November 21, 2022

brain malfunctions, water pik, ban head tilts, & $268 huh?

This is what I was doing the day after my ER visit.
Maybe I was disoriented after enjoying a 74 degree
 day in November at the zoo. It could happen. 
This bear is swimming underwater
chasing a fish they let loose in there. 

I've gathered you all here to share the two additional things that I did the week when my brain left the building. 

I had a dentist appointment Wednesday afternoon. *remember, I visited the ER Monday morning, and I do feel like my illness messed with my schedule*

 I knew I had said dentist appointment. Did I refer to my calendar or the text reminders to double check the time for the appointment? I did not. I believed that the appointment was at 3:15. I relied on my brain. Clearly a mistake.

The office called me as I was driving there, I was like WHOA, CHILL OUT PEOPLE. I'M ON MY WAY. SETTLE YOURSELVES. Um, that's when they told me my appointment was for 3:00 and I was, in fact, late. I apologized profusely. 

I dislike the new hygienist. The former hygienist was amazing and everyone in our family misses her terribly. I'm sure this woman is good at what she does, but she is not gentle. 

She poked my gum REPEATEDLY, made it bleed, and then asked me how long that spot had been bothering me. 

Me:  (what I wanted to say while wincing from the sudden stabbing pain in my gum) UM, WELL - I GUESS ABOUT TEN SECONDS. EVER SINCE YOU ATTACKED ME WITH THAT INSTRUMENT.

She convinced me during my last visit to purchase a water pic. I bought one. I hate it. Only used it once. I told her so on my recent visit and she urged me to give it another try. Someone should take me out for ice cream or something, because I HAVE been using the dreaded water pik regularly ever since. 

As much as I don't care for this woman and her tiny attack instruments, I did feel terrible for being late and for messing up her schedule. I told her so. I used to babysit for the dentist's kids when I was 12, and he is wonderful. I apologized to him too when he came in to take a peek at my bloodied teeth. 

When I left the dentist, I decided to drive a bit further to my gastroenterologist's office. They had a celiac panel script for me. Silly me, I thought since it was the year 2022 they could email me the script, but not the case. 

Blood work script in hand, I decided to just get my blood drawn on my way home. I had nothing else going on that evening. I was all about strike while the iron is hot, or in this case while the possible gluten would register in my blood. 

It was Coach's birthday Tuesday and
 Lad put a sing on him for a bit: 
 I wouldn't call Coach his
 master, but still cute. 
I was charged $268 to get my blood drawn. This ticked me off, almost as much as the fact that it took them nearly 25 minutes to register me at the hospital to do the blood work. What on earth? Otherwise there was no wait. Good grief, I'm not having surgery. My doctor's office couldn't draw my blood that day, I'd already called to check and the hospital was on my way home. 

I got home at 5:15 pm, looked at Reg, and my brain clicked into the 'on' position. 


Despite the fact that Reg is a good looking kid, the photographers that come to school to take yearbook photos have failed MISERABLY to take a halfway decent photo of him EVERY.YEAR.

On Tuesday, (the day before), I had called the company. 


The woman laughed, apparently thinking  my head-tilt question was a rhetorical question when in fact I really wanted to know. She was very nice though and said we could come to the studio in a nearby town for a retake. I scheduled it for 5:00 on Wednesday and then TOTALLY FORGOT TO GO. 

The photo place is REALLY hard to get in touch with, but I called repeatedly on Wednesday and ended up rescheduling for that night. 


Isn't this cute and clever?
A kid had this in her lunch
at my house one day
 before Halloween. Not as
 cute as Reg's new photo.
You'll have to take
my word for it.
The new round of pictures turned out great. They accidentally posted the photo of him holding the dry erase board with his name on it, without his face shown - like the one for their records, instead of the photos of his face. I had to call several more times to get them to post the actual pictures of him. The kind woman, Debbie, was trying to figure out why they wouldn't post and she admitted to me that the two sets of pictures didn't even look like the same kid. EXACTLY. 

It makes one wonder, will we always have school picture drama moving forward?  Although it was very entertaining to watch the JC Penny lady drag 6 foot Mini across the floor by her ankles in May, I'm relieved that I didn't end up there with Reg.

