wore undershirts. Always. When baby Lad outgrew onesies, I was at a loss. It was hard to find little boy undershirts. I found some a JC Penny, but I discovered that very few people dressed their kids in undershirts in the winter. In the winter, when babies show up I am amazed at times they they do NOT have a onesie on under their clothing. Is it me? 

I find the added layer of a tank top to be the perfect piece in winter. Maybe it's a comfort from my younger days. 

Weird, selfie angle of my belt.
OLD BELT:  For my mom's 70th, my sisters and my SILs and I treated her to a Boston girls' weekend. We shopped at a ton of little boutiques. I bought a Suzi Roher belt (I have no idea if that is a fancy brand. I just noticed the brand when I took a pic of it) that was on sale for $60. My sisters made their Drizella and Anastasia faces at me, and shook their heads:  WHO SPENDS THAT MUCH ON A BELT?

I do. I mean, I never had before - but first time for everything. 

I flipping love that belt. I've worn it SO much in the 11 years since that trip. Lately, it doesn't fit me as well as it once did. Perhaps because I've shed some pounds, or maybe it's stretched out with age. 

Olive green sweater
with squirrel arms.

NEW:  I love my new corduroys. They're crazy-long, and soft. 

I'm also thrilled with new green sweater. I think I'm 'doing it wrong', because it's a size XS and I imagine it's supposed to be baggier on me than it is. I don't mind - it was on sale and it was the only size left. 

I also love this soft, wool, black sweater that I bought on sale a few years ago. 

Most of the time, I wear workout pants or jeans and a sweatshirt, because I work with messy, snotty babies and tots. 

SHOES:  I love require comfortable, supportive shoes. I watch for my fav brands to go on sale. I got lucky recently and bought these Fly Londons when they were marked down. Comfy and stylish. 

I was so excited that I wore them to Costco one afternoon when it was barely snowing. BARELY. The shoes are suede and I hadn't treated them. 

I'm a clueless knucklehead. 

If you look closely, you'll
see the tiny water stains.
To self:  this is why you
 can't have nice things. 

I went to the shoe repair guy the next day because I was sick about the little water stains. He told me to wet them, brush them, let them dry and use a protective spray. I haven't done it yet, because I found out that Lisa died the next day and my priorities shifted. I haven't worn them again, because I've needed to wear snow boots. 

I'm probably the only one who would ever notice the water dots, BUT I know they're there. Has anyone done something similar? Did you do the get suede wet, brush them thing? I'm nervous that I'll make it worse. 


What wardrobe piece did you question, but you've  used it a million times?  Winter people:  did you wear undershirts? Did you dress your kids in them? 


Amy said...

Cute boots! I hope the water spots come out ok.

The babies lived in onesies - they maybe had other clothes on top, but there was always a onesie underneath. As they grew, we really only had the boys wear undershirts with dress shirts, but the two boys wear them under everything now. The kids just didn't like layering when they were younger. One of the boys now will double up sometimes with a tank undershirt and then a tee undershirt over that, then ANOTHER shirt over THAT. The amount of dirty laundry here is ridiculous. The girls - one will sometimes wear a cami, but the other hates layering. I've given up trying to tell them to layer if they're cold - they just don't get it.

Amie said...

I always put my boys in a onesie or t-shirt underneath and both of them still wear them in the winter! Most of the year I wear a tank or cami underneath my clothes, it just is more comfortable for me. Do you have Kohl's near you? If so, 9 West has a tank called Sculpt Squareneck tank that may be something you could make work? I wear Apt 9 reversible tanks but they're about 3-4 years old and it doesn't look like they sell them any longer. Good luck!

Colleen said...

I am team ALWAYS A ONESIE. I remember finding ones that went up to size 3T so as long as they were in a diaper, they were in a onesie. I couldn't imagine having their precious tummy skin exposed in the cold! I wear tanks most cold days under a sweater or blouse. I have one on now that I think you would like. It's made by Alfani (maybe I got at JC Penney?) and it can be turned backwards to have a V neck or worn regular to have a scoop neck.

