October 10, 2022

Where everyone knows your name, and they'll lend you stuff

Me:  I think the Speed Queen is better at cleaning clothes than our other washing machine. 

Coach:  No kidding, I was just thinking this morning that my workout clothes don't come out of the wash still smelling a little sweaty anymore. 

Wow, such an exciting post. 

Anyone remember Mr. Bill? Does
 this photo give you Mr. Bill vibes?
 It looks like Gumby has been
 impaled by the washing machine. 

My point . . . we've been using the Speed Queen for a few weeks now, and we're liking it. Fun fact  . . . the broken washing machine is still in my bedroom. So, if you're keeping a Hillbilly score card, we have one somewhat functioning 'drinks and produce only' fridge in our dining room and a broken washing machine in our master bedroom and a Gumby lounging in the living room. But hell, our clothes are clean. That has to count for something. 

The day that I went to pick up the new washing machine, I had to wait until Coach got home from work so he could watch a few kids who were going to be here till 5:00 pm.

I raced off on my 35 minute drive up the expressway to get my appliance before they closed. After they slid the big I'm-gonna-solve-all-your-troubles box into the back of the minivan, I burned rubber for 35 minutes to watch Curly play volleyball near home. 

Coach and I got to one of Curly's games this season right at 4:30. We watched the girls warm up for 30 minutes. I've tried to split the difference - squeeze in a few more 'accomplishments' at home, like start a load of laundry, before showing up to a game. I can do without lengthy warmups. Alas, my timing isn't always great, and warmups are not always that long. 

I was on a mission to pick up the washer, for obvious reasons, and I hoped to arrive in time to watch Curly play. Instead, I walked into the gym a few minutes after 5:00. I heard cheering and watched as they shook hands, game over. I turned on my heel to leave the gym while having an internal pep talk. It's OK that you missed this game. Getting the washing machine was a priority. 

Then:  I had an epiphany. 

Background:  Coach had been grumbling a bit about how we were buying the washer through our fix it guy. Translation:  Coach was gonna need to get it up the stairs and install it himself. 

At one point when he sighed about his role, I gave him a little:  HEY, I SAVED $600 BUYING IT THIS WAY. IF NEED BE, I WILL STRAP THIS THING TO MY BACK AND HAUL IT UP THE STAIRS. 

Coach ignored my drama and said he was gonna need a dollie. 

Fast forward to Curly's game:  I walked past a security guard as I left the gym, and then did an about-face. 

Me (to the security guard):  Hi. Do you know any of the Shenanigan kids? 

Security guard:  Um, yeah. A few. (rattles off my offspring's names).

Me:  Oh, great. Well, I'm Mrs. Shenanigan. I have a weird favor to ask. Do you have a dollie I may borrow? My husband needs to get our new washing machine up the stairs, and . . . (in typical 'me' fashion, I give him a bit more of the details than he wants or needs and we are soon best buddies - see what I did there).

Security guard:  Sure. No problem. Come on. Follow me to the grounds department.

How's that for resourceful?  

Coach is impressed, but still not excited about his role in the appliance replacement. He has to drag the old one out of the laundry room. That old washer is now so dead to me that I've forgotten it even existed. 

Getting the new one upstairs
 was only half the battle. 

This all happened to be one of those days where I woke up at 3 am and never went back to sleep. I would've given anything to crawl up the stairs and curl up in my bed at 8 pm. I couldn't complain, because Coach was shuffling appliances around in the small cramped upstairs hallway, then hooking one up. I had to wait until 10:30 pm to go to bed - but hey - I could wake up and wash clothes. The stuff dreams are made of, right? 

Several days later, I hadn't returned the dollie and I was fearful that my security buddy was gonna think I was an equipment thief. Coach organized Reg and Lad to bring the old beast down the stairs. It got stuck on the landing. I had visions of us all sleeping on the 1st floor, unable to reach our bedrooms. They hauled it back upstairs and now it sits in my bedroom. Great place to stack clean laundry. 