I have some updates for you on various fronts, like the blood work $268 charge. Coaches (not my Coach). My daycare this year:  the good, the bad, & my patience called and wants to suggest a new career path. A little Irish dancing news. I've also seen a funny show, that's new to me. How are my pinkies? I'm glad you asked. I won't get to all of this in my next post, but get excited . . . it's coming. 

Do you use a water pik? Love it or hate it?

Oh, I recently reminded Coach before I told him something I was contemplating:  JUST REMEMBER THAT YOU LOVE ME. Any guesses on what I was mulling over? 


mbmom11 said...

Are you going to dye your hair green to match Gumby and to be easy to find at tailgate parties?
I hate how the lab draws at hospitals are such a production now. They have the script in the system- why does the registration have to be so elaborate? Just take the blood and let me be on my way.
And don't feel bad about missing a picture retake - my senior daughter missed her photo shoot not once, not twice, but THRE times thus summer and fall. Finally got there and she has no idea which picture they'll use in the yearbook. She didn't want to ask after all thr mixups.

Nicole said...

Lots to say:
1) once I had a call from the doctor saying I was 45 minutes late and that they cancelled my appointment. But I had scheduled it for 2 and they put it in the appointment as 1.
2) I once had a hygienist who poked my gums until they bled and asked if they always bled. No, only when poked with a metal instrument.
3) you get a pass on forgetting Reg's appointment because THAT IS A LOT GOING ON. Also, why would they post the white board! That's funny.
4) $268 for blood work, what even???
I don't use a water pik but we have one from when the boys had braces.

Colleen said...

Oh the amount for the blood work - so crazy. I'm wondering what new show you are watching...we just finished Derry Girls and it was hysterical and Irish and had great music from my teenage days. You should try it!

Nance said...

I never used to be late for anything, ever. Now I'm always rushing to try to be on time. I have no idea what's happened to my Inner Clock. Am I underestimating Drive Time? Am I turning into a Dawdler whilst getting ready? No idea, but I'm not happy.

Do NOT get me started on dental visits. I have a terrible, pathological fear of the dentist, and I can't even wear mascara when I go. All tears, all the time.

Ally Bean said...

Not a fan of water piks, am a fan of electric toothbrushes. Not a fan of overzealous dental hygienist, am a fan of my current one who I hope quits after I die.

As for being late, I hate that when I do it. I'm harder on myself for screwing up, than anyone else can be. My husband on the other hand, just shrugs it off, no big deal.

Ernie said...

mbmom - I am NOT going to dye my hair green. Good guess though. I actually totally forgot to include the answer to this riddle in my next post - already prepared because it was essentially a continuation of this one. Must go edit it.

Maybe that regisrtation thing is new, because I feel like I've had my blood drawn at the hospital in the past and I don't recall that lengthy process.

Look at you, making me feel MUCH less bad about missing one portrait appointment. ;)

Ernie said...

Nicole - I wish I could blame the dentist for the wrong time, but it was my fault. I firmly believe that the ER slipped some sort of memory loss concotion into my IV when I was there briefly on that Monday, because WHAT ON EARTH. I WAS LOST.

Exactly - my gums were doing just fine until you decided to poke me and watch me bleed.

I was so excited that later that night they'd sent the proofs of Reg. I was happy to feel on top of this portrait thing (whereas with Mini it wasn't until May that I realized we had no usable photo of her) and I wanted to see how great the pics turned out. Then- his hands holding a white board with his name on it? What now? Then there was one normal photo of him, but where were the other 6 photos?

I have more info on that bloodwork charge. I'm feeling bad that with ALL of the mouthes here that wore braces, we never offered them a water pik. I'm getting better at using it, but it's a chore.

Ernie said...

Colleen - Hey spoiler alert . . . YOU GUESSED IT! I have a very funny story about how I started watching it. I'm not sure if it was that expensive because it was a celiac panel. Still, $$$$.

Ernie said...