Nicole said...

Oh, all those pieces are so cute! I think they all look great on you. In answer to your question, I wear a lot of layers. Usually I have a sweater with a long-sleeve tee underneath. So, I guess, sort of? I probably had a onesie for the boys when they were babies, I suppose that's what I did! It's hazy.

Jenny in WV said...

I always wear a cami or a t-shirt under sweaters and sweatshirts. And shirts that button up the front. My favorite camis are the ones I got years ago at Fashion Bug. They have held up well, but I wish I could find similar ones elsewhere, since Fashion Bug went out of business.

Sorry about your boots, I don't have anything suede, so no advice to offer.

Kara said...

My kids always wore onesies. Sometimes they ONLY wore onesies.

I live in Old Navy ribbed tanks. When they go on sale I'll stock up in black & navy, and I wear them under everything. Today I have a black one on under a long sleeve t-shirt under a sweatshirt. In the summers, I will wear just the tank or the tank under a light cardigan for work (the a/c in my office is too cold). I splurged on a pair of Dansko clogs about 6 months ago and they've become my new wardrobe staple. They look great with jeans, and I always wear jeans.

Amanda said...

That belt is fabulous and well worth the money. I'm amazed at home many bobies/young kids aren't wearing socks in the winter or long sleeves. They look so cold.

Ernie said...

Amy - I keep putting off treating the boots because I'm nervous about it. Eek. I need someone to do it for me.

How does one dress a baby in the midwest without including a onesie? That does sound like a lot of laundry. If I'm gonna wear a long sleeve t-shirt and a sweater/sweathshirt over it, then I dont bother with the tank underneath. I'm of an age now that sometimes I am TOO hot. Never thought I'd see the day, because I'm ALWAYS cold.

Ernie said...

Amie - I DO have a Kohls. Thanks for the tip. I don't want to spend a lot on a silly under layer which makes Kohls a good option. Afterall no one will likely see the tank, but the boxy ones from Lands End, what in the world?

Ernie said...

Colleen - When Ed was a baby (I remember it was Valentine's day), Coach got him dressed for bed and I went into the bathroom to take my contacts out. Ed was like 4 mos old. He wore a red turtleneck that snapped between his legs. Coach asked KEEP THE ONESIE ON? I called back from the bathroom: YES!

He thought the turtleneck WAS a onesie because of the snaps. He'd left Ed in an actual onesie and a turtleneck before putting him in his sleepsack. I died laughing. NOT A ONESIE.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look those up.

Ernie said...

Nicole - Laughing at hazy. I remember SO much. It's both a blessing and a curse, me thinks. Ha. I often wear a long sleeve t-shirt and then a zip up sweatshirt or a sweater, in which case I don't wear the tank top. It's funny that I bought this one because I needed to use this store voucher - and now I can't live without it.

Bibliomama said...

I don't think I often layered clothing over onesies with my kids because I'm always too hot and hate bulky clothing, and I probably projected that on them. But if it was really cold and we were going out, they were often in a one-piece outfit anyway. If it was pants and a top, when I lifted them up the tummy was out for kissing. They both shared my hatred for turtlenecks - if I put one on Angus he would make choking noises, which, same.

That belt is really nice, and really, a belt is a piece that you wear over and over, why wouldn't you spend a good amount for a good one?

I had some leggings that I ripped the tag out of once and I had the same problem when I wanted to buy more. I love your cords! I haven't word any for years, but I had a brown pair that I loved.

Ernie said...

Jenny - No idea how I was not in on the tank top as a base layer for so many years. I mean, I had a few tank tops - but I only wore them under sheer things. It helps so much when it is so cold. Fashion Bug. I haven't heard of that one for a long time.

Perhaps I shouldn't own sueded either.

Ernie said...

Kara - I honestly loved the onesie only look in the summer. Espeicially if it was a cute printed one. Ah, summer. Ah, babies.