Who said the Shenanigans aren't trend setters? 

* In the process, Coach messed up his back. NO! . . .  It's 90% better now, but he couldn't even put on his own socks. I felt guilty for how this deal meant no delivery service, because I'd dictated his involvement. 

My new plan:  if and when my new microwave arrives, have the microwave install guys haul the washer away. 

Oh, I returned the dollie before they put out an APB on it. 

Someone's wardrobe has
expanded. More soon. 

In the meantime:  the rotating, fan-like piece on our dishwasher broke off, because the universes wants me to spend my free time calling appliance places. The good news:  we have two dishwashers.


Have you struggled to get furniture or appliances up or down stairs? Have you ever used unique resources to borrow something? Have you felt responsible for a family member's strained back/ other injury? Do you have a prediction for which of my appliances might break next? Hey now - don't share that thought. I was kidding. 


mbmom11 said...

What a win - saving so much and getting a great washer!
When we moved to our first apt in this town, we cold not ft our couch up the stairs. Old beautiful building with tight u-shaped stairway. So it sat in the stair well for a few weeks (we used the back door) and the movers eventually came back, put it on top of a truck, and brought it in through a big window. A year later it left the same way when we moved to our house.
See if removing the case of the washer allows you to get it downstairs. There's not much to a washer really- the shell is rather wider than the drum.

Amy said...

We have the narrowest, most rickety stairs to the basement...where of course the washer, dryer and chest freezer live. When we first moved in, there was an old stove down there, and I literally had to take it apart in order to get it up the stairs. It's always SO much fun when we have to replace any of those appliances. We always have to move them ourselves. I'm not happy - our Samsung washer, which is only 5-6 years old, is already making funny noises. :(

I have my own dolly! Love that thing. And a pickup truck. My husband is a brave man, because he never knows what I'm going to bring home next.

Nicole said...

When our freezer broke, I made sure that the guys who brought the replacement could also haul it away. Our stairs are very narrow, but they did it. When the dryer broke, my husband and son brought the old one up and took the new one down, and it worked well - my husband has a big dolly. I think a dryer is lighter than a washer though. Hope Coach is 100% now!

mbmom11 said...

We have a dolly too! Bought when first kid went off to school It is so handy for moving kids in and out of school. And moving appliances, large roofing materials, etc. A worthwhile investment for many families! And my husband bought a pick up truck a few years ago (Covid purchase) so he'll move and transport everything. It's fun! I can't drive stick ,so he's safe from me bringing home large items unsuspecting.
And we had to remove the railing on our basement stairs to get our freezer down there. The delivery driver came with a power screwdriver - I guess having to remove railings is a common thing in old houses to move stuff in and out.
Old homes - lots of character, lots of inconveniences!

Jeannie Bruce said...

I remember years ago when my niece was 2 or 3 we bought my dad a new Dolly for Christmas. She was so excited to go with us to get it at Loews. Then when she realized we didn't mean a Doll she was so upset we had to go buy him a stuffy to give him as well lol. A Dolly is what you should get Coach for Christmas

Ally Bean said...

I'll be impressed if you can get the microwave guys to take the old washing machine away. Around here, they'd not do that because they'd say there's no room on their truck, but I suspect they don't want to. We've had to hire 1-800-Got-Junk a few times to get rid of large things like dead machines and metal filing cabinets and old TVs. Good luck-- and happy to know you have cleaner clothes.

Pat Birnie said...

I would also be impressed if the microwave guys take the washing machine away - but then you seem to have amazing powers of persuasion. I cannot believe the security guard loaned out a dolly! Appliances sure don't last like they used to. I feel your pain. We got rid of a huge freezer that was probably about 80 years old and still working. I'm not exaggerating - my friend's parents gave it to me about 40 years ago, after their family was grown! It was just too big, so I replaced with a smaller one - which recently quit after about 6 years. So annoying!

Nance said...