Nance - I go in spurts where I try SO HARD to be on time, but I admit that I usually run late. I'm the worst because I try to squeeze in a few more things before leaving the house. Like, switching laundry - oh, that'll only take a moment. Oh, the stuff in the dryer needed to be hung up. *sigh*

Sorry to hear about your dental trauma. Our last hygentist was so amazing. Fast as lightning and personable. She even texted Lad when she learned that he was struggling, in an effort to get him on the straight and narrow back before the time when you started reading. It was a horrible time when he was angry and we were his target. It started when he was graduating college in 2020 during the pandemic. His mental health issues became very apparent. We could switch to the dental office that she switched to, but this place is closer to home, etc. Maybe when the kids are out of the house and I don't have to schedule all of them.

Ernie said...

Ally - I've never had an electric toothbrush. We got one for Lad for his braces. I feel silly for buying this thing and then looking at it, but disliking it after only that first use. I'm trying it more regularly, seeing as the hygentist insists that I need it in my life.

We are the opposite over here. I feel bad when I'm late, but I get over it pretty easily. I usually do pretty well at recognizing that I just have a lot going on with the kids and can't manage all of it. Now most kids are in college, so I feel like I'm a bit more to blame. Coach gets VERY upset when I run late, even when I'm over it.

Kari Wagner Hoban said...

I used to use a Water Pik at the recommendation of my hygienist. I don't any longer. Maybe it's a hygienic conspiracy in which everyone gets a cut of the profits?

The American health-care system is a disgrace. $268 for a blood test? Did I consume spiked koolaid over the weekend? I sound like a conspiracy theorist! 🤣

Ernie said...

Kari - I am here for your conspiracy theories. Where do you stand on the recent Irish dancing judging scandal? The health care system in this country needs an overhaul. Big time. Let's start a petition. ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

$268 for lab work? Goodness. I hope they figure something out, like something you don't already know!

I found that the water pick trick for me is to NOT USE COLD water. It has to be lukewarm to warm. I have sensitive teeth. I would not enjoy your hygenist the sadist.

I hate being late, and I really hate it when I completely forget an appointment. *sigh* You've been through it lately.

Happy belated birthday to the Master. I mean, your Coach.

"my patience called and wants to suggest a new career path"---I'm waiting with bated breath.

Please do not tell me you volunteered for Irish Dancing. Or are you putting Curly back in Irish Dancing?

So ffunny/weird about your kids and photo days....😜

Ernie said...

Suz - At first glance, I thought your comment was going to say $268, I hope . . . they did your nails too. I mean, that only seems right. Anyway, that's not what you said but I do feel like for the price of the needle in my arm I could've gotten a few more services.

I have sensitive teeth too, but I've only used warm water. I think I just couldn't handle the force and the shock of it all. I've trained myself to be better with the shut off valve, so when I need a break I can turn it off as opposed to spaying every surface in the bathroom while I fumble for the 'off.'

I still insist that the ER slipped me a mind-altering drug which is to blame for my cluelessness.

I don't think my babysitting update will disappoint.

No, I have not lost my mind enough to get sucked back into the Irish dancing world.

Bibliomama said...

I also just had an appallingly bad teeth-cleaning experience, what is going on? Bloodwork is free here, though, although equally as annoying to get done.
I once had the bitchy secretary at our eye doctor screw up our appointment and act like it was my fault, and it resulted in my leaving that eye doctor's office for good. I am bad at follow-through, but some things cannot be borne.

Ernie said...

Ali - Bad dental appointments are the pits. Free blood work? I've told Coach recently that it might be time to move to Canada. I've come a long way, but I did use to pass out when I had blood drawn. That was an awful component to add to the whole experience.

The worse doctor secretary I ever encountered was when Lad was in school in New York. She was the steroeptypical New York mean. It was almost laughable.

Beth Cotell said...

Well, the nice thing about being a week behind in my blog reading is that I don't have to wait for the next installment!!!!!

I haven't used a water pik since I had braces but I do floss my teeth regularly so there's that. I will add that by flossing daily, I have zero bloody gum issues when I go to the dentist. Although, I haven't had any rough hygienists lately either so it may just be that...

Ernie said...

Beth - Sorry the next installment ended up getting bumped to today. ;)

I've used the water pik about every other day in a decent spurt, but I've already gotten out of the habit. By the time I go to bed, I'm too tired. Plus it's loud and Coach is usually asleep. I love those little floss sticks. Apparently, that's not enough.