I sometimes hate AC. Why SO cold? Can we just have a happy middle ground please? The one that I like so much wouldn't be something that I would be comfortable stipping down to if I went outside and was suddenly hot. I do have a few that can be worn in public though. I sometimes shop at Old Navy because they have tall length for my girls. I'll have to check out their tanks. Thanks.

Ernie said...

Amanda - Thank you. Teenagers nowadays do not wear coats. It is FREEZING here in Chicago and the high school kids do not bother with a coat. It is mind blowing. Socks are a must when it is chilly out.

Ernie said...

Ali - Some of my kids could not tolerate turtlenecks. I hated them for a stage and now I'm fine with them again. The choking noises made me chortle. Damn those tags that hold all the secrets but must be ripped out. Ugh. I feel like cords were uncool and thus unavailable for a few years. I bought 3 pairs this year. I'm happy that they are socially acceptable again, although I would wear them regardless but they end up being hard to locate at a store when retailers think they aren't 'hip.' I had no idea how much I'd wear that belt. I love it so much.

Charlie said...

My absolute favourite brand for boots is Fly London. In fact I have a pair coming for my birthday in a couple of weeks. When I was in the office more I also used to wear their wedge dress shoes. LOVE. I am envious you got a deal! I also love FitFlops. Are they available in the US? I’ve got the slip ons but also wedge sandals and boots. They are sooo comfy, I would definitely recommend.

Ernie said...

Charlie - I do believe we have fitflops here. Goodness, Fly London is so expensive, even when I get them on sale -YIKES. But well worth it as they hold up, espeically if you are bright enough not to wear them in the snow when they haven't been treated. :(

Gigi said...

As my son was born in Texas, It never occurred to me to layer over a onesie. It was either a onesie or an outfit. It actually never really occurred to me to wear layers for me either.

Until this year (Nicole has taught me well - no bad weather; just bad clothing choices). This year has found me still cold; but not as cold as usual - as I am wearing tanks under everything these days. I usually get slim fit tanks from Target (but the quality is sub-par, at best - I'm still on the hunt for quality clothing).

Ernie said...

Gigi - I'm fairly new to the tank-under-clothes club, and it is handy. I did a puppet show recently for my little guys while crouched behind the couch. I had a fleece pullover on over my favorite tank top and I was literally dripping in sweat. Occupational hazzard. I've always been cold, but welcome to hormone influcutations, I guess.

Nance said...

My kids had thousands of onesies. Best baby invention ever.

I buy stretchy camis and wear them instead of a bra almost year 'round. I am not...amply endowed, so not only am I more comfy, I am way warmer. They look very similar to your tanks, but one side is v-neck and the other is scooped. I can wear them either way.

In the winter my uniform is black leggings and polar fleece. I even have some polar fleece-lined leggings for outdoors so that I can still take walks when it's not icy/snowy. Warmth is everything.

Ernie said...

Nance - I tend to agree that the onesie is the best baby gear invention of all time.

I went without a bra the week that I was stuck up in my room with covid - only wearing tank tops and layers. I enjoyed it more than I anticipated. Perhaps when I'm shopping for more tank tops, I should look for some with a shelf bra so I can be braless more often. Leggings - what did we do before those were a thing?

Pat Birnie said...

I love how many of your post start out short but grown & grown…

Love that belt too! Isn’t it great when you spend above your usual limit then get years of wear & enjoyment from it!?

Ernie said...

Pat - Ha. I try to plan ahead. Gather my thoughts for a post, but sometimes I can't stop myself from updating the ready-to-post posts.

Very true. It is a crap shoot - but yes, always a great thing.

Ally Bean said...

I have some of those boxy tank tops from Lands End and I agree with you that they aren't the best thing ever. I wear them as tops with flannel jammie bottoms. But not when getting dressed for my day, then I need something more shapely. I know how you feel about splatters on your boots/shoes. Same thing happens to me and I wonder why I bothered to buy something new.

Sandy said...