Your Hillbilly Scorecard is only complete if you have an upholstered living room couch on your front porch. Bonus points if it is a recliner couch. But you *are* uncomfortably close.

We have a dolly of our very own. Sigh.

We used to have a hot tub/spa in our basement. In order for it to be delivered, the basement steps had to be removed. "Not a big deal," my husband the carpenter said. For once, it actually was not.

I once had mattress guys try to put a queen size mattress upstairs. It got stuck, and I assured them that I had queen beds up there before. They struggled for a long time. Finally, I remembered: the beds up there were full, not queen. I almost cried. I offered them enormous tips, but they just laughed and took sodas. (I also offered them beers and promised not to ever tell, but they laughed harder and said no.)

Kari said...

Listen, 600 bucks was worth it. I get it completely. I'd become a pack mule to save 100 bucks.

Your Gumby is comparable to our Roger. To squeeze Gumby in there, you're going to need that Speed Queen. Particularly when flu season starts, ugh.

Ernie said...

mbmom - I love the creative adventure of getting the couch into the apartment. I bet you felt like living there longer than a year though after all that effort.

This is a good idea. Maybe after our tailgate weekends are wrapped up, we can try to dismantle it.

Ernie said...

Amy - We had a new washing machine delivered to our old house when Reg was about 1 week old. They could not fit it down the stairs. And those were straight stairs, no turns. They broke their rules and took the back off of the washer (or dryer - who can remember?) and then they reattached it. It was against their rules, but when I broke down and cried about having newborn clothes to wash, they took pity on me.

When Coach said we needed a dolly - I instantly looked on FB marketplace and considered buying one - until I had the inspired idea at the high school.

Ernie said...

Nicole - I have a few ideas about how we get the old one down the stairs. I haven't had the time to work on it this week or last as all I'm doing is getting ready to tailgate, plus Tank has college buddies staying here this week. There's an appliance outlet near us and I might call and ask for the delivery guy's number. I bet he would do it - if the other appliance place can't do it, the one that is coming out to install the microwave.

I think he is 100% now. Thank goodness. He needs to be able to stand and bend to do his PT job.

Ernie said...

mbmom - I have not had to lift so much as a box when moving our guys into college - each college has supplied upperclassmen and large laundry tubs on wheels to do the moving for us. Still, I see how handy a dolly is and I wonder if Coach might appreciate one for Christmas. Hmm.

Oh how I love old houses, but I can imagine the narrow stairs can be problematic.

Ernie said...

Jeannie Bruce - That is a classic story. I love it. "Where's grandpa's dolly? I thought that's what we were getting him." So funny.

Ernie said...

Ally - I will ask the appliance place if they can take it away before they come out, so I won't spring it on them. They are the ones who agreed to come out after the fact and haul away the old fridge that is in our dining room. I told them that I couldn't have the other place haul it away because their faulty fridge drawer wasn't working and we were about to host a grad party. What I'm saying is that they owe me one. I'm still addicted to the dining room fridge at the moment.

Yes, we do appreciate not wearing smelly clothes.

Ernie said...

Pat - I do tend to have a trick up my sleeve now and then. The microwave appliance store install people sort of owe me because of previous appliance failures. I might have to mention that to them. I would let them know in advance of the microwave install, so I will be prepared when they arrive. More importantly, they will be prepared when they arrive.

That is so annoying about the new freezer replacing the 80 year old freezer and then not lasting very long. Exhibit A of THEY DON'T MAKE THINGS LIKE THEY USED TO.

Ernie said...

Nance - I am laughing at your couch on the front porch thought. Well, my son Ed has that exact thing at his college house. I don't think that counts towards our tally though. Uncomfortably close indeed.

Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud at your mattress up the stairs story. Oops. I love that you tried to get them to accept beer.

You had a hot tub in your basement? Wow. I had a blow up pool on my deck during covid so I could still tan in the sun when our local pool didn't open till mid summer. A family of raccoons got into my blow up pool, and I nicknamed it my racoon spa.

Ernie said...