Love Lands Ends Turle Necks...the long ones that you can wear with leggings. Spotted you on a mutual friends blog and popped over because my husbands name is Ernie, so expected that you would be male. Not a name you come across often, so now am wondering if it's your nick name? I wear chammies under my winter tops for added warmth, but don't remember if I did as a kid.

Ernie said...

Ally - Lands End does so many things well. Hmpf. The tanks would make good jammies. I do wear mine with clothes, but only with the baggier items like sweatshirts. I tuck them in too, which helps. I have little celebrations when I open my drawer and find my fav tank. It's the little things, after all.

I have the same feeling - why did I buy shoes I can't take care of? Eek. I keep putting off treating them - although - they are a dark color and most likely I'm the only one who will notice. I try to tell myself, welp, they weren't going to be new forever anyway. (the first wear though?)

Ernie said...

Sandy - Thanks for visiting. Great of you to comment. I don't shop at Lands End often, because I'm obsessed with Von Maur. I like to try things on in person and I stalk the sale racks at Von Maur. If I'd seen the Lands End tank top in the store, I wouldn't have bothered with it.

Ernie is my blog name. Not many people who know me in real life are invited to read my blog. It's mostly anonymous. Too many funny stories that might be embarrassing if my kids were identifiable. Plus I have ridiculous neighbors and my husband lives in fear of them discovering my blog. My sisters are passive aggressive pouty types, and I vent about their nonsense at times too.

My real name also starts with an E. When I was 6, I lived in Davenport, Iowa. We went to a pizza place to celebrate. My younger brother was turning 5, we're Irish twins. My dad slipped the waitress a paper with our names on it. My mom cut my hair like my brothers' and I looked like a boy. The waitress invited everyone to sing happy birthday to Patrick and Ernie. My mom made me stand on my chair and my dad laughed his head off. I was tearful. Our good family friends were at the restaurant with their 5 boys. That family calls me Ernie still when we meet up, and my dad called me that when I was young and he was in a teasing or proud-of-me mood, as in ATTA GIRL, ERNIE. Otherwise, no one really calls me that anymore. ;)

Sandy said...

Love knowing the story behind your name of Ernie. Made me smile. Will add your blog to my blog list and look forward to getting to know each other better through blog land. Have a great rest of the wkend.

Ernie said...

Sandy - Thank you. I appreciate that.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I would also be sick over the Suede boots; I hope it works!
I know you're not asking me if we dress in layers here or if my kids wore onesies UNDER clothes because they wore just onesies.

I have a few of those stretchy tank tops, and I got them at Soma. (only in black, white or nude though)

I have found that when you purchase a quality piece (your belt), they last a lot longer than inexpensive items; tell the wicked sisters this, please.

This is the first time you've said that your Mom is chatty. Now.I.Know. and it all makes sense. :)
My heart hurts for Lisa's kids. And Curly too. Such a young age for all of them to grasp with a big loss. XO

Ernie said...

Suz - Dealing with the boots was on my list all weekend, and I still managed to avoid doing it. ;(

It never occurred to me that your laundry piles would be so much smaller, less layers. One more reason to move to Florida.

Well, this is exciting. I'd never heard of SOMA. I just googled it. I love a new-to-me shopping possibility.

I totally agree, thus my $$$ shoes. I like to go with quality.

I snort-laughed at the chatty remark. Glad all the pieces are coming together now. Ha. Coach used to ask me: SO IF YOU AND YOUR MOM ARE ALONE IN A ROOM, WHO WINS?

It really is so hard. It still doesn't feel real. I was downloading photos from my camera. Curly went to a quincierra (no clue how to spell that) and I saw the photo of her all dressed up and it dawned on me - that was like 2 days before the surgery and I broke down and cried AGAIN. It is so unfair and mind blowing.

Anonymous said...

Currently at Old Navy and saw “first layer tanks” and it looks like what you’re looking for! Had to come tell you before I forgot. On sale for $7 each

Ernie said...

Anonymous - You are awesome. Thanks so much for thinking of me. I will check that out. ;)