Kari - The savings was huge and it is a great little machine. I hadn't factored in that we might have to live with our old washer in our bedroom forever. Heck - still worth it.

Roger and Gumby would make great friends.

Beth Cotell said...

As I am reading this post, I am impatiently waiting for the appliance repair man to come and fix our refrigerator, which decided it would no longer cool down. I loathe spending money on things like this. It's one of the worst things about adulthood. That and buying tires.

Hopefully, Coach's back is feeling 100% now and he can appreciate you saving that $600!

Jenny in WV said...

Has your microwave shipped yet? I am invested in the appliance stories!
We live in a townhouse with lots of stairs so any heavy purchases are going to have to include delivery, set up, and haul away of the old. But you have lots of sons to help, so surely you will figure out how to get the old washer out of the house!

Jeannie - I love the Dolly story.

Suzanne said...

"f you're keeping a Hillbilly score card, we have one somewhat functioning 'drinks and produce only' fridge in our dining room and a broken washing machine in our master bedroom and a Gumby lounging in the living room. But hell, our clothes are clean. That has to count for something." <----- Best paragraph ever! LOL! This made me chuckle.

Ernie said...

Beth - Yikes - a non-cooling fridge is problematic. I'm laughing at your assessment of the worst part of adulthood. Tires . . . they do sneak up on you don't they. Dang those appliances.

I think Coach is 100% but I do see him hold his low back from time to time. I am biting my tongue with the 'you're in the biz, you know how to lift and when not to lift. Why didn't you say gotta call someone?'

Ernie said...

Jenny - I tried to get the tracking number, but they said it has shipped via freight so no tracking numbers. They say they see that my card was charged, so it is supposedly on its way. I'll believe it when I see it.

Ironically the dolly is what interfered with the lowering of the washing machine. Coach used the dolly to get the washing machine down, but once it got to the landing it stopped. He failed to include the dolly in the measurements and so when he lowered it, the load was not the right size to fit down the lower half of the stairs. Good grief.

The dolly story from Jeannie is classic.

Colleen said...

When we moved into this house, built in the 1800s, Phil said we were going to die in it. We had such a hard time getting things in, even rented a lift to bring things up through the 2nd floor porch because they wouldn't fit up the tiny staircases. I feel for Coach! And yes volleyball games are hard to time! So much depends on how many games it takes to win for the preceding levels.

Ernie said...

Suzanne - Hee hee. I do occasionally look around and think, we are headed in the wrong direction here. Hillbilly lifestyle or future hoarders of America, one way or the other, we have a 'look.'

Ernie said...

Colleen - Wow, that is an old house. I bet it has so much character. Laughing that Phil said you are going to die in that house. Or maybe you can move out, but you will need to sell the house with some of the stuff with it. A package deal. ;)

Curly's games are the first ones, but I think they start at weird times depending on when the other team arrives. Curly thinks the game we went to was one when the refs were late. Either way, it has sent me down a path of perpetually being late. ;0

Busy Bee Suz said...

OH NO, MR BILL! I feel like you are now writing skits for SNL! Or Friends? I heard PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT as the old washer was being removed.

Waking up to do laundry: "The stuff dreams are made of, right?"

You are killing me with the Hillbilly situations in your house...Do you or will you have an old toilet on the front lawn?

I'm glad Coach's back is better because you probably need him to do something soon....that damn dishwasher. :(

Ernie said...

Suz - Someone who remembers Mr. Bill. Oh, if only they could have pivoted on the dang staircase. I think that was the issue, but I was told to keep my distance . . . no one wanted footage of the jammed washer on the stairs showing up on my blog. The dolly was adding to the width of the washer and thus making it hard to rotate (or pivot) it at the turn. *sigh*

No toilet, yet. Our neighborhood doesn't allow fences or sheds or parking in such a way as to block the sidewalk, so I'm going out on a limb here with my guess that toilets on the lawn are forbidden.

The new microwave was delivered yesterday. Wonders never cease.